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Saturday April 26th 2003 Dear Member Amendment to Covenants to allow Sheds The Board of Hazel wood Farms Homeowners Association are pleased to announce that the ballot to amend the covenants of the Homeowners Association to allow Members to construct sheds in their back yards showed that an overwhelming majority of Members (48 for - 12 against) were in favor of changing the covenants. Article VII Section 1 (d) of the Covenants will therefore be changed as described in the attached document. You will see that this document requires Members to submit shed plans and proposals to the Board 2 weeks before a scheduled Board meeting. However since the next Board Meeting is to be held at Cranberry Township Town hall on May I 4th and this is the first opportunity to submit proposals the Board will accept proposals at any time up to and during the May 14th meeting and will under take to respond to all proposals within two weeks after the meeting i.e. by May 28th. The Board would also like to respectfully remind Members that they believe that following the Requirements of the Homeowners Association as listed in the Amendment is critical to maintaining appearance standards within the Hazelwood Farms Development and they will therefore only grant approval to those proposals which conform to the requirements. Additionally, so that this amendment to the Covenants is applied equally to all residents of Hazelwood Farms the Board would like those of you who already have a shed to apply for and get a Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association Approval Notice for it. We thank you again for your participation and support in this and all other Homeowners Association matters.

YOUR BOARD Carleen Burns, Robin Ferguson Steve Knight, Jim Leroy, Mike Pechalk.

Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association
Amendment to Covenants
Article VII Section 1(d) shall be amended to allow one shed including those which may already exist, or which have been, or are to be, attached to the dwelling house, to be erected on each Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association Member's property. Definition Sheds are defined as small structures, placed in the yard for the purpose of storing garden and lawn care equipment and other general household items. They shall be built in accordance with the Cranberry Township building codes and shall conform to the additional Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association requirements contained herein. Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association Requirements. (a) Before any shed is erected the homeowner must obtain a Cranberry Township Building Permit and a Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association Approval Notice. (b) The shed shall be located in the back yard no nearer to the front of the lot than the back wall of the dwelling house and at least 10 feet from any shared property line including a property line with common land. (c) The base of the shed shall have an area of no more than 100 square feet. External wall measurements of 8' x 6', 8' x 8', 8' x 12', 10' x 10' are considered typical. (d) The height of the shed, measured to the structures highest point above grade, shall be no more than 10 feet. (e) The exterior of Sheds shall be clad with siding of a type and color which matches the primary color of the dwelling house Similarly the roof shall be covered with asphalt shingles similar to those on the roof of the dwelling house. Metal sheds are not permitted. (t) Sheds shall not be used to house common pets, livestock, or any exotic animals. (g) All sheds must be maintained by the homeowner and kept in good condition. Sheds that are not maintained or are deteriorating will be required to be repaired or removed by the homeowner. If the owner fails to maintain the shed, the Homeowners Association, after the approval of two thirds of the Board of Directors, shall have the right, after 15 days written notice to the homeowner, to repair or if necessary remove the shed. The cost of any such repairs or removal will be assessed to the homeowner and payable accordingly. NO EXCEPTIONS OR VARIANCES WILL BE ALLOWED OR GRANTED TO THE REQUIREMENTS LISTED ABOVE. Hazelwood Farms Homeowners Association Approval Process All shed plans and proposals shall be submitted to the Homeowners Association Board of Directors at least 2 weeks prior to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. A copy of the shed building plan and a plot location diagram should be provided. The Board will review and approve, disapprove, or request modifications to a proposal at the next scheduled meeting. Failure to comply with this Amendment

Failure to comply with this amendment shall be treated as a violation of the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Hazelwood Farms and the requirements of this amendment are therefore enforceable under Article VI A. Section 1 of the Covenants.