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									Build Your Business with FPL.

Member Benefits
for Vendors.

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Invest in your FIX Infrastructure

l   Protect your FIX investments and ensure FIX remains the de facto
    open standard

l   Win customer confidence as a FIX influencer involved at the
    foundation of the protocol’s evolution

l   Build your product roadmap with a FIX-insider position and shape the
    direction of your bottom line

l   Participate with industry peers on uniquely neutral territory

l   Gain member-only access to FPL’s working groups and committees

l   Lobby and vote for FIX developments

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Enhanced Risk Mitigation for Vendors

l   Develop more efficient solutions

l   Reduce costs

l   Mitigate risk by avoiding non-standard processes that introduce
    additional risk

l   Benefit from shared industry learning for the standardisation of
    operational processes

l   Leverage global industry resources

l   Facilitate transparent industry-benchmarking

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FPL Groups of Vendor Interest

l   FIXIPL Working Group

    l   Providing a benchmark to measure the speed of a trade as it moves
        though different systems at multiple exchanges, trading venues and
        investment banks

l   Risk Management Working Group

    l   Recommended pre-trade and intra-day risk controls

    l   Providing practical guidelines for brokers

    l   Encouraging a standardised, core set of recommended risk management
        controls for electronic equity trades delivered directly to an algorithmic
        trading product, or to a direct to market (DMA) trading destination

                                   Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.                   4
FPL Groups of Vendor Interest (cont.)

l   FPL Germany, Nordic, Russia, China, India, APAC, Singapore, Australia and
    LATAM Working Groups

    l   Addressing key issues, challenges and opportunities in the regions

    l   Supporting the growth of electronic trading practices and FIX adoption

l   High Performance Working Group

    l   Focusing on specific aspects where fit-for-purpose high performance FIX
        transactions can be improved

                                 Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.                  5
Build Your Pipeline at FPL Events

l   Use your membership position to shape FPL conference agendas
    and participate on panel discussions

l   Meet with your existing customers to discuss latest innovation

l   Attract new business

l   Save on your marketing budget with 25% plus sponsor discount at all
    FPL events

l   Complimentary conference passes

l   Preferential booth locations in exhibit halls

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Gain Powerful Voting Rights

l   Receive voting rights for FPL committee elections

l   Receive voting rights for decisions shaping the development of the
    FIX protocol

l   Non members are not eligible to vote

                             Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.             7
Access FPL’s Restricted Member Portal

l   Receive latest specification development updates and insider news
    via FPL’s member-only newsletter and blogs

l   Exclusive access to member-only resources such as FIX Repository,
    FIXimate and FIXwiki

l   Freely access the FIX Protocol specification archive

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A Sampling of FPL Premier Global Vendor Members

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