Global Creative Studios Marketing & Business Consulting Firm Launches New Online Reputation Builder

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					Global Creative Studios Marketing & Business Consulting Firm Launches New Online Reputation Builder

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Global Creative Studios in Los Angeles launches Online Reputation Builder to help
businesses take control of their social, online reputation.

Through the use of online social media platforms, Global Creative Studios hones in on the possibilities of
marketing and advertising through a fully-developed online reputation builder designed for their clients’

Online PR News – 16-August-2013 – Global Creative Studios (GCS), Global for short, is a business
consulting and marketing firm located in Los Angeles County with a large focus on websites, printed
products, and social media development. Recently, Global introduced its new website, but as part of the
expanding corporation, Global Creative Studios now offers preset and customized social media packages,
known as the Online Reputation Builder, for their clients’ benefits.

With their hands in virtually every facet of branding and marketing, Global represents a complete, one-stop
shop for potential and existing customers who may suffer from any of the common or unusual business
ailments of any industry. Global encourages unique solutions to both ordinary and complex problems. For
Global, social media marketing is no different.

Social media, now more than ever, affects businesses, leaving impressions and extending customer
interaction on a more personal level. Between Facebook, Yelp, Foursquare, Google+ Local, Trip Advisor,
Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and numerous others, Global recognizes the ever-changing aspects of social
media platforms as a way to promote business—if communicated effectively—and a way to hinder
business—if ignored altogether.

Founder and CEO, Pedram Doustkam, promotes the newly-established services of the Online Reputation
Builder in LA. He believes, “If you are not controlling your own reputation online, someone else probably is.”
Doustkam explains that negative reviews or false information provided by disgruntled customers may sway
potential or existing customers from continuing business with companies. Global Creative Studios strives to
eliminate that possibility by quickly and efficiently addressing the problems at hand and appeasing or
placating unsatisfied customers online. Responding to negative experiences online and requesting the

removal of inaccurate or crude reviews, comments, or posts, helps to ensure accuracy through different

Global’s Project Director, who oversees the production of the company as well as the social media programs,
states, “Working with clients, I’ve seen firsthand how busy business men and women are; some don’t even
have time to respond to emails. We manage their accounts so they have peace of mind.”

With a team of social media experts and English major graduates, Global controls different social media
platforms, working side by side with clients to create customized results. Global has always offered social
media services in LA, but now provides specific packages. Loyal clients who use Global to print their
products, market their campaigns, and build their websites are having Global’s team maintain their business’
social media accounts to post and interact with clientele.

As part of Global’s Social Media Online Reputation Builder service in the Tarzana and Southern Californian
region, Global’s team further discusses ideas with client’s prior to implementing any campaign and provides
monthly reports of responses and customer interaction. Global uses new approaches to encourage
check-ins, comments, posts, responses, reviews, tweets, and tips. Some companies do not believe that such
new forms of social collaboration have a place in business. However, Facebook and Yelp—as
examples—prove to benefit Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helping people find exactly what they need in
their search engines.

Global Creative Studios embraces the new age of open communication between business-to-business and
business-to-customer through the means of social media. Choosing to participate in different platforms is
choosing to invest in individuals’ companies.

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