Implementing ECM in a mainstream school by Levone


									Implementing ECM in a mainstream school
Mary Wilcox Assistant Principal St Neots Community College

Every Child

Matters Matter

Safe Healthy Achieve (and enjoy) Make a Contribution Positive Positive Contribution Economic well-being

Personal development
• • • • • • • Five outcomes of the ECM agenda Staff consultation on content Teams of experts Personal Development curriculum Conference day format Parental awareness (letters) Introduction of Secondary SEAL

Stay Safe
• • • • • • • • • • Rewards and sanctions reviewed and adapted Student Progress Team Internal Exclusion Room Work with Education Welfare Service Parent Support Advisors Triple P parenting classes CHAT CCTV cameras Personal Development work e.g Urban Sports Cambridgeshire Safeguarding Children board (Online safety) • Fire Brigade visit • Pearson Group ECM Survey

Pearson Group ECM Survey
• • • • • Pilot survey On-line Students and staff Pinpoints child protection issues Pinpoints if students know where to get help

Be Healthy
• • • • • • • • • • Personal development (Alcohol/drugs) KS3 Food tech PE/ Science curriculum Healthy schools initiative U-matter School nurse drop in service Peer mentoring Connexions intensive Secondary Support Extra Curricular activities

Achieve and enjoy
• Specialist groups delivering Personal Development • Student Progress Team focuses on individual/ small groups of students • Targeted group Key Stage 3 • Alternative curriculum Key Stage 4 • Reduced timetable group Key Stage 4 • Level 1, 2 and 3 post 16 courses • Work with Secondary Support Service

Student Progress Team
• Year Leaders and Progress Officers working together • Monitoring academic progress and behaviour • Detailed knowledge of students • Regular contact with families

Make a Positive Contribution
• Citizenship taught as a discreet subject Key Stage 4 • Year 7 OAPs Spring Party • House Charity • Student Voice (regional conference hosts) • Student Council • Assessment for Learning • International links with Sri Lanka

Achieve economic well-being
• Young Enterprise Scheme • Personal Development- Real Game/Be Real Game • Enterprise days with Key Stage 3 • Connexions • Work experience • Extended work experience

What next?
• Continued work developing the curriculum (piloting the new diplomas 2008) • Fence around the site • Further international links • New bike sheds • Regular Mini MAG meetings in St Neots • ?

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