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Building Permits
1. Information required for approval of permit for building construction: a. Site plan showing all existing and proposed structures with dimensions of buildings and distance to lot lines. b. Copy of current survey, lot lines must be clearly marked. c. Drawings of proposed structure including floor plan with dimensions. d. Construction materials to be used for exterior finish and roof. 2. Any individual requesting a deviation from the building restrictions must submit an application for variance. All variances must be approved by the Operations Committee. If no variance is received, it is assumed that all structures on the owners property will be built in compliance with the Hiawatha Club’s building restrictions. It is the owner responsibility to maintain compliance. 3. Joint ownership of the Building Site & Building is permissible with spouse or child, providing said spouse or child has a membership in their name or become a member of the Club, pursuant to the procedure as set forth in the by-laws, previous to assuming full possession of building site & building. Any building which extends beyond designated setbacks or onto an adjoining lot requires the ownership of the affected lot and the building so constructed be vested in the same party or parties. 4. Sanitary disposal: A permit from the Luce-West Mackinac Health Department in Newberry is required for all drain field or well drilling.

Site Plan
5. Size restrictions for dwellings: Minimum square feet, first floor, including covered porches but excluding attached garages: 768 feet (24'x 32').

6. Size restrictions for outbuildings: None to exceed 832 square feet (26'x32’); not more than one outbuilding, excluding boathouses or boat shelters; boathouses or shelter require special permit. Portable sheds, gazebos, ground mounted satellite dishes and fences are considered outbuilding and require a building permit. Portable sheds shall not exceed 96 square feet (8’ x 12’). 7. Minimum setbacks for all structures: Frontage (water side for first tier lots or the road for second tier lots) 25 feet from front lot line but not less than 10 feet from high water line within the lot due to erosion. Approved exceptions are specifically permitted where this setback would preclude a view of the water on which the building site fronts. Rear line (including garage, outbuildings or other adjacent structures) - 20 feet. Side lines - 10 feet each side. 8. Site: Must conform or be compatible with surrounding area.

Construction Codes
9. Construction: Roofing must be Class C or better (no roll roofing, with a 4/12 roof pitch; electrical and plumbing must comply with State Code. Chimney must be Class B or better, and comply with State Codes; heating apparatus must have UL label; all fireplaces must have spark arresters and a hearth with a fireproof foundation. 10. Mobile homes and pole barns are prohibited. All enclosed areas must be set on a concrete foundation. All modular homes must be constructed to B.O.C.A. standards (Building Officials and Code Administrators). 11. Construction must begin within 90 days of issuance of permit. Contractor must notify Club office on starting date. 12. Completion: Exterior of building must be completed within one calendar year from beginning of construction; clean up of "contractor's rubbish" must be completed within 30 days of completion of exterior; repair of site must be completed within one year of completion of exterior.


Hiawatha Sportsman's Club Application and Permit for Building
Name of Applicant________________________________ Date __________________________ Address________________________________________________________________________ Building Site, Subdivision________________________________Lot (s) No. ________________ Proposed Structure _____________General Contractor________________________________
(House, Garage, Shed, Fence, Etc.)

Size of Building; Dimensions______ by _____; Area _______Square Feet; Height ______stories Materials; Framing _____________________; Exterior Finish ___________; Roof____________
(wood, block, log) (vinyl, log, brick) (shingle, wood)

Building Location, Labeled ‘B’ on layout
Setback from front lot line ______feet Setback from rear lot line ______feet Set-in from left lot line ______feet

Front Line

Set-in from right lot line ______feet

Septic tank, Labeled ‘T’ on layout Septic field, Labeled ‘F’ on layout
Capacity Drain field _____________gallons ______________feet
Left Right

County permit, date_____________

Water well, labeled ‘W’ on layout
On this lot, yes or no __________ If not, name source __________ Rear Line

Construction dates, Start _________
Completion _________

Have you read the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club Building Restrictions (circle one) Yes No Does your application meet the requirements of the current building restrictions of the Hiawatha Sportsman's Club? Yes No (circle one) If “no” has been circled you must submit an application for building restriction variance. Signature of Applicant__________________________________ Date _____________________
The applicant hereon is approved for the construction, subject to the Clubs ‘ BUILDING RESTRICTIONS’.

Manager _____________________________________________ Date _____________________

Hiawatha Sportsman's Club Application for Building Restrictions Variance
Name of Applicant________________________________________ Date __________________ Address________________________________________________________________________ Building Site, Subdivision_______________________________ Lot (s) No. ________________ What building restriction are you requesting a variance from: __________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Describe the requested variance and why it is necessary: _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ What other options have you explored: _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________

Signature of Applicant: ____________________ Date _____________________

President: _______________________________ Date _____________________ Vice President: ___________________________ Date _____________________ Secretary: _______________________________ Date _____________________ Treasurer: _______________________________ Date _____________________
The applicant hereon is approved for the construction of a non-conforming structure with the approved variances described above unless noted hereafter. _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________