As Electronic Cigarettes Become a Fast Growing Industry, V2 Cigs Emerge as the Frontrunner in the Online E Cig Marketplace by


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									As Electronic Cigarettes Become a Fast Growing Industry, V2 Cigs Emerge as
the Frontrunner in the Online E Cig Marketplace

V2 Cigs dominates the market when it comes to electronic cigarettes. V2 Cigs and their sister
company, Vapor Couture, are consistently mentioned as the preferred brand of electronic cigarettes
among e-cig users. With over a million sold, V2 Cigs is regarded as the biggest online seller. As a
smoke free choice over traditional cigarettes, they give customers what they’re looking for in
quality, product innovation, flavor choices, and price.

Miami, FL, August 21, 2013 --( V2 Cigs is happy to announce it has become America's
number one electronic cigarette retailer and website. With over one million sales to date since the
founding of the company in 2009, V2 Cigs continues to delight its customers with quality products and
exceptional customer care.

All ingredients in V2 Cigs are carefully tested for, quality, consistency, and compliance. This enables
them to list all of their e-liquid ingredients on their website for user download and review. This ongoing
policy of transparency makes consumers feel good about the V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture products and
V2's trustworthy reputation garners them fans for life.

And their fans aren't keeping silent either. These smoke free, ash free, electronic cigarettes have quite a
following. Just visit the lively V2 Forum to interact with the online community of other happy customers.
These loyal fans love the excellent customer service, the unequaled quality, and the large variety of
products offered.

The electronic cigarette market has grown exponentially over the past few years and shows no signs of
slowing down. V2 Cigs continues to innovate and produce a large selection of products including
e-liquids in many flavors, cartomizers, batteries, and electronic cigarette accessories. Their simple
two-piece design is carefully conceptualized by their own team of engineers based in Florida and
California. These revolutionary designs are then manufactured in certified V2 assembly plants.

Careful quality control and batch testing, along with a limited lifetime warranty for their electrical
products, continues to make V2 Cigs the favorite in the electronic cigarette industry.

As the leading online retailer of electronic cigarettes, V2 Cigs also continues to provide unparalleled
customer service - their knowledgeable staff is top notch. One satisfied customer says that, “...V2 has
super fast shipping and terrific customer service.”

With V2's product innovation and attention to detail, it's no wonder they've become the world's most
popular online smokeless cigarette marketplace. V2 Cigs is the leader when it comes to electronic
cigarette brand quality and selection. To learn more about V2 Cigs, please visit

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