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									                   Essay Writing is No Longer Exasperating: Learn How

Do you feel that Essay Writing is an exasperating job? Well, not if you know how to make it
enjoyable. So, know the basics of good writing and indulge enthusiastically whenever you are asked
to write an essay from now on.

Writing an essay is perhaps one of the most boring tasks among school and college students. Many
of them cannot simply figure out how to begin an essay whereas others can feel lost just after the
first couple of lines. They cannot decide how to go about the essay till the end. In order to sort out
these difficulties, one needs to spare some time thinking what can possibly be written on the topic
he/she has been given to write on.

If you hit your pen on paper moment after you are offered the topic of your essay, it is very likely
that you would feel lost in the midway. This is because, you have already written whatever you could
immediately after listening to the topic. For such an impulsive writer, his/her response to the topic
gets exhausted even before he/she is halfway through the essay. Then, such a writer has to dig up
his/her thoughts and imaginations in order to stretch the essay further. Often, the results in such
cases are poorly written essays. Such essays either become repetitive, talking about the same points
over and over again in the succeeding paragraphs, or become highly disorganised. The lack of
organisation in writing springs from the disorganisation in the process of thinking.

So, an organised thought process is the key to a well organised writing. For organising your thoughts
you need to spare some time before you start writing anything. The time you provide to thinking
about the topic of your Essay Writing would help you to structure it. This is important since every
good essay has a structure. You cannot simply jot down the key points and get done with your essay.
An essay always demands a good analysis of whatever is being said in it. So, brood over the key
points and decide which point to elaborate first and in which order.

After you decide your key points and how you would go about them in the body of your essay, you
need to give a good thought about the introduction of it. Introduction or the beginning paragraph is
of immense importance since this very paragraph introduces the topic to your readers. It also
introduces you as a writer and, therefore, is the testimony of your style of writing. An essay should
captivate its readers from the very first sentence. If the reader finds the first couple of sentences
irrelevant or uninteresting, he/she might not want to read the entire essay. So, take care of the
impression you create by the introduction of your essay. Do not attempt for much elaboration in the
beginning paragraph. The introductory sentences should only introduce your topic and highlight the
key points on which the essay would elaborate in the successive paragraphs.

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