Horseback Riding Tips by MarijanStefanovic


									Horseback Riding Tips Horseback riding is a wonderful leisure activity for the young and
old. Horseback riding is a beautiful, relaxing and enjoyable sport as long as you are
confident that you know what you are doing. There are many horseback riding tips to
take into consideration before riding any trails.
1. Make sure you pick a horse that will correspond with your riding skill level. Ask your
   riding instructor to help you in choosing the right horse for you.
2. Before leaving the stables double check all of your equipment to assure it is all in
   working condition and properly placed on the horse you are riding.
3. Never ride alone. You should always ride with a buddy so if anything happens to you
   or your horse you know there will always be help there or someone to get you help.
4. Always wear proper gear. This includes proper boots that will not get stuck in the
   stirrups in case you need to get your feet out of them quickly. Also always have a
   protective head covering on. A helmet will not only help in case of a fall but you may
   encounter falling rocks or trees along some trails. Also wear long pants and a long
   shirt to protect from bugs and ticks that you will encounter on your ride.
5. Do not bring anything on your ride that is large or loose because if it falls it could give
   your horse quite a scare and cause the horse to halt, go off trail, or even buck you off.
6. Always stay one horse length away from the horse in front of you and stay in a single
   file line. Being too close to the horse ahead of you could cause it to become scared
   and kick at your horse. The horse will think it is going to get stepped on or trampled
   and out of instinct will kick backwards if its personal space is invaded.
7. Always be relaxed and confident while riding the horse. Horses are very smart
   animals and can sense your emotions.
8. Be sure to pay attention to your leader and follow everything he or she tells you. They
   are trying to make your horseback riding experience memorable and safe for you.
9. Never wander off the trail. You could encounter wild animals or treacherous terrain
   which you may not know how to handle. All trails are clearly marked and wondering
   off of them puts both you and your horse in danger.
10. Do not yell or scream while you are saddled on the horse. This can cause the horse to
     get confused and scared and hurt you or the horse. If you follow all of these
     horseback riding tips you will be sure to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Katie
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