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									Enhance Exchange Value
with FPL Member Benefits.

           Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.   1
Engage at the Source of FIX Standards

 l   Protect your FIX investments and ensure it remains an open standard

 l   Shape and influence the direction of the FIX suite of standards for
     trading and market data

 l   Win exchange member confidence as a FIX Protocol influencer
     meeting needs for transparency and ultra-low latency

 l   Gain member-only access to FPL’s working groups and committees

 l   Participate with industry peers on uniquely neutral territory; FPL
     members represent the most influential business and technical trading

 l   Lobby rights for new tag fields or support for an asset class

                                Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.              2
Enhanced Risk Mitigation with FIX

l   Leverage de facto industry standard business processes

l   Shift operational focus to gain most value

    l   trading effectiveness

    l   client services

l   Reduce costs

l   Benefit from shared industry learning for the standardisation of
    operational processes

                                Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.        3
FPL Groups of Exchange Interest
l   Trade Data Standardisation Working Group

    l   Addressing standards-related issues regarding European consolidated

l   Global Cross Asset Committee

    l   Shaping the specifications, best-practices and education of the
        Derivatives, Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange committees

l   High Performance Working Group

    l   Focusing on specific aspects where fit-for-purposefulness of FIX for high
        performance financial transactions can be improved.

l   Global Exchanges and Markets Committee

    l   Enabling and promoting the harmonised usage of FIX by exchanges,
        matching and reporting utilities.
                                  Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.                   4
Gain Powerful Voting Rights

l   Influence and align with the financial industry’s standards success

l   Receive voting rights for decisions shaping the development of the

    FIX suite of standards

l   Non members are not eligible to vote

                              Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.             5
Access FPL’s Restricted Member Portal

l   Access exclusive member-only resources such as FIX Repository,
    FIXimate and FIXwiki

l   Receive latest innovation updates such as HF encodings, due in

l   Receive insider standards news via FPL’s member newsletter and

l   Freely access the FIX Protocol specification archive

                              Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.        6
Raise Your Profile at FPL Events

l   Raise your profile with a guest speaker position at well-attended FIX
    conference panel discussions

l   Engage with delegates / exchange members to discuss additional

l   Receive 25% plus sponsor discount at all FPL events

l   Complimentary conference passes

l   Preferential booth locations in exhibit halls

                               Copyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.              7
A Sampling of Exchange / ECN Members
                       Aquis Exchange
               Australian Securities Exchange
                     BATS Chi-X Europe
                       BM&F BOVESPA
                Bolsa de Valores de Colombia
            Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME)
                         BSE Limited
                      Bursatec SA de CV
              Chicago Board Options Exchange
                       Chi-X Global Inc
                         CME Group
                   Deutsche Boerse Group
              Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing
               Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)
           International Securities Exchange (ISE)
                         JSE Limited
           MAE - Mercado Abierto Electronico S.A.
                        NASDAQ OMX
                 Nordic Growth Market (NGM)
                Options Clearing Corporation
                        Oslo Bors ASA
                          Quote MTF
                  Shanghai Stock Exchange
                     Singapore Exchange
               Singapore Mercantile Exchange
                     SIX Swiss Exchange
                   Taiwan Stock Exchange
                The Nigerian Stock Exchange
                    Tokyo Stock Exchange
             TSX Inc. (Toronto Stock Exchange)
                            XetraCopyright (c) FIX Protocol Ltd.   8

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