; A National Disability Insurance Scheme _NDIS_
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A National Disability Insurance Scheme _NDIS_


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									      People With Disabilities WA (PWDWA)
Empowering the voices of people with disabilities in

                                           Stuart Jenkinson
                            Equity and Information Advisor
                  Who We Are And What We Do

Ø Since 1981 PWDWA has been the peak disability consumer
  organisation representing the rights, needs and equity of all
  Western Australians with a physical, intellectual, psychiatric or
  sensory disability.

Ø Providing information; individual and systemic advocacy

Ø Run BY and FOR people with disabilities
                          Roads & Carparks

Ø Clearance Height ( Multi-storey Carparks)

Ø Acrod Bays

Ø Kerb ramps

Ø Gradients of pathways

Ø Set down & pick up areas
                  Pedestrians & Shared/Footpaths

Ø Paths

Ø Access Points

Ø Signage

Ø Seating
                        Public Transport

Ø Access & Egress for Stations

Ø Continuous path of Travel

Ø Location of Bus Shelters

Ø Set Down Areas
     Any Questions?

Website: www.pwdwa.org

 Email: info@pwdwa.org

     Ph. 9485 8900

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