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					Dyson DC25 Animal - Review The Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum is Dyson's headline -
top of the range vacuum. Dyson are currently running a high profile advertising campaign
so its likely that you will have seen this model on the television. This Dyson DC25
Animal review will attempt to cut through the hype surrounding the adverts and help you
decide whether it is the right vacuum for you. The DC25 review will cover the main area
which could affect your buying decision - its main selling point - "the ball". The Dyson
Ball The main selling point of the Dyson ball vacuum range is the fact that the ball allows
much better maneuverability than traditional vacuums. There are videos on Youtube that
show how easy the Dyson DC25 Animal is to maneuver. One video shows a child doing
the vacuuming with ease. The DC25 is lighter than nearly all dyson's other vacuums in
the animal range (with the exception the dc25's little brother, the dc24 which is also a ball
vacuum). This reduced weight also adds to the maneuverability. If you have your heart
set on a Dyson vacuum and want it to be an upright but do not have any specific
requirements, its worth taking a look at the bottom of the range Dyson first - the Dyson
DC07. The Dc07 does not have all the fancy features of pricier models in the dyson range
but is just as powerful. The Dyson DC25 animal vacuum it more suitable to people who:
A) Have hairy pets such as cats or dogs
B) Have asthma or allergies (British allergy foundation approved)
C) Have problems maneuvering heavy vacuums. If you fit one of more of the above then
    the dc25 could be suitable for you. See full features, specifications and customer
    reviews of the Dyson DC25 Animal plus our full in depth DC25 Animal Review at

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