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									6 Bloggers and Websites to
Follow If You’re Getting Out
           of Debt
If you’re trying to get out of debt, you
 know what a difficult road it can be. You
 want to put as much money as possible
 on your debt to get out of debt as quickly
 as possible, but after awhile, all the
 scrimping and saving and doing without
 can lead to burn out.
Paying off debt, especially a lot of debt,
 is hard. It’s a long journey, and it’s easy
 to give up.
Inspiring Bloggers Who’ve Paid Off
When you’re deep in the trenches of debt
 repayment and looking for inspiration,
 check out some of these bloggers who’ve
 paid off debt, sometimes quite a bit of

Read the stories of these personal
 finance bloggers :
Kyle Taylor, author of The Penny
For the last three years, Kyle has been
 sharing his weird and wacky ways to
 make extra money at
 ThePennyHoarder.com. He’s paid off
 more than $30,000 in student loan debt
 and now blogs full-time. Some of his
 most popular posts are those that share
 companies that are giving away free
 Joe Mihalic, author of No More Harvard
 Mihalic graduated from Harvard with a boat
  load of student loan debt. By September,
  2011, he had $90,000 in debt remaining and
  vowed to pay it off in a year. However, his
  perseverance helped him pay it off in just 7
  short months. Yes, he has a high paying
  job, but his job at the time only paid a bit
  more per year than his total debt load, so
  his accomplishment is inspiring. His
  archives are full of posts that detail his
  struggle to be debt free.
Blonde on a Budget:
This blog author paid off $28,000 in
 various loans and credit card debt in 2
 years. She made big sacrifices such as
 moving back in with her parents for 6
 months and going on what she calls
 crazy “financial fad diets.” Even more
 exciting, she just paid off her debt in
 May, 2013. In addition to reading her
 archives to see how she did it, you can
 also read her journey as she begins to
 live her life debt free.
Dave Ramsey’s We Did It Section:
Dave Ramsey is the original advocator of
 gazelle intensity to pay down debt. On
 his website, there is a section called “We
 Did It” where readers share how much
 debt they paid off, how many months (or
 years) it took, and what strategies they
 used. This is an excellent place to get
Inspiring Bloggers Who Are Still
 Paying Down Debt
Those bloggers who’ve paid off all their
 debt were once right where you were,
 deep in the trenches, paying it off. If
 you want to be inspired by others who
 are still paying down their debt, consider
 these bloggers:
Erica, author of Newlyweds on a
Erica and her husband were $40,000 in
 debt in April, 2010. At first, their debt
 free journey was slow as they struggled
 through periods of unemployment and
 injury. Now, however, their debt
 snowball is tumbling faster and
 faster! They currently only have $13,000
 in debt. Even more inspiring, they’ve
 paid off two student loans in the last two
Joan, community manager at Man
 Vs. Debt:
Man Vs. Debt was originally Adam
 Baker’s blog about his family’s journey to
 live an alternative lifestyle by becoming
 debt free and traveling the world. Now
 that Adam has begun to pursue other
 interests, his community manager, Joan,
 shares her journey to become debt free.
She started with $90,000 in debt, and
 now her family’s debt is down to
 $56,779. Joan’s story is inspiring
 because she didn’t pay off her debt in 7
 months like Joe Mihalic.
Her journey is slower, but equally
 inspiring and perhaps more relatable
 than those who whip through their debt
 in no time.
Paying off debt can be difficult and feel
 isolating. Take solace by reading some
 other bloggers’ journeys and know that
 with perseverance, you, too, can be debt
 free one day.
Which blogger inspires you on your debt
 free journey?
Find the best personal finance blogs

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