Cheerleaders by MarijanStefanovic


									Cheerleaders Cheerleaders have often been stereotyped as blonde beauties that don’t
have any brains, but look good in the short cheerleading uniforms. However, most people
don’t realize the hard work and dedication that go into cheerleading. It involves many
hours of learning the cheers and the routines. Many of the moves are difficult as well as
dangerous, yet these girls and boys go out there and give it their all so that it look
effortless to those who are being entertained by them. Most junior high and high school
sports teams have cheerleaders. Becoming one of them is a position most girls and some
of the boys work very hard for. Being a cheerleader can result in instant popularity as
well as becoming the envy of many others. You will be at the center of all the school
related activities. In college sports cheerleading is still a popular sport but it doesn’t
hold the same type of popularity as it does in high school. While it is extreme, there have
been media frenzies over various cheerleading issues including taking bribes for getting
girls on the team. There was one event in the early 1990’s that involved a mother who
was upset over her daughter not making the cheerleading squad that she hired a hit man
to kill the mom of a girl on the squad in the hopes that she would then quit and her own
daughter would be the replacement. Luckily the woman was arrested before her plans
could be carried out. Professional football teams and other sports hold very competitive
try outs for their cheerleaders. I didn’t realize how much went into the tryout process
until I saw a show on TV once featuring the tryouts for the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.
It was very interesting to see what these girls were willing to dedicate their time to on a
daily basis. Cheerleaders are such a staple and sporting events that most of us would
really miss their cute routines if they were missing from the event. However,
cheerleading competitions have become quite popular over the past decade with high
school and college level teams. They compete and state and National levels for the
recognition of having the very best cheerleading squad out there. The ultimate Guide To

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