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									VVM Attorneys: Setting the Standards

Mission, Values and Goals

Standards set the bar for everything worth achieving and having in life. Lawyers, most of all,
know this firsthand, personally and professionally. And as long as we keep our standards in
clearly front of us, we do not lose track of our mission, our values and our goals that define
what and who we are.

VVM Attorneys has this vision of being “the law firm that sets the standards”. The company
does not only follow the bar set by others in the past or the ones that others have set for
themselves. VVM strives to discover what could be accomplished with what they have and sets
about to pursue excellence based on a never-ending quest for that standard above other
standards, past or present.

This challenge that VVM has taken on requires delivering levels of service and building
relationships that add further value and greater contribution to their clients as well as to the
company. VVM wants to gain the reputation of a company that places great emphasis on this
company vision.

In order to achieve that vision, VVM commits to work and serve as one team and one firm,
fusing and harmonizing the various small and big contributions that each member puts into the
total effort. And even the clients, the final beneficiary of VVM‘s existence, count as a very vital
player in this synergy.

Striving then for improvement, VVM will embrace and challenge the status quo as it seeks
better ways of doing things. Hence, there is no place for indifference and obstructionism in this
endeavour. VVM has the responsibility to face problems and search for the solutions for every
issue faced by clients and colleagues.

VVM sees accountability not only in terms of giving excellent service but also in delivering it
with utmost integrity, being straight-forward, transparent and honest in all dealings.

The Company in a Capsule

With an unmatched professionalism and comprehensive knowledge of the South African
Business Environment, VVM Attorneys has gained the reputation of a progressive commercial
law firm that offers a full range of legal services to both corporate and individual clients. Our
lawyers assure their clients of getting the best legal advice in whatever problem they may have.

To attain consistently outstanding results, VVM applies its innovative approach and creative
business solutions guaranteed to suit and meet every client’s individual needs. We take
sufficient time to understand our client’s business and their objectives in order to develop a
strategy that will lead to success in all situations.
Our dynamic approach lies on our search for better ways to provide creative and cost-effective
legal and business solutions for our clients. It is a personal approach, mixed with the highest
standards of professionalism.

VVM Clients

VVM’s vast experience in legal assistance runs across a wide range of industries that includes
major domestic corporations, financial institutions and state authorities. In its twenty years of
operation, VVM has made extensive pioneering work in order to provide a fresh and distinct
alternative for clients who need more from their lawyers to address their unique business
challenges and other strategic issues.

Specifically, our clients are assured that our comprehensive knowledge of new legislative
requisites, such as the National Credit Act, the new Companies Act and Consumer Protection
Act, is used in every litigious/collections matter. Issues such as insolvency and liquidation are an
inevitable part of commercial practice and VVM’s considerable experience in this area, that is,
assisting clients who are creditors, assures our clients the highest possible returns.

Here is a list of some of our clients:

      Major bank institutions
      Logistical companies
      Incorporated professional practices
      Welfare, educational and charitable organizations and foundation
      Private individuals, trust, private companies, etc.
      Local and metropolitan municipalities
      Telecommunication companies
      Clients in the retail sector

How to Get in Touch with VVM

If you want to know how you can avail of VVM Attorneys’ services, contact us at:

VVM Eco Park
332 Kent Avenue
Randburg 2194
P O Box 952 Randburg 2125
Docex 2 Randburg

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