Everything You Need to Know About Goldfish Food by MarijanStefanovic


									Everything You Need to Know About Goldfish Food As is true with any pet, proper
feeding is crucial to your goldfish's health. Overfeeding, underfeeding, or using the
wrong type of goldfish food is often the reason why some goldfish don't live past several
months. Read on if you want to learn how to choose the type of goldfish food best suited
for your fish and be knowledgeable on the basics of proper goldfish feeding. Flakes are
one of the most commonly used kinds of goldfish food. This is largely because flakes are
easy for goldfish to consume. Additionally, flakes provide your goldfish with essential
vitamins and minerals. In addition to being easy to eat and containing an optimum
nutrient level, flake goldfish food prevents your goldfish's water from additional
contamination. This is because flakes stay at the water surface long enough for your fish
to eat the entire amount during a particular feeding session. As a result, less food sinks to
the bottom where it will simply become a water pollutant. You might also want to
consider pellet goldfish food, which seems to be a popular choice for feeding larger
goldfish, such as those kept in outdoor goldfish ponds. Japanese Koi is an example of
these large fish. Pellets, just like flakes, are a great way to ensure that your goldfish
receive a sufficient amount of nutrients on a daily basis. When selecting pellet goldfish
food, it is important to note that the fact that pellets sink to the bottom of the tank faster
than flakes means this type of food could lead to added water pollution. The uneaten
pellets decay and create bacteria that could be harmful to your goldfish. In terms of
feeding your goldfish, one tip to bear in mind is that goldfish cannot differentiate real
goldfish food from objects or scraps that are not made for eating. Accordingly, be careful
not to accidentally drop anything that is not food into your goldfish's tank. If you
inadvertently do, scoop it out right immediately. Regardless of whether you choose to
feed your goldfish pellets or flakes, just a finger-full should suffice. If you overfeed your
goldfish, you could be putting them at risk for disease. If you want to learn more about
goldfish or more specifically goldfish food then check out

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