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									                                     Buying Your First Guitar

People of all ages seem to be interested in learning to play the guitar at some point in their lives. Some
people are interested in acoustic guitars while others are interested in electric guitars. When deciding
that you want to learn to play guitar, there are several things which are important when buying your
first guitar. Use the following tips before purchasing that first guitar:

Acoustic Guitars Are Easier To Learn – When you are first learning how to play the guitar it is likely
more beneficial to purchase an acoustic guitar as opposed to an electric guitar. An acoustic guitar is
often much cheaper than an electric guitar and is also sometimes easier to learn. Keep this in mind
when you are looking to purchase your first guitar.

Taking Lessons Can Be A Benefit – Taking lessons from a professional can greatly increase the
likelihood that you will actually learn to play the guitar. Professional guitar teachers are trained in the
techniques which can help speed up the process of learning guitar. Also, if you have spent money on
lessons to learn how to play the guitar, you are often more likely to stick with it than if you were just
trying to learn to play in your spare time.

Ask A Friend – When purchasing your first guitar, friends that play will often have recommendations
about beginner acoustic guitars as well as possibly teachers that could help you be on your way to
learning how to play this versatile instrument.

Listen To Music – One way to help learn to play the guitar is simply to begin listening to music with
the mindset that you are listening for guitar melodies which you can hopefully learn how to play.
When you begin to listen to music in a different way you begin to actually hear the notes that are
played as opposed to just listening to music without much thought. This is how some people are able
to literally listen to a song and play it without looking at any sort of sheet music. This is called learning
to play by “ear” and is truly remarkable. While this may take time for you to learn to be able to play
without music, it is still beneficial to listen to music in a different way to pick out the acoustic guitar's
sounds as well as other instruments.

You Do Not Need An Expensive Guitar – If this is your first time learning to play the guitar, there is
no reason to spend a small fortune on your first guitar. Buying an inexpensive acoustic guitar will
allow you to learn to play and not worry about the large amount of money that was spent on your first
guitar. Acoustic guitars can be purchased inexpensively from a variety of online retailers.

If you are just starting out with guitar lessons, do not be discouraged when the instrument does not
come as naturally to you as you might have thought. Learning how to play a new instrument can be
difficult, but with patience you can learn to play the guitar which will make all of the hard work worth
it in the end.

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