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Colon Cancer and Survival Prognosis by MarijanStefanovic


									Colon Cancer and Survival Prognosis In an earlier article we touched on the stages of
colon cancer. But what about survival expectancy? The survival prognosis is dependent
on what stage the colon cancer is in. A better understanding of the main staging
categories will be helpful here. Basically, Stage 1indicates that the cancer has penetrated
only the most superficial layer of the bowel wall (the mucosa). Survival rates are over
90% over 5 years at this stage. Stage 2 means that the cancer has penetrated into the
muscular layer of the bowel wall. The rate here drops slightly to 75-80% over 5 years.
The third stage is when the cancer spreads to the lymph nodes. The prognosis over 5
years here is 44-55%. Stage 4 colon cancer (metastatic) clearly has the worst prognosis.
However, not all stage IV cancers are the same. For example, the NCI reports that
patients with 3 or less hepatic (liver) metastases have a five-year survival rate of 20 to
30%. If you are found to have colon cancer, there are a few tests and procedures that will
be employed to determine the stage of the cancer. These include chest x-rays to see if the
cancer has spread to the lungs; CAT scans to determine the degree of metastases,
particularly in regards to the liver; and the pathologist's report which will be used to
determine how deep the penetration into the bowel has been, and if there is lymph node
involvement. There are also many treatment options available. Survival length depends
on when colon cancer is detected and in what stage it is in. Once this has been
determined, you along with your family and doctor can devise a plan specific to you, so
that you may have the greatest chance of survival. Laura Guthrie is a former cancer
patient who successfully recovered. She now shares her best of the best information to
give back. She's put together a website simply to give back to people just like you with
tons of free information, you can get free instant access at We hope you got lots of value from this article, good
luck in your journey.

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