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									                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013


This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
April 1 and June 30, 2013. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association in
conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

           Name               City          Stage         Amount                 Investors                    Business

                                                                      Accuitive Medical Ventures, Bay
                                                                      City Capital, Covidien Ventures,
                                                                      Johnson & Johnson
                                                                      Development, MPM Capital,
                                                                      New Enterprise Associates,
                                                                      Novo A/S, Three Arch Partners,
Nevro                    Menlo Park     Expansion         $48,000,200 undisclosed firm                 Pain treatment solutions

Coherus Biosciences      Redwood City   Early Stage       $46,271,000 Helix Ventures                   Biotechnology company

                                                                      5AM Venture Management,
                                                                      Clarus Ventures, New Leaf        Therapies for the
                                                                      Venture Partners, Vatera         treatment of respiratory
Pearl Therapeutics       Redwood City   Early Stage       $41,726,900 Healthcare Partners              diseases

                                                                      Bio*One Capital Pte., Delphi
                                                                      Ventures, Essex Woodlands
                                                                      Health Ventures, Novaquest
                                                                      Infosystems, PAC-LINK
                                                                      Management, Palo Alto
                                                                      Investors, Shepherd Ventures,
                                                                      Technology Partners,            Biopharmaceutical
Revance Therapeutics     Newark         Later Stage       $37,000,000 undisclosed firm, Vivo Ventures products

                                                                      Johnson & Johnson
                                                                      Development, MedVenture
                                                                      Associates, Morgenthaler         Glucose monitoring
OptiScan Biomedical      Hayward        Later Stage       $30,734,000 Ventures, Wexford Capital        systems

                                                                      H & Q Healthcare Investors,
                                                                      New Leaf Venture Partners,
                                                                      Panorama Capital, SV Life     Medical devices for
                                                                      Sciences Advisers, US Venture treating congestive
CardioKinetix            Menlo Park     Later Stage       $23,442,000 Partners, undisclosed firm    heart failure

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                           Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                      Abingworth Management,
                                                                      Advanced Technology
                                                                      Ventures, Correlation Ventures,
                                                                      HBM Healthcare Investments      Medical devices for
Gynesonics             Redwood City    Later Stage        $22,163,200 AG, InterWest Partners          uterine fibroids

                                                                      Kleiner Perkins Caufield &
                                                                      Byers, Medtronic, Norwest     Treatment solutions for
                                                                      Venture Partners, PTV         ear, nose and throat
Intersect ENT          Menlo Park      Later Stage        $20,861,100 Sciences, US Venture Partners patients

                                                                      5AM Venture Management,
                                                                      ARCH Venture Partners, Alta
                                                                      Partners, Domain Associates,    Therapeutic solutions
                       South San                                      Frazier Healthcare, Venrock,    designed to address
Achaogen               Francisco       Later Stage        $18,905,900 Versant Ventures,               infectious diseases

                                                                      Kaiser Permanente Ventures,
                                                                      New Leaf Venture Partners,
                                                                      Norwest Venture Partners,       Markets diagnostic
Irhythm Technologies   San Francisco   Expansion          $16,000,100 Synergy Life Science Partners   monitoring solutions

                                                                      Oak Investment Partners,
Aurora Algae           Hayward         Expansion          $16,000,000 undisclosed firm                Algae-based products

                                                                      5AM Venture Management,
                                                                      Astellas Venture Management,
                                                                      Clarus Ventures, New
                                                                      Enterprise Associates, OrbiMed
                                                                      Advisors, Osage Partners, US Biopharmaceutical
Cleave Biosciences     Burlingame      Early Stage        $15,476,000 Venture Partners               company

                                                                      Clarus Ventures, undisclosed    Pharmaceutical
SFJ Pharmaceuticals    Pleasanton      Expansion          $13,000,000 firm                            company

                                                                      Advent Venture Partners,
                                                                      Aisling Capital, Index Ventures,
Versartis              Redwood City    Early Stage        $12,588,000 New Leaf Venture Partners        Biotechnology company

                                                                      Aeris Capital AG, venBio        Nucleic acid
Solstice Biologics     San Francisco   Startup/Seed        $7,500,000 Partners                        therapeutics

                                                                                                      Atherectomy solution
                                                                      Canaan Partners, US Venture     for peripheral arterial
AtheroMed              Menlo Park      Early Stage         $5,958,000 Partners, undisclosed firm      disease

                                                                      Abingworth Management, Alloy
                                                                      Ventures, Cross Atlantic
                                                                      Partners, Delphi Ventures, GE
                                                                      Capital, H & Q Healthcare       Biotechnology tools
Labcyte                Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $5,284,300 Investors, undisclosed firm     company

                                                                      Kleiner Perkins Caufield &      Technology to treat
ApniCure               Redwood City    Early Stage         $5,099,000 Byers, US Venture Partners      sleep apnea

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                          Burrill & Co., Essex Woodlands
                                                                          Health Ventures, HealthCare
                                                                          Ventures, Johnson & Johnson
                                                                          Development, Morgenthaler
                           South San                                      Ventures, Novartis Venture     Engineers therapeutic
Catalyst Biosciences       Francisco       Later Stage         $5,072,000 Funds                          protease products

                                                                          Domain Associates, Pappas        biopharmaceutical
Afferent Pharmaceuticals   San Mateo       Early Stage         $5,000,000 Ventures                         company

                                                                                                           Therapies to reverse
                                                                          Domain Associates,               protein energy wasting
Pinta Biotherapeutics*     Brisbane        Startup/Seed        $4,294,000 undisclosed firm                 in renal disease

                                                                          Correlation Ventures,            Medical devices to treat
Nasoform*                  Redwood City    Startup/Seed        $4,000,000 undisclosed firm                 nasal obstruction

Dermira                    Redwood City    Early Stage         $3,958,000 Canaan Partners                  company

Entourage Medical                                                         Highland Capital Partners,
Technologies               Menlo Park      Startup/Seed        $3,251,000 Sofinnova Partners SAS           Life science company

                                                                          ARCH Venture Partners, Kleiner Alternatives for fuels
Siluria Technologies       San Francisco   Expansion           $3,050,000 Perkins Caufield & Byers       and chemicals

                                                                                                           Cardiac medical device
Vytronus                   Sunnyvale       Expansion           $2,805,000 New Enterprise Associates        developer

                                                                          Burrill & Co., HBM Healthcare
                                                                          Investments AG, undisclosed      Drug discovery
Odyssey Thera              San Ramon       Later Stage         $2,799,900 firm                             company

                                                                          ARCH Venture Partners,           Biopharmaceutical
Sorbent Therapeutics       Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $2,533,000 Sofinnova Ventures               company

ALDEA Pharmaceuticals      Redwood City    Early Stage         $2,000,000 Canaan Partners                  company

                                                                                                           Therapies to combat
                                                                          Domain Associates,               cachexia in cancer
Nina Biotherapeutics*      Menlo Park      Startup/Seed        $1,005,000 undisclosed firm                 patients

                           South San                                                                       Developing a new
Spitfire Pharma*           Francisco       Startup/Seed         $500,000 CMEA Capital                      peptide drug candidate

                                                                                                           Technology for non-
                                                                         TriStar Technology Ventures,      invasive monitoring of
Cerebrotech Medical Systems Pleasanton     Early Stage          $192,000 undisclosed firm                  patients

                                                                                                           Urological medical
Calcula Technologies       San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $100,000 Undisclosed firm                  device

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                          Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

             Name          City           Stage         Amount                  Investors            Business

                                                                    August Capital, Morgenthaler
                                                                    Ventures, ONSET Ventures,
                                                                    QuestMark Partners, Thayer       Loyalty programs to
Adara Media           Mountain View Later Stage         $20,000,000 Ventures                         customers online

                                                                    Accel Partners & Co,
                                                                    Benchmark Capital, Crosslink
                                                                    Capital, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                    International, Duff Ackerman &
                                                                    Goodrich, Fidelity Ventures,
                                                                    Meritech Capital Partners,
                                                                    Omidyar Network, Sequoia
                                                                    Capital Vi, TomorrowVentures,
                                                                    undisclosed firm, Volition       Peer-to-peer lending
Prosper Marketplace   San Francisco   Expansion         $19,999,600 Capital                          marketplace

                                                                                                      Prepaid card solutions
                                                                                                     for merchants and
Marqeta               Emeryville      Expansion         $15,824,000 Granite Ventures                 consumers

                                                                    Kleiner Perkins Caufield &       Cross-screen mobile
                                                                    Byers, Northgate Capital,        advertisement targeting
Drawbridge            San Mateo       Early Stage       $14,000,100 Sequoia Capital Vi               company

                                                                    Auriga Partners SA, Toba
Codenvy*              San Francisco   Early Stage        $9,000,000 Capital, undisclosed firm        Cloud-based solutions

                                                                    Norwest Venture Partners,
                                                                    Redpoint Ventures, Shasta        Online marketing
Extole                San Francisco   Expansion          $7,600,000 Ventures, Trident Capital        company

                                                                    Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                    International, Mail Ru Group,
                                                                    Menlo Ventures, TMT              Distributes advertisers'
                                                                    Investments, Thomvest            videos through a
Virool                San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,620,000 Ventures, undisclosed firms      network of publishers

Pumpkinhead           San Francisco   Early Stage        $5,675,000 True Ventures, undisclosed firm Online identity website

                                                                    Peninsula Ventures, Thomvest      On-demand data
Axcient               Mountain View Expansion            $5,650,000 Ventures                         protection services

                                                                    Ata Ventures, SK Telecom         Push technology
Ucirrus               San Mateo       Expansion          $5,500,000 Ventures                         software

                                                                    First Round Capital, Intel       Social online store and
Storenvy              San Francisco   Expansion          $5,000,100 Capital, Spark Capital           shopping community

                                                                    Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                    International, US Venture         Text message alerts
4INFO                 San Mateo       Later Stage        $4,288,000 Partners, undisclosed firm       and information

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                                                              Business process
Servio                      San Francisco   Expansion           $4,256,000 DFJ Frontier, undisclosed firm    outsourcing services

                                                                           Undisclosed firm, WI Harper       Big Data professional
Think Big Analytics*        Mountain View Early Stage           $3,000,000 Group                             service company

                                                                                                             Cash transaction
PayNearMe                   Sunnyvale       Expansion           $2,100,000 Maveron, True Ventures            network

                                                                           Institutional Venture Partners,   Web-based financial
Personal Capital            Redwood City    Expansion           $2,025,000 Venrock,                          management tools

                                                                           Citrix Systems, Nexus Venture
Armor5*                     Santa Clara     Early Stage         $2,000,100 Partners, Trinity Ventures        Cloud service provider

                                                                           Correlation Ventures,
Good Eggs*                  San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,000,000 undisclosed firm                  Local food marketplace

Fanplayr*                   Palo Alto       Early Stage         $2,000,000 Denali Capital Managers Pty       Offer platform

                                                                           Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,       Native format to
                                                                           Google Ventures, Trinity          monetize mobile
Namo Media*                 San Francisco   Startup/Seed        $1,875,000 Ventures, undisclosed firms       applications

                                                                           Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                           International, Siemer Ventures,   Purchase and sale of
Kout                        San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,600,000 undisclosed firms                 online services

                                                                           CyberAgent Ventures,               Web-based social
Mieple*                     San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,400,100 undisclosed firms                 networking service

                                                                           500 Startups, Double M
                                                                           Partners, Freestyle Capital,   Builds tools to help
                                                                           Quest Venture Partners,        businesses advertise
AdStage*                    San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,400,000 undisclosed firms, XG Ventures online

                                                                                                              Real-time continuous
                                                                           Atlas Venture Advisors,           data analytics for Big
Hstreaming*                 San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,000,000 undisclosed firm                  Data

                                                                           General Catalyst Partners,
                                                                           PivotNorth Capital, Redpoint      Delivery services
                                                                           Ventures, Trinity Ventures,       through online orders of
Deliv*                      Palo Alto       Early Stage         $1,000,000 undisclosed firm                  customers

                                                                                                             Universal self-service
                                                                                                             mobile advertising
Adinch*                     San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,000,000 TMT Investments                   platform

                                                                          Learn Capital Venture Partners,
                                                                          NewSchools Venture Fund,        Technology consulting
BrightBytes*                San Francisco   Early Stage          $750,000 undisclosed firm                company

                                                                                                              Retirement income
ARIA Retirement Solutions   San Francisco   Expansion            $650,000 Polaris Partners                   solutions

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                         Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                  Mohr Davidow Ventures, True
                                                                  Ventures, undisclosed firm,      Selects thumbnails that
Neon Labs*          Moffett Field   Early Stage          $624,900 X/Seed Capital Management        people want to click

                                                                  500 Startups, Idealab,
                                                                  undisclosed firm,                 Software tools for
LUXr*               San Francisco   Early Stage          $600,000 VegasTechFund                    entrepreneurs

                                                                  Band of Angels Fund, Keiretsu    Software as a Service
Perkville*          San Francisco   Early Stage          $500,000 Forum                            loyalty programs

                                                                  Crosslink Capital, First Round   Mobile application
                                                                  Capital, InterWest Partners,     analytics and a data-
                                                                  Menlo Ventures, undisclosed      powered advertising
Flurry              San Francisco   Later Stage          $255,000 firm                             platform

                                                                                                   Crowd funding platform
                                                                                                   for real estate
Realty Mogul*       San Francisco   Early Stage           $50,000 VoiVoda Ventures                 investments

Fanitics*           San Francisco   Early Stage           $25,000 Fortify Ventures                 Political data company
             Name         City          Stage         Amount                 Investors             Business

                                                                  Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,
                                                                  Bessemer Venture Partners,       Vision board-styled
                                                                  FirstMark Capital, undisclosed   social photo sharing
Pinterest           San Francisco   Expansion        $200,000,000 firm                             website

Nest Labs           Palo Alto       Early Stage       $80,000,000 Google Ventures, Venrock,        thermostats

                                                                  Comcast Ventures, GGV
                                                                  Capital, Kleiner Perkins Caufield
                                                                  & Byers, New Enterprise           Online platform for
                                                                  Associates, Sequoia Capital Vi, home remodeling and
Houzz               Palo Alto       Expansion         $34,999,800 undisclosed firm                  design

                                                                  Foundation Capital, Goldman
                                                                  Sachs & Co, Ignition, Norwest
                                                                  Venture Partners, undisclosed    Online investment
Motif Investing     San Mateo       Early Stage       $25,000,100 firm                             broker

                                                                  Benchmark Capital, Bezos
                                                                  Expeditions, Google Ventures,
                                                                  Greylock Partners, Shasta        Private social network        San Francisco   Expansion         $21,600,000 Ventures                         for the neighborhood

                                                                                                   Online auto repair and
Repairpal           San Francisco   Expansion         $13,000,000 Undisclosed firms                maintenance site

                                                                  Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                  New Enterprise Associates,
                                                                  Thrive Capital Partners,         Commercial real estate
42Floors            San Francisco   Early Stage       $12,300,000 undisclosed firm                 search tool

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                         Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                    New Enterprise Associates,
Bitglass*            Palo Alto       Startup/Seed       $10,020,000 Norwest Venture Partners         Products and services

                                                                    Blumberg International Partners, Online car insurance
CoverHound           San Francisco   Early Stage         $8,181,000 Bullpen Capital, Rre Ventures    services

                                                                    Benchmark Capital, Saints       Online specialty retailer              Emeryville      Later Stage         $6,250,000 Ventures                        of wall art

                                                                    Floodgate Fund, Greylock        Office space share
                                                                    Partners, Shasta Ventures,      program that brings
Liquidspace          Palo Alto       Early Stage         $6,000,000 undisclosed firm                shared office spaces

                                                                    Baseline Ventures, Lightspeed
                                                                    Venture Partners, Western
Stitch Fix*          San Francisco   Early Stage         $4,749,900 Technology Investment           Personal styling service

                                                                    Founder Collective, Kapor
                                                                    Capital, New Enterprise
                                                                    Associates, TriplePoint Capital,
                                                                    US Venture Partners,
                                                                    undisclosed firm, The Vertical   Online health
Omada Health         San Francisco   Early Stage         $4,699,800 Group                            management tools

SoundHawk*           Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        $4,646,000 True Ventures, undisclosed firm Products and services

                                                                                                   Content sharing portal
                                                                    Rethink Education, undisclosed for the educational
Pathbrite            San Francisco   Early Stage         $4,000,000 firms                          sector

                                                                    500 Startups, Amplify.LA,
                                                                    Crosscut Ventures I, Siemer     E-commerce platform to
Club W               San Francisco   Early Stage         $3,626,700 Ventures, undisclosed firms     deliver wine

                                                                    O'Reilly Alphatech Ventures,    Professional and social
Maker Media*         Sebastopol      Later Stage         $3,050,000 undisclosed firm                media

                                                                                                     Social recipe network
Foodily              San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,720,000 Index Ventures                  operator

                                                                    Crosslink Capital, Google
                                                                    Ventures, New Enterprise
                                                                    Associates, Sierra Ventures,    Bid on developers who
Developer Auction*   San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,700,000 Softtech VC, undisclosed firm   are looking for work

                                                                                                    Fashion commerce
Ruby Ribbon          Burlingame      Early Stage         $2,054,000 Trinity Ventures                company

                                                                                                    Education solution for
                                                                                                    the military-to-civilian
Fidelis College      San Francisco   Startup/Seed        $1,750,000 Novak Biddle Venture Partners   career transition

                                                                    Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,
                                                                    First Round Capital, Resolute
Allihub              San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,700,000 VC, undisclosed firm            Cleaning service

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

High Fidelity*            Palo Alto       Startup/Seed        $1,550,000 True Ventures, undisclosed firm Products and services

Trely's*                  San Francisco   Startup/Seed        $1,250,000 ARCH Venture Partners             Products and services

                                                                                                            Online service which
                                                                                                           helps connect college
InternMatch               San Francisco   Expansion           $1,200,000 Undisclosed firm                  students with employers

                                                                         500 Startups, Great Oaks
                                                                         Venture Capital, undisclosed      Rapidly growing
Daily Muse*               Mountain View Early Stage           $1,200,000 firm                              community of women

Red Tricycle              Sausalito       Expansion           $1,143,000 Maveron                           Digital-media company

                                                                        Mohr Davidow Ventures,
Weyenot*                  Menlo Park      Early Stage          $850,000 undisclosed firm                   Mobile application

                                                                        500 Startups, Fortify Ventures,
                                                                        LX Ventures, NextGen Capital,
                                                                        Quotidian Ventures, undisclosed Community platform for*             Mountain View Early Stage            $750,400 firms, Voodoo Ventures          startups

                                                                                                           Online marketplace for
theBench                  Palo Alto       Early Stage          $500,000 O'Reilly Alphatech Ventures        science experiments

                                                                                                            Online outdoor trail
AllTrails                 San Francisco   Early Stage          $250,000 CampVentures                       information services
               Name            City           Stage          Amount                  Investors             Business

                                                                         Bessemer Venture Partners,         Platforms for mobile
                                                                         New Venture Partners,             network capacity and
Vasona Networks           Santa Clara     Early Stage        $12,000,000 undisclosed firm                  resource management

                                                                         Altos Ventures, New Atlantic       Internet television
Tvu Networks              Mountain View Later Stage           $3,951,000 Ventures, Softbank                services

                                                                                                            Network virtualization
Pluribus Networks         Palo Alto       Early Stage         $3,500,000 CBC Capital                       solutions

                                                                         Digifonica International, Intel   Solves mobile
Nexmo*                    Palo Alto       Early Stage         $3,000,000 Capital, undisclosed firm         messaging globally

                                                                         Cipio Partners GmbH, Core         Gigabit wireless
Bridgewave Communications Santa Clara     Later Stage         $2,932,000 Capital Partners                  connectivity solutions

                                                                        Alchemist Accelerator, Atlas
                                                                        Venture Advisors, Bessemer
                                                                        Venture Partners, Great Oaks       Online platform for
                                                                        Venture Capital, undisclosed       social discovery and*              San Francisco   Startup/Seed         $750,000 firms                              Paid Services            Livermore       Early Stage          $500,000 Western Technology Investment Social dating network

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                                Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

ConteXtream                 Palo Alto       Expansion            $217,000 Sofinnova Ventures                Software company
             Name                City           Stage          Amount                 Investors             Business

                                                                           Riverwood Capital Group,         Data-as-a-service and
                                                                           undisclosed firm, VantagePoint   marine robotics
Liquid Robotics             Sunnyvale       Expansion          $45,000,000 Capital Partners                 company

                                                                           Advanced Technology              Solar cells and
Solar Junction              San Jose        Expansion           $8,116,000 Ventures, undisclosed firm       receivers

Precursor Energetics        Santa Clara     Early Stage         $6,500,000 Undisclosed firm                 Stealth materials

                                                                           Total Energy Ventures
                                                                           International SAS, undisclosed   Energy storage
LightSail Energy            Berkeley        Early Stage         $5,500,000 firm                             technology

                                                                                                            Renewable energy
Pasteurization Technology                                                                                   through wastewater
Group                       San Leandro     Expansion           $5,000,000 EIC Ventures, undisclosed firm   disinfection process

                                                                           CMEA Capital, CalCEF Angel
                                                                           Fund, Mayfield Fund, Nth         Thin-film photovoltaic
Reel Solar                  San Jose        Startup/Seed        $4,000,500 Power, Pangaea Ventures          technology

                                                                           Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                           International, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                           Caufield & Byers, undisclosed     Lighting control
Enlighted                   Sunnyvale       Expansion           $2,165,000 firm                             systems

                                                                                                             Atmosphere and supply
                                                                           Chrysalix Energy, Foundation     chain management
Purfresh                    Menlo Park      Later Stage         $1,200,000 Capital                          technologies

                                                                           Band of Angels Fund,             A microfluidics-based
OndaVia                     Hayward         Early Stage         $1,000,000 undisclosed firm                 water-testing instrument

                                                                                                            Active safety systems
                                                                          Band of Angels Fund,              with vehicle to vehicle
Peloton Technology*         Palo Alto       Early Stage          $900,000 undisclosed firm                  communications

                                                                                                             Energy analysis
Gridium                     Menlo Park      Early Stage          $750,000 Navitas Capital                   solutions

                                                                                                             Crowd funding services
SunFunder*                  San Francisco   Early Stage            $20,000 Hub Ventures                     to finance solar projects
             Name                City           Stage          Amount                 Investors             Business

                                                                           GGV Capital, Intel Capital,
                                                                           InterWest Partners, Nokia
                                                                           Growth Partners, OnPoint
                                                                           Technologies, Rockport Capital Mobile camera
Invisage Technologies       Menlo Park      Expansion          $27,500,000 Partners                       technology

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                           Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                      CalCEF Angel Fund, Claremont
                                                                      Creek Ventures, TPG Growth, Waste heat recovery
Alphabet Energy        Hayward         Early Stage        $16,000,000 undisclosed firm             technology

                                                                                                      Analog and RF
                                                                      Foundation Capital, undisclosed semiconductor in ASIC,
ACCO Semiconductor     Sunnyvale       Later Stage        $12,192,000 firm                            ASSP and IP markets

                                                                      DoCoMo Capital, Granite
                                                                      Ventures, InterWest Partners,      Semiconductor
Quantance              San Mateo       Later Stage        $12,000,000 undisclosed firm                   company

                                                                                                          Semiconductor logic
                                                                                                         non-volatile memory
Kilopass Technology    Santa Clara     Later Stage         $8,000,000 Undisclosed firm                   intellectual property

                                                                                                         LED-based retrofit kits
Xeralux                Sunnyvale       Early Stage         $7,000,000 Mohr Davidow Ventures              and luminaires

                                                                                                          Video and geometry
Geo Semiconductor      Santa Clara     Expansion           $5,655,000 Undisclosed firm                   processing solutions

                                                                      Morgenthaler Ventures, Sequoia
R2 Semiconductor       Sunnyvale       Startup/Seed        $5,000,000 Capital Vi                     Semiconductor chips

                                                                                                         Semiconductor memory
Avalanche Technology   Fremont         Early Stage         $5,000,000 Rogers Ventures                    technologies
            Name            City           Stage           Amount                 Investors              Business

                                                                      Allen & Company, Benchmark
                                                                      Capital, Insight Venture
                                                                      Partners, Lehman Brothers
                                                                      Venture Partners, Passport
                                                                      Capital, T. Rowe Price
                                                                      Threshold Partnerships, Trinity    Application performance
New Relic              San Francisco   Expansion          $60,000,000 Ventures, undisclosed firm         management solutions

                                                                      Greylock Partners, Institutional
                                                                      Venture Partners, Kleiner
                                                                      Perkins Caufield & Byers,          Application performance
AppDynamics            San Francisco   Expansion          $49,999,900 Lightspeed Venture Partners        management software

                                                                      Bay Partners, Hummer Winblad
                                                                      Venture Partners, Lightspeed
                                                                      Venture Partners, Morgenthaler
                                                                      Ventures, New Enterprise
                                                                      Associates, SAP Ventures,      Integration platform for
MuleSoft               San Francisco   Later Stage        $37,000,000 undisclosed firm               cloud and enterprise

                                                                      Investor Growth Capital, JMI       Website security
Whitehat Security      Santa Clara     Later Stage        $31,000,000 Equity                             solutions

                                                                      Benchmark Capital, Duff
                                                                      Ackerman & Goodrich, Google
                                                                      Ventures, Maverick Capital, Oak Personal healthcare
One Medical Group      San Francisco   Later Stage        $30,000,000 Investment Partners             services

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                        Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                  Lightspeed Venture Partners,
                                                                  Mayfield Fund, New Enterprise
MapR Technologies   San Jose        Expansion         $30,000,000 Associates, Redpoint Ventures      Data analytics company

                                                                  Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                  International, General Atlantic,
                                                                  Scale Venture Partners, US         Content sharing
Box Net             Los Altos       Later Stage       $25,000,000 Venture Partners                   platform developer

                                                                  Four Rivers Partners, Javelin
                                                                  Venture Partners, Menlo
                                                                  Ventures, Presidio Ventures,
                                                                  Razor's Edge Management,
                                                                  Sierra Ventures, Translink
                                                                  Capital Partners I, UMC Capital, Software-defined
Nexenta Systems     Santa Clara     Later Stage       $20,139,300 WestSummit Capital               storage solutions

                                                                  Duff Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                  Greylock Partners, Index
                                                                  Ventures, Social+Capital           Software-based
Wealthfront         Palo Alto       Expansion         $20,000,000 Partnership, undisclosed firm      financial advisor

                                                                  Jafco Ventures, Lightspeed
                                                                  Venture Partners, Norwest          Cloud networking
Pertino             Los Gatos       Early Stage       $20,000,000 Venture Partners                   software company

                                                                  SK Telecom Ventures, Sequoia
                                                                  Capital Vi, Translink Capital Applications for the
Chartboost          San Francisco   Early Stage       $19,000,000 Partners I                    iphone platform

                                                                  Benchmark Capital, Harrison
                                                                  Metal Capital, New Enterprise       An analytics platform
                                                                  Associates, Novel TMT              for brick and mortar
Euclid              Palo Alto       Expansion         $17,300,000 Ventures                           retailers

                                                                  Cue Ball Group, The, Greycroft
                                                                  Partners, US Venture Partners,
                                                                  undisclosed firm, ff Venture    Real-time engagement
Livefyre            San Francisco   Expansion         $17,247,200 Capital                        platform

                                                                  Menlo Ventures, Oak
                                                                  Investment Partners, Redpoint
MobiTV              Emeryville      Later Stage       $16,499,000 Ventures                           Mobile media solutions

                                                                                                     Technology for
                                                                                                     companies to build and
                                                                  Jafco Ventures, Trinity            maintain their mobile
Moov*               San Francisco   Later Stage       $16,000,000 Ventures, undisclosed firm         presence

                                                                  Nokia Growth Partners,              Business intelligence
                                                                  StarVest Partners, undisclosed     solutions for the retail
RetailNext          San Jose        Expansion         $15,000,000 firm                               industry

                                                                  Hummer Winblad Venture             Cloud-based advertising
Flite               San Francisco   Expansion         $15,000,000 Partners                           platforms for marketers

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                          Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                    GGV Capital, Khosla Ventures,      Software as a service-
                                                                    Lightspeed Venture Partners,       based predictive data
Evolv                 San Francisco   Expansion         $15,000,000 VantagePoint Capital Partners      analytics

                                                                    Adobe Systems, Altos Ventures,
                                                                    Costanoa Venture Capital,
                                                                    Scale Venture Partners, Sigma Real-time targeting and
Demandbase            San Francisco   Expansion         $15,000,000 Partners, Sutter Hill Ventures personalization platform

                                                                    American Express, BlueRun
                                                                    Ventures, Comcast Ventures,    Sales platform for small
Radius Intelligence   San Francisco   Expansion         $12,400,000 Western Technology Investment business

                                                                    Accel Partners & Co., Nexus
                                                                    Venture Partners, Trinity          Infrastructure software
ScaleArc              Santa Clara     Expansion         $12,300,000 Ventures                           developer

                                                                    Google Ventures, Opus Capital, Support infrastructure
Crittercism           San Francisco   Expansion         $12,000,000 Shasta Ventures                for mobile applications

                                                                    Doll Capital Management,       Connected health and
                                                                    Mayfield Fund, Norwest Venture heart rate monitor
Basis Science         San Francisco   Early Stage       $11,543,000 Partners                       wearable on the wrist

                                                                    Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                    Norwest Venture Partners,          Cloud computing-based
Ravello Systems       Palo Alto       Early Stage       $11,499,900 Sequoia Capital Vi                 platforms services

                                                                    Foundation Capital, Kleiner
                                                                    Perkins Caufield & Byers, OVP      SaaS (Software as a
Aggregate Knowledge   San Mateo       Expansion         $11,392,000 Venture Partners                   Service) company

                                                                                                        Content distribution
                                                                    O'Reilly Alphatech Ventures,       and acceleration
SkyCache              San Francisco   Early Stage       $11,258,800 undisclosed firm                   network

                                                                    Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,
                                                                    Baseline Ventures, Harrison
                                                                    Metal Capital, Ignition,
                                                                    undisclosed firm, Webb              Alarm aggregation and
PagerDuty*            San Francisco   Expansion         $10,700,000 Investment Network                 dispatching services

                                                                    Bessemer Venture Partners,
                                                                    Grazia Equity GmbH, Intel
Delivery Agent        San Francisco   Later Stage       $10,091,200 Capital, Liberty Global Ventures   Media company

                                                                    Battery Ventures, Genesis          Business intelligence
Sisense               Redwood City    Later Stage       $10,000,000 Partners, Opus Capital             solutions

                                                                                                        Openstack cloud and
                                                                    Dell Ventures, Intel Capital,      open source application
Mirantis*             Mountain View Later Stage          $9,999,900 WestSummit Capital                 infrastructure

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                             Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                       Thomvest Ventures,                 Enterprise Social
Netbade Solutions        Mountain View Later Stage          $9,060,000 WestSummit Capital                 Intelligence company

                                                                       Translink Capital Partners I,      Big data analytics
Guavus                   San Mateo       Expansion          $9,000,000 undisclosed firm                   solutions

                                                                       Aster Capital Partners SAS,
                                                                       Paladin Capital Management,  Energy management
BuildingIQ*              San Mateo       Expansion          $9,000,000 Siemens Venture Capital GmbH software

                                                                       Cisco Systems, Data Collective,
                                                                       Divergent Ventures, Hummer
                                                                       Winblad Venture Partners,
                                                                       Swisscom Ventures, True
Piston Cloud Computing   San Francisco   Early Stage        $8,000,000 Ventures                        Software company

                                                                       DoubleRock, Neu Venture
                                                                       Capital, Siemer Ventures,          Social advertising and
Optimal                  San Francisco   Expansion          $7,000,000 undisclosed firms, WGI Group       analytics platform

                                                                       Oak Investment Partners,
Gazillion                San Mateo       Later Stage        $7,000,000 undisclosed firm                   Online game publisher

                                                                       Baseline Ventures, Correlation
                                                                       Ventures, Globespan Capital        Career counselling
                                                                       Partners, SAP Ventures,            services to
Gild                     San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,500,100 undisclosed firm                   professionals

                                                                       Advanced Technology
                                                                       Ventures, Next World Group,        Cloud corporate
                                                                       StarVest Partners, Trident         performance
Host Analytics           Redwood City    Later Stage        $6,500,000 Capital                            management company

                                                                       Draper Fisher Jurvetson
                                                                       International, Motorola Solutions Online-to-Offline local
                                                                       Venture Capital, Quest Venture marketing platform
Retailigence             Redwood City    Expansion          $6,300,200 Partners, undisclosed firms       company

                                                                                                          Big data science
                                                                                                          platform accelerating
Bina Technologies*       Redwood City    Early Stage        $6,250,000 Sierra Ventures                    personalized medicine

                                                                       Foundation Capital, undisclosed
Appurify*                San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,200,000 firm                            Live and API access

                                                                                                       A software defined
                                                                       Mayfield Fund, Storm Ventures, storage for object
Swiftstack               San Francisco   Early Stage        $6,100,000 UMC Capital                    storage

                                                                                                          HD video meeting
                                                                                                          service for video
Zoom Video                                                             Qualcomm Ventures,                 conversations and
Communications*          Santa Clara     Early Stage        $6,000,000 undisclosed firm                   screen sharing

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                               Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                                                          Software platform
                                                                         Charles River Ventures,          designed to streamline
Crushpath                 San Francisco   Early Stage         $6,000,000 Social+Capital Partnership       the sales process

                                                                         Mayfield Fund, Sierra Ventures,
                                                                         Storm Ventures, Translink       Open-source mobile
Appcelerator              Mountain View Expansion             $5,781,000 Capital Partners I,             platform company

                                                                                                         Analytics and
                                                                         Adams Street Partners, Battery dashboards to identify
JBara Software            San Jose        Expansion           $5,642,000 Ventures,                      and display

                                                                                                          An app that streams
                                                                         Correlation Ventures,            personalized news and*               Palo Alto       Early Stage         $5,500,000 undisclosed firm                 information

                                                                         Brocade Communications
                                                                         Systems, Draper Fisher
                                                                         Jurvetson International, EPIC
Zettaset                  Mountain View Expansion             $5,250,000 Ventures, HighBAR Ventures       Data platform solutions

                                                                                                          Gaming software and
Trion Worlds              Redwood City    Expansion           $5,120,000 Trinity Ventures                 original entertainment

                                                                         HighBAR Ventures, Walden          Information technology
Blazent                   Burlingame      Later Stage         $5,042,000 Venture Capital                  software services

                                                                                                           Social television
                                                                                                          gaming solutions for
                                                                         Kinetic Ventures, T-Venture      brands and
Kwarter*                  San Francisco   Early Stage         $5,035,000 Holding GmbH                     broadcasters

                                                                         FirstMark Capital, Vanedge
                                                                         Capital, X/Seed Capital           Services to online
Turiya Media              San Francisco   Expansion           $5,000,100 Management                       game publishers

                                                                         Crosslink Capital, Fung Capital, Social technologies for
500Friends                San Francisco   Early Stage         $5,000,100 Intel Capital                    e-commerce Websites

                                                                         Goldman Sachs & Co, Juniper
                                                                         Networks, Norwest Venture
                                                                         Partners, SVB Capital, Sequoia Web malware and
FireEye                   Milpitas        Later Stage         $5,000,000 Capital Vi                     security solutions

                                                                         Alloy Ventures, Battery
                                                                         Ventures, First Round Capital,
                                                                         Greylock Partners, undisclosed
Agari Data                Palo Alto       Expansion           $5,000,000 firm                             Products and services

                                                                                                       Real-time data and
                                                                         Clean Pacific Ventures        control software
Wireless Glue Networks*   Lafayette       Expansion           $4,500,000 Management, undisclosed firms platform solution

                                                                         Qualcomm Ventures, Union
Smart Balloon             San Francisco   Expansion           $4,310,000 Square Ventures                  Social games

                                                                         Longitude Capital Management Medical-related
Sympara Medical*          San Francisco   Startup/Seed        $4,300,000 Co., undisclosed firm        products and services

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                          Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                                                     Engaging social games
                                                                                                     for online and mobile
Breaktime Studios     San Francisco   Early Stage        $4,250,000 Azure Capital Partners           platforms

                                                                    First Round Capital, Founder
                                                                    Collective, SV Angel,
                                                                    undisclosed firm, undisclosed  Monitors traffic on the
                                                                    firm, Union Square Ventures, Y site and alerts users to
Sift Science          San Francisco   Early Stage        $4,000,000 Combinator                     fraud, spam

                                                                                                     Marketing and
                                                                                                     networking platform for
                                                                    Undisclosed firm, Women's        real estate
Proxio*               Santa Clara     Expansion          $4,000,000 Venture Capital Fund             professionals

                                                                                                     Delivers a Javascript
Famous Industries     Berkeley        Early Stage        $4,000,000 Javelin Venture Partners         framework

                                                                    Rembrandt Venture Partners,     Enterprise class
Concurrent            San Francisco   Expansion          $4,000,000 True Ventures, undisclosed firm software provider

                                                                                                     Content recognition
Cognitive Networks    San Francisco   Expansion          $4,000,000 Doll Capital Management          service provider

                                                                    Correlation Ventures, True       Digital graphic novel
Madefire              Berkeley        Early Stage        $3,500,000 Ventures, undisclosed firm       platform

                                                                    Southern Cross Venture
Bislr Pty.            San Francisco   Early Stage        $3,500,000 Partners Pty, undisclosed firm   Website developer

TicTasks              San Francisco   Early Stage        $3,485,000 Undisclosed firm                 Mobile applications

                                                                    CrunchFund, Google Ventures,     Online communication
Rabbit*               San Francisco   Early Stage        $3,300,000 undisclosed firm                 platform

                                                                    Foundation Capital, Kleiner
                                                                    Perkins Caufield & Byers, OVP    SaaS (Software as a
Aggregate Knowledge   San Mateo       Expansion          $3,266,100 Venture Partners                 Service) company

                                                                                                      Hosted collaboration
                                                                                                     solutions for business
Pbworks               San Mateo       Later Stage        $3,213,000 Seraph Group                     and education

Syapse*               Palo Alto       Expansion          $3,000,000 Social+Capital Partnership       Healthcare software

                                                                                                      Data-driven simulation
                                                                    Lambda Fund Management,          technology to the
DFMSim                Palo Alto       Later Stage        $3,000,000 undisclosed firm                 semiconductor industry

                                                                                                     Software tools for the
                                                                    Investor Growth Capital,         design of electronic
Atrenta               San Jose        Later Stage        $2,852,000 Venrock,                         products

                                                                    HLM Venture Partners,            Radiology workflow
Medicalis             San Francisco   Later Stage        $2,500,000 undisclosed firm                 solutions

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                           Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                      PROfounders Capital, Passion      Social and
                                                                      Capital Investments,              communications
Luluvise               Redwood City    Early Stage         $2,499,900 undisclosed firm                  platform operator

                                                                      500 Startups, Giza Venture        Search engine that
                                                                      Capital, Softtech VC,             indexes existing Web-
Visually               San Francisco   Early Stage         $2,330,000 undisclosed firm                  based data visualization

                                                                                                        Developed Bartab, a
Webtab*                San Francisco   Expansion           $2,000,000 Undisclosed firm                  social gifting application

                                                                                                        Mobile solutions and
Trilibis               San Mateo       Later Stage         $2,000,000 Altos Ventures, undisclosed firm technology

                                                                      First Round Capital, PivotNorth   Business Intelligence
Looker Data Sciences   Santa Cruz      Early Stage         $2,000,000 Capital                           (BI) software company

                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,
                                                                      Data Collective, Ignition,     Analysis solution for
Amiato*                Palo Alto       Early Stage         $2,000,000 undisclosed firm, Y Combinator A/B tests

                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,
                                                                      Founder Collective, Lowercase
Getable                San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,800,000 Capital, undisclosed firm         Online rental services

                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,       Social tools and
                                                                      Morado Venture Management,        applications for the
Tomfoolery*            San Francisco   Startup/Seed        $1,700,100 undisclosed firm                  workplace

                                                                      500 Startups, Baseline
                                                                      Ventures, Harrison Metal
                                                                      Capital, SV Angel, undisclosed    State of the art testing
CircleCi*              San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,500,100 firm                              tools

                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,
                                                                      General Catalyst Partners,        Builds games with
                                                                      Greylock Partners, SV Angel,      creative new products
Red Hot Labs*          San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,500,000 undisclosed firms                 and tools

                                                                      Battery Ventures, Greylock
                                                                      Partners, Morado Venture
                                                                      Management, undisclosed firm, Mobile voting
Input Factory*         Los Gatos       Early Stage         $1,200,000 Webb Investment Network       application, Polar

                                                                                                        Educational games to
                                                                      Correlation Ventures,             children around the
Pluto Media*           Menlo Park      Early Stage         $1,150,000 undisclosed firm                  world

                                                                                                      Tools for API-driven
                                                                                                      mobile and Web
Runscope*              San Francisco   Early Stage         $1,100,000 True Ventures, undisclosed firm applications

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                         Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                   Andreessen Horowitz Fund I,
                                                                   Google Ventures, Innovation
                                                                   Endeavors, InterWest Partners, Predictive intelligence
                                                                   Merus Capital Investment,      iOS application and
Sherpa*              Palo Alto       Early Stage        $1,099,800 undisclosed firm               platform

                                                                                                      On-demand revenue
                                                                                                     management software
Aktana               San Francisco   Expansion          $1,010,000 Starfish Ventures Pty             solutions

                                                                   500 Startups, BV e ventures,
Soldsie              San Francisco   Early Stage        $1,000,100 FundersClub, undisclosed firm     Website builder

                                                                                                     Information Technology
                                                                   Crosspoint Venture Partners,      (IT) managed service
Centerbeam           San Jose        Later Stage        $1,000,000 New Enterprise Associates         provider (MSP)

                                                                   500 Startups, Richmond            Software for
15Five*              San Francisco   Early Stage          $999,900 Management, undisclosed firm      professionals

                                                                   Cowboy Capital, Freestyle         Mobile application used
Joyride*             San Francisco   Early Stage          $999,900 Capital, undisclosed firm         while driving

                                                                   Carmel Ventures, Horizon           Virtual travel planning
Desti                Menlo Park      Early Stage          $999,900 Ventures, SRI International       services

                                                                   Softbank Capital Partners, True
Schematic Labs       San Francisco   Early Stage          $925,000 Ventures                          Mobile applications

                                                                   Monumental Venture Partners,
                                                                   NAC Ventures, Palisade Capital Document review
EasyESI*             Berkeley        Early Stage          $849,900 Management                     platform

                                                                   Kima Ventures SAS, Techstar,      Mobile application and
                                                                   undisclosed firm, VoiVoda         game optimization
Leanplum*            San Francisco   Early Stage          $825,000 Ventures                          company

                                                                                                     YouTube audience
                                                                                                     development and
vidIQ*               San Francisco   Early Stage          $800,000 Undisclosed firm, i/o ventures    management suite

                                                                   Advancit Capital, Lerer Ventures
Hoteles y Clubs de                                                 II, Menlo Ventures, undisclosed
Vacaciones SA        San Francisco   Early Stage          $750,000 firm                             Mobile news

                                                                                                     Facebook application
                                                                   Kima Ventures SAS,                that uses marketing
Fanzy*               San Francisco   Early Stage          $549,900 undisclosed firms                 services

                                                                                                     messaging systems to
                                                                   Band of Angels Fund,              health plans and care
HealthCrowd*         Cupertino       Early Stage          $500,000 undisclosed firm                  providers

                                                                                                     Instant audio and video
                                                                   Founders Fund, undisclosed        consultations with
MedTech Solutions    San Francisco   Early Stage          $450,000 firm                              doctors

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                      Venture Capital Funding Survey, Second Quarter 2013

                                                                                         Data center monitoring
                                                                                         and business service
AccelOps          Santa Clara     Expansion            $400,000 US Venture Partners      management software

                                                                                         Productivity and
                                                                                         teamwork management
Teamly*           San Francisco   Early Stage          $250,000 VegasTechFund            tool for businesses

                                                                                         Web analytic services
Space Pencil      San Francisco   Expansion            $200,000 True Ventures            company

                                                                                         Software and
                                                                Floodgate Fund, Khosla   technology for data
Ayasdi            Palo Alto       Expansion            $182,000 Ventures                 analysis

                                                                                         Web-based software
                                                                                         tool for businesses that
Gremln*           San Francisco   Early Stage           $60,000 VoiVoda Ventures         use social media

Share Practice*   San Francisco   Early Stage           $25,000 Hub Ventures             Software Company

                                                                                         Multi-disciplinary design
2NDNATURE*        Santa Cruz      Early Stage           $20,000 Hub Ventures             studio

Eko Devices*      Berkeley        Early Stage           $20,000 Hub Ventures             Software company

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