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									Realtors & Real-Estate Agents Can Now Have Their Own Webpage Thanks
                                    To Top City Agents

Having a web presence is an advantage for every type of business, and that is especially true
for Real-Estate Agents. When the competition has a website, they have the upper hand. Thanks
to, it has become a simple task for any Real-Estate Professional to set-up a
personal webpage at the new Real-Estate Professional Network. Both consumers and agents
find this new Real-Estate Web Portal easy to navigate, and like the results. is a real-estate agent network that lets agents create a beautiful one-page
website complete with their own domain name. No longer will agents be at a disadvantage, as
they can now be part of this giant agent network. Agents are free to upload their photo,
company logo, write a short bio, show some personal information, add testimonials, service
area, and a one-stop location for all their social-media networks.

When a consumer does a search for an agent in a specific area, the TopCityAgent that fits the
bill will appear in the search results. Customer Testimonials on the agent's website go a long
way in pre-selling the site visitor. This consumer friendly approach to real-estate marketing is
already showing great results. Consumers get the feeling that they really understand what the
prospective agent is all about. Gone are the days of cold and impersonal agent listings.

Once the agent launches their unique webpage on the TopCityAgents Platform, they can begin
their SEO Program. Now they have the opportunity to employ the latest SEO Techniques for
higher placements in Search Results. Agents can even re-direct their old webpage to the new
TopCityAgents webpage. provides all the tools necessary to create an extremely effective one-page
webpage. Consumers find the site very informative, with recent news and all kinds of related
articles on real-estate and mortgages. The good news is that it is Free for agents to join the
TopCityAgent Network.

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