A Dividing Nation Chapter_ 9

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					A Dividing Nation Chapter: 9
Was the Civil War
HOT ROC: Choose one question to
respond to.
• If you are involved in a serious argument in which
  something important is at stake, is it better to
  compromise with or confront your opponent?
  Explain your reasoning.
• Read pg 105 and analyze the picture on pg 104.
  What does this event tell you about the “climate” in
  and around the Federal Government before the Civil

• New Vocab: Abolition
 “Events Leading to the Civil War.”
 Sections 9.2, 9.3, 9.4
 • Copy the graphic organizer into your notebook, use a WHOLE page.

            Conflict                  Year      Compromise or Conflict

Missouri Compromise – Missouri       1820    In order to maintain the balance
applied to join the Union as a slave         of power in the Senate, Missouri
state. This would have upset the             was allowed to enter the Union as
balance of power in the Senate               a slave state and the state of
between free and slave states.               Maine was created out of
                                             Massachusetts territory and
                                             admitted as a free state.
• On the side of the timeline labeled
  “Compromise,” place events from the list
  below that you believe reflected a spirit of
  compromise. On the side of the timeline
  labeled “Conflict,” place events that you
  believe showed a spirit of conflict. Be sure to      Conflict        Year Compromise
  include:                                                                   or Conflict
   ▫ the name and date of the event.
   ▫ a short description of the event.
   ▫ a brief explanation of why you believe this
     event showed a spirit of compromise or
• Events
   ▫   Missouri Compromise
   ▫   Compromise of 1850
   ▫   Fugitive Slave Law
   ▫   Uncle Tom’s Cabin
   ▫   Kansas-Nebraska Act
   ▫   Republican Party
   ▫   Dred Scott decision                          Example:
   ▫   John Brown’s raid                            Compromise of 1850 (1850)
   ▫   Secession                                    The Compromise of 1850 was . . .
   ▫   Fort Sumter                                  It showed a spirit of compromise
                                                    because . . .

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