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					Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes - PCH Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes has
been around for quite some time now. Year after year we see the commercials of them
showing up on the door steps of America giving away large amounts of money. We get
their fliers in the mail saying we could be the next PCH prize winner. A visit from the
prize patrol would be a welcome sight. One might wonder, "What exactly is the Publisher
Clearing House?” Is it run by a group of rich people that are interested in sharing their
wealth with the rest of us? In actuality this organization is a business. While it is true that
they are seen giving away millions of dollars it's not before they have turned a profit. You
see the PCH organization is in the business of magazine subscriptions. The letters they
send out to us as their customers come accompanied with a form for entering for the
grand prize and signing up for magazine subscription offers. This may be a shock that
they are actually making money. The fact of the matter is the Publisher Clearing House
could not function without their sweepstakes. Here's why. Any person who gets a letter
from PCH has money on the mind. "Am I a winner?" is on our mind. So we rip apart the
letter to read all of the contents. While it is true that a mega contest or sweepstakes is
involved we are also reading into their advertisement for magazines. Generally people
accept the offer for a free startup for a magazine. PCH has made their profit. By the end
of the year they give a small cut of their profits to the lucky few. It gets put on TV
somewhere and the process is renewed for the next year. That is why the name of the
company has the words Publisher Clearing. Publisher's can increase their viewer ship
exponentially using the Publisher Clearing House and their sweepstakes. Is it a gimmick?
I guess you could say somewhat they are. However it's a gimmick that has been around
for years and shows no signs of slowing down. So next time you get an offer from PCH
you have a better idea of what is going on. Do you like getting free stuff and winning
sweepstakes in the mail? Here is a great alternative to PCH with lots of giveaways:

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