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The retail transaction is completed in the point of sale which is commonly known as POS or Checkout. It
is the position when a customer makes a payment to the merchant in exchange for goods or services.
The retailer keeps a record and calculates the amount that he owed by the customer. As well as it also
provide options for the customer to make payment. There are various ways to detect the POS below
given are the few.

Cash Register: A cash register is a very important business tool which is frequently ignored as one of the
transforming mechanizations, of the industrial age. In cash register the retailer records the amount of a
sale, keeps a permanent journal of day to day transactions and issues a receipt to the customer. It is a
device that calculates the sum of sales transactions makes an everlasting and collective record of them
and has a cash drawer in which cash is kept. In the drawer there is a section below the cash register in
which the cash from transaction is kept. In most cases, the drawer can be opened only after a sale,
except for when special keys are used, which only owners and senior employees have. The risk of
employees stealing by not recording a sale and keeping the money with themselves is decreased by the
help of cash register.

A cash register is compulsory for tax purposes. Generally, it is attached to scales, barcode scanners and
EFTPOS or credit card terminals. Mostly all the good cash register manufacturers offer attractive units. A
wide range of efficient cash registers is available in the market like multi-drawer, touch screen, two
drawer etc. These cash registers are offered by giant manufacturers like Casio, Sharp, SAM4S, Panasonic,
Samsung, Omron, NCR, IBM, and many others.

Merchant Account: A merchant account is just like a bank account. It allows the businesses to accept
payments by payment cards, usually like a debit or credit cards. A merchant account is established under
a contract which is between the acceptor and a trader who obtain bank for the settlement of payment
card transactions. In few cases an independent sales organization (ISO), member service provider (MSP)
or payment processor are also a part of the trade agreement. The contract bounds the trader to follow
the rules and regulations established by the card associations. It does not matter at all how the trader
enters into the contract, if they directly with an acquiring bank or through an aggregator such as PayPal
they have to follow the regulations of the card association.

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