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									 An Introduction to the
Baccalaureate Diploma
    Rygaards International Secondary School
My IB Experience
— IB Diploma Teacher – Literature, English B nd
  Language and Literature. Trained IB Coordinator

— Led the implementation of the IB Diploma Programme

— IB Senior Examiner

— In last school taught A-Levels and then prepared for
  switch to IB Diploma
The IB Diploma Curriculum

— A balanced and comprehensive international programme 
  of study over two years

— Designed as a model of holistic education for the mid-
  range student and above. 

— University entrance qualification recognized  around the 
  world in over eighty countries

— Over 1300 participating schools in more than 100 
  countries and growing. 1 million graduates by 2014

— IB Diploma Introductory Video
The Learner Profile   The Learner Profile
                      Underpins all of the
                        IB programmes
                         including the
                          Diploma. It
                       represents the IB
                      mission statement
                           in action.

                      IB Learner Profile Video:

IB Diploma Hexagon
IB Diploma Requirements
The IB Diploma in Denmark
• Copenhagen International School

• Nørre Gymnasium

• Birkerød Gymnasium og HF
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 CIS Information
On offer in the Diploma Programme at CIS are the
  following subjects:

  * Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature. English
  Literature, English Language and Literature, Danish
  Literature, School-Supported Self-Taught Literature;
  * Group 2: Language Acquisition. Danish B, French B,
  German B, German ab initio;
  * Group 3: Individuals and Societies: Economics,
  History, Social & Cultural Anthropology;
  * Group 4: Experimental Sciences: Biology, Chemistry,
  Computer Science, Physics
  * Group 5: Mathematics; Mathematics HL, Mathematics
  SL, Mathematical Studies SL
  * Group 6: The Arts. Music, Theatre and Visual Arts
— Each of the 6 IB Subjects (whether HL or SL) is graded
  from 1 (low) – 7 (high) . See Link: Understanding the IB

— 3 points are available for completion of the ‘core’

— Therefore, the maximum points score is 45

— Students need 24 points to pass the Diploma

— In 2012 119,000 students took the IB Diploma

— Average Points Score = 29.83 (pass rate of 78%)

— Students scoring 45 points = 109! (UCAS conversion = x5
  A* or 6 A grades at A –level in UK)

— Final examinations PLUS internally and externally
  moderated assessment across the two years
University Recognition
— The IB diploma is a passport to higher education.

— Universities around the world welcome the unique 
  characteristics of IB Diploma Programme students and 
  recognize the way in which the programme helps to 
  prepare students for university-level education.

— IB students routinely gain admission to some of the best-
  known universities in the world. Most of these institutions 
  have established recognition policies for the IB diploma. 
University Statistics
UK University Survey

— 97% were satisfied the Diploma Programme prepares students for

—• 96% favoured a broad curriculum of the type IB offers.

—• 57% felt the Diploma Programme offers an advantage to students
as preparation for higher education.

—Similarly, a survey of 160 university faculty and admissions staff
from Australia and New Zealand showed that 77% of respondents
indicated that the IB Diploma Programme prepares students well for

Statistics and quotation from:IB Diploma Programme: A strong predictor of success in university 2010 (IBO
University Continued ...
— The highest score on the diploma is equivalent to 720
  points on the United Kingdom’s (UK) Universities &
  College Admissions Service (UCAS) tariff. In a separate
  analysis, UCAS found that over 70% of IB students gain
  offers for entry to higher education, and the vast
  majority of students attend Russell Group universities.

— “IB is well known to us as excellent preparation.
  Success in an IB programme correlates well with success
  at Harvard.We are pleased to see the credential of the
  IB DiplomaProgramme on the transcript.” Marlyn
  McGrath Lewis, assistant dean of admissions,Harvard
  University, USA
   IB and Danish Universities
   IB total   Danish   The  IB  Diploma  is  recognized  as  an  entrance 
   points     grades
   24         3,1      qualification  for  admission  to  all  the  higher 
   25         3,7      education  institutions  in  Denmark,  provided  that  the 
   26         4,3
   27         4,8      applicants  have  either  passed  Danish  in  their  IB 
   28         5,4      examination  or  passed  a  required  language  test  in 
   29         5,9
   30         6,4      Danish.  The  required  language  test  is,  the 
   31         6,8      Studieprøve in Danish as second language for adult 
   32         7,2
   33         7,7      foreigners.  The  minimum  passing  grade  is  grade  6 
   34         8,1      (on  the  Danish  grading  scale)  in  all  four  disciplines. 
   35         8,4
   36         8,8      Please note that the required passing grade may be 
   37         9,1      higher subject to the degree course chosen.
   38         9,5
   39         9,8
   40         10,1     Link to Copenhagen University IB entry requirement
   41         10,4
   42         10,6     page
   43         10,9
   44         11,2
   45         12,0
Applications, Deadlines and
— MARCH 1st/15th 2013 12:00 – Final date for admissions
  across Denmark. Feb. 18th

— Anne-Katrin Lippert-Larsen – School Careers Advice

— CIS Scholarships (means tested) are available

— Don’t leave things too late! Visit the schools, talk to the
  leadership, teachers, students. Get a ‘feel’ for the
  place – you can’t do this via a school’s website.
Information links
— The official IBO website

— The Learner Profile

— IB Diploma Information Videos

                             Images/videos taken from IBO official website

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