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					                                RICHARD A. WOLFF

                              Fredericksburg, VA 22401
                                 Cell: (631) 804-9503


Highly motivated and experienced Software Engineer with expertise in software
development paradigms, object oriented languages, and software QA seeking a leadership
position in software development with emphasis in Quality Assurance and Testing.
Strengths include strong communication skills, high standards, creative initiative, and
skills in the following test activities: Manual, Requirements Based, Black Box, White
Box, Unit, Systems Integration, Functional, and defect validation.


BAE Systems, Quantico, VA                                           2009 - Present
Software Test Engineer

As a software test engineer with BAE Systems, I am assigned to the Technical
Management Database (TMD), Electronic Subpoena, and Carrier Request Form projects
for the FBI. These web based applications are currently used by FBI agents in the field to
co-ordinate and improve the efficiency of their daily activities. My specific duties and
contributions are as follows and are in direct support of the FBI Lead Engineer:
    Execute manual, Functional, Requirements Based, Black Box test cases to perform all
    testing activities: New requirements/features, regression testing existing features, and
    defect validations.
    Create new test cases/procedures for new features and for existing features that do not
    have test procedures.
    Document and report defects and issues using the Bugzilla defect tracking tool to FBI
    Lead Engineer and Developers
    Performed defect resolution testing to close defect reports.
    Create Software Requirements document
    Create Software Test Plan
    Create Requirement Verification Traceability Matrix
    Consults with Contractor Developers and FBI Lead Engineer to convey test results,
    problems, issues and all other information necessary to keep the program office
    Reports Critical Issues directly to FBI Lead Engineer for the weekly status and
    version release meetings
   Implemented a defect tracking solution to facilitate communication between the
   developers and tester
   Drafted Defect Resolution Process to document defect lifecycle from inception to
   Created block diagrams which map out the flow paths through the website and
   provide a visual, top-level look at the existing relationship of the web pages
   Interface with developers during my testing activities to increase my knowledge of
   the software and to better understand the needs of the users and ultimately improve
   our software testing activities.
   Create monthly report of test activities
   Evaluated the Selenium automated test tool for future integration in the testing
   Evaluated Top Team Requirements Management Tool and HP Quality Center for
   future use to track requirements.

Solutions Development Corporation, King George, VA                 2008 - 2009
Test Engineer

As a test engineer with SDC, I have been assigned to the Distributed Tactical
Communications System project – a push-to-talk radio that uses the Iridium satellite
constellation for transmissions eliminating the need for conventional line-of-sight radios
and the terrain restrictions associated with them. I have been involved in several test
activities since arriving on board which not only involved the daily activities necessary
for the preparation of the test activities, but also the following:
    Developed verbal test scripts for and performed testing activities in the November
    2008 Limited Test Activity
    Developed verbal test scripts for and performed testing activities in the December
    2008 Bridgeport Test Activity
    Wrote and executed test cases for the Net Manager web-based management tool
    Identified desired test sites to be used during the October 2009 Extended Test
    Activity. This involved cold-calling various locations throughout the eastern United
    States and obtaining permission to use facilities in that area. Also, on-site surveys
    were conducted to determine what equipment will be necessary to bring to the site
    and identify the unique challenges for each particular site and recommend solutions.
ITT Corporation, Fredericksburg VA                                  2005 - 2008
Software Test Engineer

As a software test engineer with for ITT Corporation, I was assigned to several projects
including Advanced Control Post, Wallflower, and Rustler. Advanced Control Post is a
web based client/server application using an Oracle database for data storage that
remotely monitors and provides communication with remotely stationed computers.
Wallflower is a stand-alone Windows application that remotely monitors cell phone
detectors placed within a building or specified area. The Rustler project is classified, but
my specific contributions to all projects are described as follows:
    Created a process for creating and approving each Test Case and maintaining version
    control over the document.
    Created a Test Case template so that every test case would have the same look and
    feel so that the engineers would know exactly where required information was
    Implemented Peer Reviews when the Test Cases are deemed ready by the Test
    Created a Software Requirements document and performed Requirements Analysis
    for the Wallflower GUI application.
    Manually tested the Wallflower GUI application using the Requirements based Black
    Box testing method in parallel with writing the Software Requirements document for
    the application.
    Documented new change requests (defects) for the Wallflower GUI application using
    the Star Team tool, verified completed change requests, and interfaced with the
    software developers to discuss problems and provide solutions.
    Performed Requirements Analysis for the Advanced Control Post (ACP) web browser
    based GUI, locating and correcting many missing, incomplete, conflicting, and
    compound requirements.
    Developed the ACP Software Test Plan and Software Verification Matrix, and
    performed Requirements Analysis which identified additional necessary requirements
    and defined existing requirements to the detail needed for accurate development.
    Used the Star Team Configuration Management tool for version control of documents
    (Test Plans, Procedures, etc.) and defect/change request tracking.
    Used Visual Studio to perform manual White Box testing for the ACP GUI.
    Performed defect resolution testing to close defect reports.

NSWC Dahlgren, Dahlgren VA                                          2003 - 2005
Software Developer

As a member of the Immune Building Toolkit (IBTK) Team, support and develop the
IBTK in a Java environment. The toolkit, when complete, will enable architects and
engineers to model any building and simulate chemical, biological, and explosive attacks,
evaluate the predicted effects on structure and occupants, and determine the most
effective escape routes.
    Created Java Classes for integration with IBTK
    Created Sequence Diagrams for program analysis and maintenance of IBTK code
    Performed Peer Reviews for identification, documentation, and correction of defects
    of IBTK code
    Performed Software Testing and QA on IBTK to evaluate status of current release
    Used Visual Source Safe for Configuration Management
    Used Visual Studio to develop code and perform white box unit testing

SUREPAY, Melville NY                                              2001 - 2002
Software Test Engineer

Verify monetary transaction administrator tool front-end software for usability and
correctness. Monetary transaction administrator tool is a Web-based application
developed in Cold Fusion and Java. It is a B2B monetary authorization and tracking tool
for Credit Card and ACH transactions.
    Evaluated Software Requirements documents.
    Used Software Test Plans to identify necessary test cases and procedures needed to
    fully validate requirements.
    Used Bugzilla defect tracking tool to record and track defects
    Performed defect resolution testing to close defect reports.

MOTOROLA, Chandler AZ                                             1997 - 2000
Software Test Engineer

Upon hire, I was placed in the Concurrent Engineering Training Program. After
successful completion of the program, I was assigned to the Iriduim Satellite
communications project. I was a member of a team of software testers who worked
closely with the programmers, system engineers, vendor engineers, and customers to
develop the Test Plans and Test Procedures and complete all testing prior to project
release date. I was also assigned to the Acceptance Test Team where I developed several
Acceptance Tests and demonstrated the full suite of Acceptance Tests to the customer
upon delivery of the system. My testing activities included verifying that the Iridium
Gateway Network Management Software met all specified requirements, as well as
documenting and generating defect reports for all issues. All tests were conducted
according to the Motorola Software Development Lifecycle requirements which
conformed to the ISO 9000 standards and CMM Level 3 Key Performance Parameters.
    Completed Concurrent Engineering Training Program which indoctrinated new
    software engineers into the Motorola CMM policies by assigning trainees to projects
    and the trainees complete the projects and all associated documentation including but
   not limited to the Statements of Work, the Requirements Documents, the Interface
   Control Documents, the Software Design Documents, OOP and UML Design
   Documents, the OO C++ code development phase, the Software Test Plan, the
   Software Test Procedures, and the Acceptance Test Demonstrations.
   Developed Acceptance Test Procedures for the Iridium Gateway functional and
   system validation at customer sites that resulted in 100% client approval.
   Performed Requirements Analysis of Gateway functionality to verify Test Procedures
   accurately demonstrate desired functionality.
   Performed manual Black Box Systems Integration testing of all Gateway Network
   components to verify compatibility and interoperability.
   Performed manual Black Box Acceptance Testing at various Gateway locations
   Documented defects using the Motorola in-house defect tracking tool and performed
   defect resolution testing to close defect reports.
   Validated Gateway Operations user manuals and re-wrote operating procedures
   which greatly improved the organization and flow of procedural steps.
   Collaborated with Testers, Developers, System Engineers, and vendor personnel to
   successfully develop test cases.
   Performed peer review of Requirements and Test Documentation – including test
   plans, procedures and requirements analysis
   Became fluent in the UNIX operating system

MICROSOFT, Redmond WA                                      January 1993- August 1993
Software Test Engineer

As a college intern from the University of Arizona, participated in testing the Microsoft
Multimedia Publishing Toolkit v2.0
   Manually validated and updated user manual and tutorial documents for customer
   Manually verified software help files for accuracy and accessibility.
   Manually Black Box tested and verified all GUI and multimedia widgets for
   functionality and proper behavior to improve customer usability.
   Documented defects using the Microsoft in-house defect tracking tool and performed
   defect resolution testing to close defect reports.
US Navy, Norfolk, VA; La Maddalena, Italy                               1983 - 1991
Nuclear Machinist Mate

   Great Lakes Naval Training Facility; 1983 - 1983; New recruit training; Machinist
   Mate A-School
   Naval Nuclear Power School; 1983 - 1984; Nuclear Power Plant Operator training –
   Naval Nuclear Power Prototype; 1984 - 1985; Windsor, CT; Nuclear Power Plant
   Operator training - practical operations
   Radiological Controls Maintenance School; 1988; Charleston, SC; Training on how
   to work in Radiation Areas and on radioactive items; Control access in and out of
   radiation areas; Supervise radiological work; and proper immediate and secondary
   actions to incidents involving radioactive materials.

Fleet Assignments:
    USS Virginia (CGN-38); Norfolk, VA; 1985 - 1988; Nuclear Power Plant Operator;
    Quality Control Procedures for Engine Room Equipment Maintenance; Division
    Damage Control Petty Officer; Division Safety Petty Officer
    USS Orion (AS-18); La Maddalena, Italy; 1988 - 1991; Nuclear Power Plant Repair,
    Radiological Controls Shift Supervisor; Radiological Controls Maintenance
    Procedures; Division Damage Control Petty Officer; Division Safety Petty Officer;
    Division Heavy Equipment Maintenance Petty Officer; Reactor Accident Fly-Away
    Team Petty Officer; Nuclear Worker Training Petty Officer


B.S., Computer Engineering – Cum Laude (Software Design, Development and Testing)
                      The University Of Arizona, Tucson AZ
                                    May 1997
                                   Tau Beta Pi
                                  Eta Kappa Nu
                        Golden Key National Honor Society

                               TECHNICAL SKILLS

Software Engineering: C, C++, Java, Pascal
Operating Systems: UNIX, Microsoft Windows
Software Products: Visual Source Safe, Visual Studio
Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook)

Description: Richard Wolff is a highly motivated and experienced Software Engineer with expertise in software development paradigms, object oriented languages, and software QA seeking a leadership position in software development with emphasis in Quality Assurance and Testing.