Why our generation livin with high presure by aprilpearl123


									                          Why our generation livin with high presure

We generation living with the increasing pressure, parents always educate us that “study
harder or nothing”. But what exactlly lead us this situation, should be the key aspect we need
to figure out.

Firstly, with the mushrooming economy, jobs in this age are different comparing with usual, even
in the wholesale jewlery aspect, the high competation cannot be ignored. For instance, the
graduate students are not only satisfied with basic najor knowledge, but also pay attentation on
extral skill like handle another foreigh language, or practice the ability for hunting information
efficiently, more specificallly, like computer operating skills. Those reasons leads an widely
known situation which is people have less relax time, and suffering the increasing pressure in
their life.

There are many elements of this situation, when students graduate form university, all the
presures they facing aren't seems easy to handle. The competitive working environment force
them have to consider if they need rise they comperhensive ability. Some of them was chose
back to school seeking for higher education background., others are prefer stay in their stable
and existing working position. But not all the students do not be deprived of ambitious, but the
recharging exactly made them become less relax and more pressure. Even the wholesale
handmade jewelry industry get money easier competitively, people working with that still having
the presure.

On the other aspect, the shortage of relevent law and superviser, contribute many managers
force their employee woeking longer than they suppose do. Also the conduct of over-working
evoluting more popular gradually. That no dubtfully will enhance the presure for the white

In the end, this situation will bring people variety of effect, which the most serious infulence
would be make hight presure suffering group lose their faith and enthusiasm on life, and also will
bring them illness mentality, and over hard working imply they never get out of this circle, and
they never escape the exhaust attitude, even in their relax time for enjoy the wholesale fashion
jewelry exhibition.

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