A Dividing Nation

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					A Dividing Nation

     Chapter 20
    Pgs. 272 - 289
        20.1 Introduction
• Abraham Lincoln is now president
20.2 Confronting the Issue of Slavery
   • Slavery was banned north of the Ohio Valley

   • Congress wanted the Free and Slave states
     to be equal so neither had more power
20.2 Questions about Missouri
• Missouri wanted to be part of the Union as a
  slave state, but part of it laid north of the
  Ohio Valley

• This made the Northerners afraid because
  felt slavery was spreading north
  20.2 Tallmadge Amendment
• James Tallmadge proposed an amendment
  that Missouri would have to be free

• This angered the Southerners (took power
  out of their hands)
 20.2 A Deadlocked Congress
• The South saw this as a way for the
  government to stop slavery everywhere

• The House approved the amendment but the
  Senate tied so it did not pass
20.3 The Missouri Compromise
• Because of the Amendment southerners said
  that they were going to act in secession

The Compromise is Reached:
• Maine was admitted as a Free State and
  Missouri as a slave state. (Kept states equal)

Reaction to the Compromise:
• North were mad at representatives for letting
  Missouri have slavery
• South was mad because Slavery could not
1. Where was the boundary set that separated the areas where
   slavery was allowed and banned?
2. What did congress do to assure that no certain type of state
   would have more power than the others?
3. Why was it a problem when Missouri wanted to join the Union
   as slave state?
4. Who was the man that proposed an Amendment that would
   make Missouri a free state?
5. The Amendment, in the eyes of the South, saw it as a way for
   the government to stop what?
6. What did the southerners say that they were going to do if they
   did not get their way?
7. What is Secession?
8. What state was added to the Union to make it ok for Missouri to
   be a Slave State?
9. What were the reactions of the North and the South to this
20.4 Missouri Compromise Unravels
  • The Second Great Awakening woke up the
    fight to end Slavery
  Slavery in Washington, D.C.:
  • Individuals wanted to ban slavery in the
    Nations Capital and Congress ignored it
  Southern Fears:
  • Southerners were very mad about abolitionist
    ideas and rewarded individuals who would
    turn in names of abolitionists in the South
          20.4 Continued…
Fugitive Slaves:
• Slaves were escaping to the North so the South
  wanted to pass laws that made it illegal for
  individuals to help slaves escape
Slavery in the Territories:
• America tried to say that any land that they
  received from Mexico could not be used for slavery,
  this did not pass!!
Statehood for California:
• California wanted to be a free state, the South
  rejected it, the North wanted it, so California could
  not be part of the Union yet.
    20.5 Compromise of 1850
Something for Everyone:
• California was a free state
• New Mexico and Utah were slave states
• Washington, D.C no “new” slavery
• Strong fugitive slave law

The Compromise is Accepted:
• It was accepted but not liked
• South threatened the Union of pulling out
20.6 Compromise Satisfies No One
The Fugitive Slave Law:
• The North hated the law and refused to let slaves be
• Most slaves escaped to Canada
• Over 10,000 escaped slaves went to the North, only
  299 were ever captured
Harriet Stowe’s Vision:
• Stowe had a vision about a slave known as Uncle
  Tom and how he was treated badly
Uncle Tom’s Cabin:
• A book that showed the evil of slavery
• In the North it was a great hit and raised the fight
  against slavery
• In the South it was criticized
           20.6 Continued…
The Kansas-Nebraska Act:
• U.S wanted to build a railroad that would connect
  the U.S to California
• He said that the states that it connected on the way
  could choose to be free or slave states
• This upset many Northerners

Bloodshed in Kansas:
• Kansas was flocked by settlers from the North and
  the South
• They began to fight each other
• John Brown and his followers attacked individuals
  who wanted slavery there and hacked to death five
  men with swords
•   Congress ignored the people when they came to them to stop slavery in what
    part of America?
•   What law did the south want to pass because they thought it would help
    decrease the amount of slaves that were escaping to the North?
•    What types of states did America want to create with the land that they were
    receiving from Mexico?
•   What four things occurred in order for California to become a free state?
•   The compromise was accepted but the south threatened to do what?
•   To what country did most run away slaves from the south escape to freedom in?
•   Out of the 10,000 + escaped slaves, how many were actually found and brought
    back to the South for slavery?
•   Who was the woman who had a vision about a slave that was treated very badly
    by his owner?
•   What was the name of the book that the woman from question 17 wrote?
•   How was the book treated differently in the North and the South?
•   To what new state did the U.S want to build a railroad and also caused a huge
    fight between the North and South States?
•    Kansas was flocked by citizens from the North and the South; how did they
    interact with each other?
•   Who was the man who had some followers and killed 5 men that were for
           20.6 Continued…
Violence in Congress:
• Charles Summer gave a speech in Congress about
  how bad Southerners are for having slaves and
  upset the South
• Southern Congressman Preston Brooks was upset
  that he beat Summer over the head with his cane
  until it broke in half
• Showed the North how brutal the South was
• Showed the South how close they stuck together

The Dred Scott Case:
• A slave named Dred Scott went in front of the
  Supreme Court to win his freedom because his
  owner moved to a free state
 20.7 The Dred Scott Decision
Two Judicial Bombshells:
• Bomb shell 1: Could not sue for freedom
  and couldn’t become a citizen

• Bomb shell 2: He was still a slave
20.8 From Compromise to Crisis
• Republican Party was formed
• Wanted to end Slavery
• Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican

The Lincoln-Douglas Debate:
• Lincoln debated against Douglas for a seat in
  Congress and lost because he wanted to end
            20.8 Continued…
John Brown’s Raid:
• John Brown decided to go and capture the U.S
  arsenal and give slaves weapons so could rebel and
  end slavery
• He was captured and almost all of his men were killed
• This scared the South

The Election of 1860:
• (North) Republican Party: Abraham Lincoln
• (South) 3 different candidates
• Because of split in South, Lincoln won easily
• Lincoln becoming president showed the South they
  had little power and began to talk about secession
           20.9 Secession
• In the South, state by state started to leave
  the Union after the election of Lincoln

Civil War:
• Charleston, South Carolina - Southerners
  started bombing Fort Sumter and demolished
  the American flag there
• The North was very upset because they fired
  on the flag of their country and wanted to
  defend it
 Chapter 20.6 – 20.9 Questions
• Who was the man that gave a speech in congress about slavery
  being bad?
• How did Preston Brooks take the speech that was given about
  his fellow countrymen?
• What did this act show about the South and the North?
• Who was the slave that applied for freedom and was denied?
• What new political party was formed with the agenda of ending
• Lincoln ran against Douglas for a seat in Congress; who won?
• Who was the man that decided to capture the U.S arsenal and
  give guns to slaves so they could rebel and gain freedom?
• Why was it very easy for Abraham Lincoln to win the Election
  of 1860?
• What did southern states begin to do after Abraham Lincoln
  was voted in as president?
• What did Southerners do at Fort Sumter that got the
  Northerners very upset?

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