Horseback Riding Tips - Especially For the Beginner Horseback Rider by MarijanStefanovic


									Horseback Riding Tips - Especially For the Beginner Horseback Rider Read on to find
some horseback riding tips that are geared towards the beginner horseback rider. Nothing
beats the freedom of galloping across the field on the back of a horse. Are you aware that
knowing some basic horseback riding tips before taking riding lessons can cut your
learning curve significantly? There are some essential horseback riding tips in this article.
Get to know everything you can about horses - their breeds, sizes, colors, etc. Know the
basic anatomy of a horse. Know the differences of English and Western riding styles.
Another good horseback riding tip - Grooming a horse is a good way to get the beginner
comfortable around horses. Remember this precaution, though: When brushing the
horse's legs, it's best to bend down. Don't squat. This way, if the horse for some reason
decides to move, you'll be able to move away fast - which is close to impossible to do if
you are squatting next to it. One of the best horseback riding tips is: Keep your cool. You
need to stay calm and relaxed around your horse. A horse can sense if the rider is scared.
If you lose control of yourself, you will definitely lose control of the horse! Even if you're
scared, and that's normal (especially for a beginner), don't let your horse know it. Hint:
Fake it till you make it! Odds are that if you think you're in control, so will the horse.
You will greatly benefit if you know some basic horseback riding tips prior to taking
riding lessons. There are several good books that give you many essential horseback
riding tips. Read them, follow the many horseback riding tips, and you'll quickly learn the
basic skills needed to ride a horse. You'll learn all the horseback riding tips: the many
kinds of horses and their uses, how to approach a horse, what to wear, what never to do,
and much more. And, some books have the most beautiful horse pictures I've ever seen!
You have just read some basic horseback riding tips. These horseback riding tips are not
instead of professional lessons. They are good to know, before and in addition to riding
lessons. Sara D. likes to write about her interests. Horses are one of the loves of her life!
Her Squidoo lens offers lots of interesting horse facts for the beginner horseback rider.
No jargon there! Very easy to understand! Find out lots of free information here!

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