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                   “HOW DO I GET A DISCOUNT?”                            higher level or service is required or
                   • WGA Members and Employees must                      there are any special requests, please
                     present a valid and current WGA iden-               contact a “Business” specialist.
                     tification at the register in order to re-
                                                                      • WGA members who do not live in the
                     ceive their structured discount.
                                                                        Los Angeles area can still receive the
                   • This discount is effective immediately.            discount for CPUs, iPods and qualify-
                                                                        ing products. Upon payment via credit
                   • This discount is only available at the             card, items will be shipped to them.
                     Apple Store at the Grove.                           Please contact a Business Specialist at
                                                                         (323) 965-8400 ext. 3 or email at:
                   • This discount is not combinable with                thegrovebusiness@apple.com in order
                     any other promotion or coupons.
                                                                         to fulfill this request. If they are not
                                                                         answering, leave a message, they’ll
                   • Any salesperson at the Apple Store at
                     the Grove may assist WGA members                    return your call.
                     or employees with their purchase. If
                                                                      • All orders MUST go through The Grove.

                    DISCOUNT CHART

                    TYPE OF PRODUCT                                                                %OFF      BLK?

                    Pro computers: Powermacs, Powerbooks.                                          6%        YES

                    Consumer computers: iMacs, eMacs, Mac Mini, iBooks.                            4%        YES

                    Xserve, Xserve Raid, other related hardware.                                   8%        YES

                    iPods: all iPod models EXCLUDING the Shuffle                                    4%        YES

                    iPod Shuffles (Bulk discount on many, please call for info.)                    0%        YES

                    Apple branded accessories.                                                     6%        YES

                    Apple Operating Systems and software.                                          10%       NO

                    Applecare for all Mac computers and iPods                                      10%       NO

                    Third Party Products EXCLUDING BOSE products.                                  3%        YES

                    BOSE products.                                                                 0%        NO

                         Orders made for shipping only can and will only be delivered within the United States.
                                 This offer is not good at any other Apple Store besides The Grove.
                   ..AND IT’S MEMBERS.
                  Feel free to drop by our store any time we    can help you with your order with these
                  are open. Our friendly staff will help fit     discounts. If there is no one there, please
                  you in to the product that suits your         leave a message as to how we can reach
                  needs. When you are ready to pay, pre-        you and we will call you back as soon as
                  sent your WGA membership ID, or any           it is possible. This phone is usually
                  document that shows you are part of the       staffed during business hours, PT.
                                                                What does Bulk mean? It is possible to
                  What if you live in another State, or can’t   get better discounts when ordering mul-
                  make it out to The Grove Apple Store?         tiple products, all depending on what
                  Just call 323-965-8400 ext. 3 or email us     kind of order it is. Please inquire with a
                  at: thegrovebusiness@apple.com and            Business Specialist or by calling the
                  you’ll be able to talk to a specialist that   number.