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									 A Rebrandable Special Report
     by Stelios Eleftheriou

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The added twist is that we have included 3 very well converting 2tier affiliate
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So you can even generate a nice passive income as you grow your optin lists and
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As you can see the possibilities of free traffic, free subscribers (even if you don’t
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                               How It Works

Before we begin, let me start by saying that I’m a very firm believer in paying for
traffic. It’s kind of ironic, I know. Here I am writing a report about FREE traffic
and I’m telling you that I’m also paying for traffic.

Here’s the point: I will keep spending $1 if it makes me back $2 or as long as it
makes me more than $1.01. If you find paid advertising ways that pay you back
more than you spend (sales > costs = profits), then continue using them!

There’s no such thing as free lunch. When you waste time clicking on Traffic
Exchange ads, you are actually trading TIME out of your own life, in exchange
for credits that you can use to advertise your sites and/or affiliate links.

     And here’s where this “Free Traffic & List Building Stampede”
                           report comes in.

This report is designed to grow your downlines, and ultimately your free traffic
credits, free optin subscribers in list builders, and passive income from 2tier
affiliate programs, and from upgrades in free programs.

I have chosen only programs that don’t force you to wait on countdown timers to
expire for you to get traffic, and don’t waste your time by forcing you to change
the way you are surfing online right now.

Here are the qualities of the “free traffic” programs I looked for:

   •   Free traffic for surfing as you normally would – the less forced the
       user is to click on a link, the more targeted the click would be

   •   Good anti-cheating systems, so the ad credits are more effective

   •   Downline grows on multiple levels – you are being rewarded as your
       downline grows, and this rebrandable report is constructed to do just that
       (grow huge downlines for you)

We can conclude that the less distracting from the normal surfing experience,
the more the webmaster would be willing to use that traffic exchange.

Also, the less forced an ad/website is on a user, the more targeted he/she will be
for that product or service.

For example, someone who reads a headline in a traffic exchange and clicks on it
to view the website is more targeted than someone who views it because he/she
is forced to wait for a timer to expire.

Here are the 4 traffic exchange programs I am currently using, with which I'm
very happy because they fulfill the above criteria mentioned (less distracting,
incorporated in normal surfing routine etc)

   1. Traffic Swarm - Sets up your homepage to rotating text links, so you
      earn credits for surfing as you normally would.

   2. Instant Buzz - Toolbar that earns you advertising credits for surfing as
      you normally would.

   3. Free-advertising-blog - This one is not a traffic exchange per se but it's
      a blog where you can post your free ad. The more people you refer, the
      more often you can post your ad.

   4. Link Brander - Cloaks (hides) your urls. Everytime someone clicks on
      your links you earn credits towards your ads being shown in the network,
      next to other people's cloaked urls.

And now we move on to the list builders…

                          List Builders
List Builders allow you to build an optin list, but there is a twist. When you build
you own optin list, with Aweber for example, you own that list and you can send
them mailings whenever you like.

With these list builders however, it works a bit different. It's a bit like an MLM
(multi level marketing) system, but not quite. Although I don't like and don't
recommend MLM, I promote this one because it's about building an asset (optin
list), rather than getting people in your downline, hoping that they will sell stuff
for you to make money.

I highly encourage you to start building a list through Aweber, because as you
have heard a million times now, having a list is an asset, which you can leverage
and make money on demand.

I have chosen Aweber, because it’s the best autoresponder service there is, in
terms of deliverability, customer service, ease of interface… just observe what
most of the gurus use for their email marketing… enough said.

To use the list builders we are talking about here though, you do not need to
have an autoresponder, as the emailing is done from their own control panel.

Here's how it works:

1. You refer people to a free service (we'll go over the 3 best services later on)

2. The person you refer is now part of your downline. When that person refers
another person, that other person becomes part of your downline, and also part
of your referrer's downline. (usually these list building services work with
matrices up to 20 levels)

You can email the people in your downline, but the people in your downline can
only email their upline, but only their own downline.

The idea here is that people are being rewarded for growing a downline, to
which they can send emails, in exchange for receiving a couple of emails from
their upline.

Here are the 3 best list builders that I'm currently using:

   1. Listdotcom

   2. Yourluckylist

   3. Listexplode

Get Your Affiliate Links…

Step 2: Get your free affiliate ids for the free traffic
generation programs, we will be promoting with this report

Traffic Exchange Programs
     1. Traffic Swarm

     2. Instant Buzz

    3. Free-advertising-blog

    4. Link Brander

List Builder Programs

   5. Listdotcom

   6. Yourluckylist

   7. Listexplode

2tier Affiliate Programs
   8. The Second Tier

   9. Internet Marketing Center

   10. Aweber

Step 3: Get your own branded version of this report

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Step 4: Start Distributing your branded copy of
the “Free Traffic & List Building Stampede” Report
                      Promotional Ideas
  1. Add it as a bonus to all the products you are currently selling (everyone in
     Internet marketing wants free traffic)

  2. Distribute it on free ebook distribution sites and free ebook submission

  3. Put the download link in your email client’s signature

  4. Put the download link in forums’ signatures (provided you have read the
     rules and they allow signatures)

  5. Sell it on eBay for less than $1 – (purely for lead generation)

  6. Once you have some credits from your own surfing and from your first
     affiliates, start advertising it on the “free traffic generation programs” we
     are promoting.

  A member of “Instant Buzz” might not be a member of “Yourluckylist”. Some
  people on “Trafficswarm” might not be members of “Instantbuzz” or
  “Listdotcom”…. You get the idea.

  7. Place links on your websites (if you have any)

  8. Write and distribute articles

  9. Include the download link of your branded copy in your own ebooks, if
     you have written any.

  10. Put the download link on your eBay’s “about me” page.

   11. Email your existing optin list about it.

   12. Add the download link at the end of your autoresponder’s sequence.

   13. Your own promotional ideas…

Of course you can use what ever promotional methods you are comfortable with,
but all I am asking is that you do not SPAM.

Send email only to your optin lists, from your autoresponder service, or from one
of the above 3 list builders.

Now go ahead and follow the 5 easy steps I mentioned on page 4, to set in
motion this viral marketing machine, and watch your traffic, subscribers, and
passive income explode.

Set it in motion by distributing it, and it will spread like wildfire, sending you free
traffic, optins and income for a very long time on autopilot.

Please let me know if you need anything by sending an email to

To your viral profits,

Stelios Eleftheriou


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