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									               Finding the right alcohol and drug rehab center

Alcohol and drug addiction is rampant in the United States with more than 23 million people
suffering from various types of alcohol and drug related health issues or problems. The need
of the hour for these patients or addicts is to recover from their alcohol and drug abuse as
early as possible to live again a sobered up life. There are large numbers of alcohol and
drug rehab centers spread in every county and states across the United States that are
helping the patients with alcohol and drug addiction to come out of their addiction and in
ensuring that patients come out of these centers as normal human beings.

It has been proved that addiction is a medically recognized disease and those who suffer
from this disease needs treatment in the same way as a person is suffering from a long-
term physical illness would. Drug/alcohol addiction is a disease of both mind and body and
both of them need to be treated with equal care and effectiveness. Choosing a right type of
alcohol and drug rehab center among the available ones is quite a tricky situation for the
families of the alcohol, and drug addicted patients.

Various factors such as location, facilities such as quality of staff provided and various
therapy programs offered are closely related with the cost of the rehab programs that the
patient is required to bear or take into consideration. In the process of finding the right type
of alcohol and drug rehab facility, patients must choose a facility that has been vetted and
have right credentials. The staff at these centers must include medical doctors, nurses,
therapists and behavioral coaches who all work together as a team to develop individualized
recovery programs for the patients needing help from alcohol/drug abuse.

The following important questions must be asked to elevate information from the
administrators of the concerned alcohol/drug rehab centers. Some of these are:

   1. Is the facility duly accredited and licensed by the state?

   2. Is the staff made up of certified and experienced recovery specialists?

   3. Does the recovery center provide continuum care including inpatient, outpatient and
      ongoing relapse prevention?

   4. Does the facility provide a treatment plan and programs customized to an
      individual’s particular needs or goals?

   5. Are the facilities clean and well maintained and are environment friendly?

   6. What is the staff –to-patient ratio etc?

   Thus, by asking the above-mentioned questions, the alcohol/drug addicted patients and
   their families would be able to choose a right type or kind of alcohol and drug rehab

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