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IEEE PES International Conference On IMPact Of E-Technology On US

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									    PES International Conference on IMPact of E-Technology on US

    The PES International Conference on IMPact of E-Technology on US (IC-IMPETUS) is an event to recognize and
    celebrate innovations in the fields of electronics engineering and computer science that have made an impact on
    society by addressing some challenge. The objective of the meet is to inspire undergraduate students and
 engineering faculty to focus on what IT engineers can and ought to do best---to take up problems that can be
 addressed using e-Technology and thus make a difference for the better.
 The impact areas we are looking at include
 Agriculture
      use of sensors to determine soil quality, water purity, recommendation systems for crops, vision systems and
      robots for harvesting
     Biomedicine and Healthcare
      design of assist devices such as hearing aids, software to facilitate telemedicine, prescreening devices,
      computer aided diagnostics and therapeutics
     Education
      design of interactive learning systems, software to help the learning disabled, promote e-learning
     Environment and Energy
      green computing to reduce the C-footprint, tracking of flora and fauna to protect endangered species,
      modeling of ecosystems
     Rural development
      innovations in engineering and information technology that have contributed to the connectivity, literacy, health
      and financial independence of rural populations
     Governance, Administration and Commerce
      Innovations that have facilitated transparency, envisage to improve processes and eliminate “middlemen”
      through mobile and internet applications and promote e-commerce

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