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Patent Office Removes Critical Leader v. Facebook FOIA Disclosure Items, Americans For Innovation, Aug. 15, 2013


(Aug. 15, 2013)—The U.S. Patent Office continues to dig its Leader v. Facebook ethics hole deeper. On Aug. 7 the Patent Office responded to a Jul. 9, 2013 FOIA request. For starters, the Deputy FOIA Officer, Kathryn W. Siehndel, still does not disclose her prior employment by Facebook’s attorney, White & Case LLP. Now, she refuses to provide any biographical or financial information about herself, Director David R. Kappos or any of the Leader v. Facebook patent judges. Tellingly, Siehndel provides no required public disclosure information about Judge Stephen C. Siu, the judge assigned by Director David Kappos to oversee the 3rd Leader Technologies politically-motivated patent reexam. She uses HIPAA healthcare information protection statutes as her justification for withholding mandated judicial financial and background disclosures. The request did not ask for healthcare information, and more than 70% of the information identified was withheld.

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