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									Hostess a Christmas Tea Party Sit back and relax with a Christmas tea party to relieve the
stress of pre-Christmas shopping, enjoy a cozy Christmas tea with friends while you wrap
presents, set out a lovely Christmas Day tea, hostess a tea during the 12 days of
Christmas or have a twelfth night celebration. The Christmas Season is full of
opportunities to hostess a tea for all your dear ones, so, presented here are some ideas for
you to consider. When should you start thinking of a time and place to hostess your tea
party? If you want to plan a formal high tea, you need to send out invitations 3 weeks in
advance, a cozy casual afternoon tea can be planned a week ahead, and a spur of the
moment tea is of course 'spur of the moment', you can invite your friends either the day
of or the day before. Pre-Christmas Shopping After a long day of shopping, it will be
good to know you have a rejuvenating tea prepared to come home to. If you think ahead,
you can have sandwich fillings prepared ahead of time, a tea tray laid out with your
teapot and other accoutrements ready, so you can quickly and easily prepare yourself a
nice tea. If you are going shopping with friends, they might also enjoy joining you. This
is a nice opportunity for a spur of the moment tea with your friends or a comfortable and
relaxing tea for one. Cozy Christmas Tea With Friends Invite your friends over to enjoy a
peaceful afternoon tea to rejuvenate or make it a wrapping party to tackle a bunch of the
gifts you bought on your shopping trip. A Saturday afternoon or a weekday evening is an
ideal time to plan this. Christmas Day Tea Preparing a late Christmas dinner makes it so
everyone just munches on basically whatever is available all day. Make up a couple
different sandwich spreads, a veggie tray and a nice hot pot of tea. This gives everyone
the option to have something healthier and more satisfying than trying to fill up on
Christmas stocking goodies. It also is a wonderful opportunity to use your Christmas tea
set that is usually packed away. Bring it out when you get your decorations out so you
have it on hand and ready to use. If you plan on serving an early dinner, everyone is
usually too full to sit down for another full meal in the evening. So, make up some of the
ham and turkey into little sandwiches, a cheese and cracker tray and a fruit platter or
veggie tray and a nice hot pot of tea, and let everyone help themselves to whatever they
would like. Twelve Days of Christmas or Twelfth Night Celebration The twelve days of
Christmas begin with Christmas and ends on the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6th. In
the liturgical sense this begins at sundown on Christmas Eve to the eve of the Epiphany
(Jan5th). Especially in England, this is where the Twelfth Night celebrations come in,
which happens on January 5th, the eve of the Epiphany. Sheila is the webmaster for Over the years, she became frustrated in the effort to
find all the information on how to hostess a proper tea party in one spot, so she decided to
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