; Search Engine Marketing 101 - An Intro
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Search Engine Marketing 101 - An Intro


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									Search Engine Marketing 101 - An Intro What you do not know about search engine
marketing could hurt you. You probably know that the industry exits; or maybe not. For
new online entrepreneurs, there is much to be learned. But even experienced Web
marketers might be interested in updating information the Search Marketing. To get your
site on the first pages of Google or Yahoo, it is important to use various SEM techniques.
Search Engine Marketing consists of Pay per click advertising, paid inclusion, and Search
Engine Optimization, or SEO. Pay per click ads may generate business, but more often
than not, you may be paying for casual clicks by curiosity seekers rather than potential
customers. Paid inclusion means you pay the search engine a fee to index your Website
address, guaranteeing your site will be listed but not that you will receive any traffic.
Additionally, Google, does not utilize this feature. SEO is the most commonly used form
of SEM. Key words frequently used to locate your product are identified and
incorporated into the content posted to your Website pages. Newer techniques used in
SEO include such things as long tail strategy, link baiting, posting on social networking
sites such as MySpace and YouTube, contributing content to reference and index sites
like Wikipedia, Digg, and StumbleUpon, etc. Keeping up with the latest strategies for
engine marketing takes time. The best way to be assured you are using the latest and
greatest is to use a professional service designed specifically for what you are after. As
the major search engines update their processes, so will you alter your approach. Primary
information will be provided by Search Engine Marketing services, including the key
words driving traffic to your site and their counts. SEM services also provide information
about alternate techniques used to find your site. Info concerning search engine
marketing, see http://www.HubShout.com/

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