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A Building Permit is required under the following situations:

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Generally, if attached to the dwelling. If the garage or shed has a floor area greater than 10m². If constructed of masonry. If built over a drainage easement. If council dispensation is required for siting matters – e.g. close to adjoining neighbours windows.

A Building Permit is not required:


If the garage or shed is freestanding and comply with the following conditions: -

Ø If the garage or shed has a floor area of 10m² or less. Ø Is no more than 3.0 metres in height or, if situated within 1 metre of a boundary, is no more than 2.4 metres in height. Ø Is not located no further forward on the allotment than the front wall of the building. Ø Is not constructed of masonry. “ASK IF UNSURE”
Construction requirements:

When the garage or shed is situated on a residential allotment it is known as a class 10 structure and may be constructed of timber, steel or brick. Provided the structure is at least 900 mm from the dwelling, it can be located directly on the side boundary without any fire rating requirements. If considering a side boundary location, the position of the adjoining neighbours dwelling must be regarded, especially with respect to habitable room windows. If the adjoining dwelling has north facing habitable room windows within 3 metres of the boundary, then the garage or shed must be located 1 metre from the boundary. The maximum height of a garage or shed is 3 metres average for a wall located on or within 1 metre of the boundary. All roof drainage must be connected to a legal stormwater drain system.
Building Permit:

The present fee for a building permit application is per council’s latest fee schedule plus $32.60 lodgement if the value is greater than $5000. A state government levy is payable if the value exceeds $10,000. Building permits can be obtained through council or private means ( look under “Building Surveyors” in the yellow pages. Also contact Council’s Town Planning Department on 9932-1160 to enquire about whether a planning permit or approval is required.

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