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					                                 SANTA CRUZ POLICE DEPARTMENT
                                     155 Center Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

                                     MEDIA RELEASE

DATE/TIME: August 22, 2013

TOPIC: Surf School Molest Case Expands                     CASE NUMBER: 13S-06388

Unfortunately, Investigators have expanded the locations where Mr. Greiner was carrying out his crimes.
Detectives have discovered that Mr. Greiner also took inappropriate photos of young girls while teaching basic
board techniques in conjunction with his surf lessons at the Boys and Girls Club in Santa Cruz. The Santa Cruz
Police Department has been working with the staff at the Boys and Girls Club. Their staff has been completely
cooperative with our investigation and they share the very same concerns of parents and the police department.

In total, Detectives have discovered over 500,000 images and videos held by Mr. Greiner on his computers. We
have also received calls and emails from over 100 concerned parents throughout California and the U.S. We are
continuing in our effort to identify each of the young girls who were victimized by Mr. Greiner’s photos and
videos. The magnitude of this case grows daily.

The Santa Cruz Police Department has set up a special email account for inquiries. The email address is

Some parents have asked for Detectives to send photos for confirmation. Due to obvious confidentiality
concerns, we cannot send out photos for identification. Investigators will need concerned parents to provide the
following information via the email account to assist in determining if their child was a victim in this case:

         Parent Name:
         Home Telephone:
         Cellular Telephone:
         Child’s Name:
         Child’s Age:
         Dates of visit at Surf School:
         Appropriate Image of Child:
If your child has been identified as a victim in this case, you will be contacted by a member of our Investigations

For additional information, contact: Deputy Chief Steve Clark             Phone: (831) 420-5815

To Leave ANONYMOUS information regarding this incident, please call our TIP LINE (831) 420-5995 or use our mobile
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