Introduction to Pancreas Cancers by gil.lederman


An article about introduction to pancreas cancers by Dr Gil Lederman.

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									                               Introduction to Pancreas Cancers

Pancreas cancers are a challenging area for the medical profession. They are often diagnosed at
a later stage because of the deep location of the pancreas. Nevertheless, body radiosurgery has
made important strides in the treatment of pancreas cancers. Body radiosurgery allows us to
focus beams of radiation more precisely to the pancreas which helps decrease unnecessary
radiation to surrounding important tissues such as the intestines, liver, spinal cord, and other
sites. Body radiosurgery can be used concurrently with chemotherapy in a fractionated manner.
Body radiosurgery can also be used when standard radiosurgery/chemotherapy has failed to
produce the desired results.

We have data concerning our technology that may be of interest to you which is presented at our
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