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 THE GEORGIAN BAY TOWNSHIP COMMUNITY                                                                                                      NOTICEBOARD:
                                                                                                                                          at the
                    CALENDAR OF EVENTS & NOTICEBOARD                                              SEPTEMB ER 2009
                                                                                                                                          Honey Harbour Muskoka
                       THE                                           I and the Director of Administration just attended
                                                                                                                                          Family Focus Early Years

                                                                     the Association of Municipalities of Ontario annual                  We will continue to be open

                       REPORT                                        meeting in Ottawa. As usual, this meeting was of
                                                                     great value because of the information, workshops
                                                                                                                                          two days per month through-
                                                                                                                                          out September and October.
                       from Jim Walden, Mayor                                                                                             Our first day will be Monday,
                                                                     and networking. There is ready access to the
                       Township of Georgian Bay                                                                                           September 14, and then
                                                                     Provincial cabinet and party leaders. There is also                  September 28, October 5
  Last month I summarized the recent intensive                       some access to the Federal PC caucus. There were                     and 19. The Port Severn Early
                                                                     no significant announcements made by the Premier.                    Years Program is open on
  activities in regard to the budget, the Master Site
                                                                     All levels of government are pressing on with pro-                   Wednesdays from 9 am to
  Plan and Architectural Guidelines for Port Severn,                                                                                      noon beginning on
  and Provincial and Federal Government infrastructure               ject management resulting from the most recent                       September 16.
  financial support. Since that report we have taken a               grants of Build Canada and economic stimulus
                                                                     funding. In the meantime, the Provincial parties                     WEDNESDAYS
  short break from Council and committee meetings.                                                                                        Port Severn Muskoka Family
  The next Council meeting is scheduled for 31 August.               are in heated debate over the proposed harmonized                    Focus Early Years Program:
  In spite of this, some items have arisen and I will                sales tax (HST).                                                     Wednesday mornings:
  address these below.                                                                                                                    9 am to noon at the
                                                                     In my last report I mentioned the recent Council                     Baxter Ward Community
                                                                     passage of a new Development Charges By-Law.                         Centre. A place for children
  We have recently received a $100,000 Federal
                                                                     Notification of this passage was sent by mail to                     and adults to come to play
  Grant for our “Trails Plan.” Together with the re-                                                                                      together! We will re-open on
  quired matching Township funding this $200,000                     all residents of the Township and others such as                     Wednesday, September 16.
  will provide considerable momentum to the active                   developers in order that they are aware of the                       Upcoming Events:
  trails plan. This specific project must be com-                    appeal period. Apparently some residents of the                      Watch for events in the
  pleted by 31 March 2010. In regard to “trails plan”                Township misconstrued this notification as an item                   October issue
  implementation, this first phase will comprise con-                affecting their tax bill. The purpose of development                 Friends: 9 am
  structing a trail from the area of the Honey Har-                  charges is somewhat the opposite. With                               — for more information, call
                                                                     development of residences and businesses comes a                     705 746 5102
  bour Road/Hwy 400 intersection to the Baxter
  Ward Community Centre which will also connect                      requirement for the Township and District to                         THURSDAYS
  with the three kilometre nature trail around the                   expand services such as roadways, sidewalks, fire                    The Happy Gang meets from
                                                                     services, sports facilities, community centres, li-                  9 am to 3 pm. Everyone is
  Oak Bay development. Also, a loop will be con-
                                                                     braries, etc.                                                        welcome! Call Noreen at
  structed from the Honey Harbour Road/Hwy 400                                                                                            756 3743.
  intersection to the north of the Port Severn Heights               In order that existing residents do not have to pay
                                                                     for these expansions of services, residents or                       Township of Georgian Bay
  development to connect to Musky Bay Road via                                                                                            Parks & Recreation
  School House Road. Follow-on phases in the                         developers contemplating new buildings or signifi-                   Coordinator: Kevin Datema:
  south will finish the connection of these routes to                cant expansion of facilities must pay development                    705 538 2702 or
                                                                     charges which are held for such expansions of                        1 800 567 0187
  Honey Harbour.
                                                                     services in the future. For the vast majority of
  In regard to other infrastructure projects, plans for              residents, development charges will have no effect
  the new park and streetscape in Port Severn are ad-                whatsoever except to provide additional services in
  vancing quickly. An additional piece of property                   the future with no cost to current residents.                          IN THIS ISSUE:
  has been acquired by the Township on the north-                                                                                           Township News                3
  east corner of the intersection of Lone Pine Road                  As I write this, it is just under two weeks until
                                                                     Labour Day. I am sorry to see the summer end                           Albert Nickerson        6/7
  and Honey Harbour Road. This corner property
  links to the park. If anyone has peeked into the                   but am looking forward to the spectacular and                          Coldwater Fall Fair
  park area, one would see that three buildings have                 colourful fall.                                                        10/11
  now been removed. Tenders for parts of this pro-                                                                                          HH Co-Op Jazzfest        12
  ject should be called in early September with con-                 Jim Walden, Mayor
  struction to start shortly thereafter. At this time                The Township of Georgian Bay                                           MacTier News             17
  plans for the park and streetscape are scheduled to                1-800-567-0187 or
                                                                                                                                            Township Libraries       18
  be completed by early June 2010.                                   (705) 538-2337 (Extn 228)

TO T H E R E S I D E N T S A N D B U S I N E S S E S W H O U S E T H E H O N E Y H A R B O U R , M A CTI E R & P O R T S E V E R N O F F I C E S O F C A N A D A P O S T
2    T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER                  2009

      SERVING HONEY HARBOUR & SURROUNDING AREA                                          NOTICEBOARD
    FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRICAL REQUIREMENTS                                                at the
     F WATER ACCESSIBLE    F QUALIY WORKMANSHIP                                         MacTier
                  F RELIABLE SERVICE
                                                                                        Arena                                 Laird M. Vanni
           Tel: 756-4895                               Fax: 756-5027                                                                FUNERAL
                       Electrical Contracting Licence #7000462                          MONDAYS:
                                                                                        MacTier Muskoka Family Focus                DIRECTOR
                                                                                        Early Years Program:
                                                                                        Monday mornings: 9:30 am -
                                                  NOW!!                                 12:30 pm at the MacTier                22 Sturgeon Bay Road,
                                       Visit our website for                            Arena/Community Centre. A                   P.O. Box 190
                                           open forums,                                 place for children and adults to          Coldwater, Ontario,
                                       information and the                              come to play together! We will                L0K 1E0
                                       Delawana’s webcam!                               re-open on Mon. Sept. 14.
                                                                                        Upcoming Events:                        705-686-3344 or
                                                                                        Watch for events in the October         1-888-645-5485

                                                                                        For more information please
                                                                                        contact Muskoka Family Focus
                                                                                        at 1-705-645-3027 or 1-800-         Calendar for
                                                                                        461-7404. These Early Years         September
                                                                                        Programs are not affiliated with
                                                                                        The Township of Georgian Bay.       Tuesday 8th:
                                                                                                                            First Day Back
                                                                                                                            Grades 1 - 8
                                                                                        Exercise: Stretching and firming    Thursday 10th:
                                                                                        with 2 lb. weights.                 Senior Kindergarten's
                                                                                        9 to10 am.
                                                                                                                            First Day Back
                                                                                        Gail Demkiw at 375 5219

                                                                                        Township of Georgian Bay            Thursday 17/24:
                                                                                        Parks & Recreation                  Hot Dog Days
                                                                                        Coordinator: Kevin Datema:          (no hot dogs first week
                                                                                        705 538 2702 or                     back)
                                                                                        1 800 567 0187
                                                                                                                            Tuesday 29th:
                                                                                                                            Pizza Day



PUBLISHER: Don Batten EDITOR: Marg Dufour DESIGN CONSULTANT: Jon Eby                        BOBCAT & MINI HOE WORK
The Gazette is published monthly by Bulletin Publishing Inc.,                                               ►Home & Cottage Repair
6 Blue Water Road, Box 216, Honey Harbour, Ontario P0E 1E0
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                                                                                           T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009      3

            Township of Georgian Bay                                    BOB BUSH          Located on the Honey Harbour Road
            99 Lone Pine Road, Port Severn ON L0K 1S0                   REALTY            at the corner of Baxter Loop Road
                                                                        BROKERAGE         O P E N Y E A R R O U N D
                                                                                          Work/home: 705 756 2200 Fax:705 756 1600
Local: 538-2337 / Toll free: 1-800-567-0187
Fax: (705)-538-1850
Normal business hours:
Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Administration Department:
CLERKS                              rial to both Port Severn’s and
DEPARTMENT                          MacTier’s salt/sand dome.
As the kids get back to school it
hits us that summer and holi-       Please report street light out-
days are over for another year.     ages to the Public Works De-
That being said, the Township       partment at 538-2337; Exten-
will be getting back on track       sion 225.
with their Council and Com-
mittee Meeting Schedule.            FINANCE &
For the Month of September          Just a reminder of the second
September 8 - Corporate Ser-        installment of the final tax        Jazzfest was enjoyed by all, including Mayor Walden and
vices Standing Committee –          billing that is due on Septem-      lovely Anita Walden.
6:30 p.m.                           ber 11th, 2009. If you have         Picture courtesy of Don Batten.
September 9 - Technical &           not yet received your tax bill,
Development Services Stand-         please notify the Township
ing Committee – 6:30 p.m.           staff at your earliest conven-
September 21 – Council – 1:00       ience.
September 22 – Corporate            If you do not receive your tax
                                                                           HONEY HARBOUR TOWNE
Service Standing Committee –
6:30 p.m.
                                    bill, we are not able to provide
                                    interest and/or penalty relief
September 23 – Technical &
Development Standing Com-
                                    regardless of your past pay-
                                    ment record. We do under-
mittee – 6:30 p.m.                  stand the frustration that re-      The HHTC continues to offer FRESH
                                    sults when a tax bill is not          v Produce
All Committee and Council           received, payment is not made
meetings are open to the public
                                                                          v Meat
                                    on time and interest is applied
and are held in the Administra-                                           v Dairy
                                    to your account. This creates
tion Building, Council Cham-        a difficult situation for the         v All regular Grocery items
bers unless otherwise adver-        Township because, regardless             Throughout the Fall 2009
tised.                              of whether or not the Town-
                                    ship has received your pay-         HARDWARE for All Projects include:
PUBLIC WORKS                        ment, we must continue to             ► Plumbing Supplies
DEPARTMENT                          make payments on behalf of            ► Rakes, Shovels & Yard Tools
This fall the public works staff    all our residents to the District     ► Anti Freeze, Tarps & Marine Products
will be hard at work finishing      of Muskoka and the Boards of
all road maintenance to be          Education.
ready for the winter. Yes that                                            In addition to fishing licences - worms - rods & Nets
bad “S” word will soon be here.     In an effort to ensure that resi-
                                                                                     Resident Licences available for:
                                    dents are aware of tax due                              Deer - Moose - Bear
The construction of the salt/       dates, we continue to remind
sand dome for Port Severn is        residents in the Gazette and on     New Selection - Just Arrived
underway and we expect it to        our website. Generally the          Fall Sweatshirts & Hoodies
be completed in lots of time for    interim tax bill is issued in
our winter sand stockpile.          February on a given year with
While on the topic of winter        due dates in March and May              Watch for NEW HOURS coming after
sand, we will soon be request-      and the final tax bill is issued          LABOUR DAY WEEKEND
ing quotes to supply this mate-     in June with due dates in July
4    T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER       2009

                                                  and September. Staff are working to
                                                  develop more effective methods of deliv-      This is merely the tip of the iceberg when
                                                  ery investigating e-mail, direct web ac-      you start looking at the waterways and
                                                  cess and other possibilities as they be-      providing the OPP Marine Unit with the
                                                  come available.                               tools they need, to enforce approved
                                                                                                VORRs and the default rules and regula-
                                                  Township staff have continued to work         tions.
                                                  with Canada Post to investigate why tax
                                                  bills are not being delivered. The only       The staff of the Township are currently
                                                  change that has occurred with Canada          developing a Request for Proposal (RFP)
                                                  Post, that we are aware of, is that sorting   to be presented to the Corporate Services
     Structural Design for Homes,
                                                  is now occurring at the Newmarket post        Standing Committee for review and inclu-
    Cottages, Docks & Boathouses                                                                sion in the 2010 Budget. Essential re-
                                                  office. Carolyn has been extremely help-
     Custom Construction Services                 ful in attempting to determine what has       quirements of the RFP are still being de-
          To Fit Your Vision                      happened.                                     veloped but will include the need for a
             705-756-4600                                                                       qualified individual to provide the follow-
    Ontario Registered Design Firm                Thank you for your patience and under-        ing: inventory of signs currently in place
                 35023                            standing.                                     on our waterways, public information
             Fully insured                                                                      gathering meetings, development of rec-
                                                  BY-LAW                                        ommendations for proposed requests for           Over the past few months, Township            VORRs, development of recommenda-
                                                  staff have received a number of requests      tions on the proposed installation of in-
                        Custom Welded             to erect speed signs and other signs on       formation buoys, and provision of an
                        Aluminum Boats            the waterways. This would seem to be a        overall plan for the Township. This plan,
                                                  simple request, however, with further         once developed in draft form, would be
                           All types of
                            Welding               investigation, the solutions are anything     reviewed by the Transport Canada offi-
                                                  but.                                          cials and by the OPP Marine Unit, pre-
                        Custom Boat Tops             In an attempt to understand the current    sented to the public and modified accord-
    Call Ziggy Stahn        & Interior            situation and appropriate actions to be       ingly before final presentation to the Cor-
                                                  taken, Township staff reviewed our is-        porate Services Standing Committee to be
                          Used Motors             sues and concerns with Wayne Atkins           recommended to Council for approval.
                                                  (Boating Safety Officer) from Transport       Caution must be exercised throughout this
                                                  Canada, Dave Hobson (OPP Marine               process because there are numerous con-
                                                  Unit), and Dave Moffatt (OPP Marine           siderations at every juncture. In accor-
                                                  Unit Manager). This meeting was con-          dance with Transport Canada rules and
                                                  ducted to provide training to staff on the    regulations, the Township can only apply
                                                  rules and their respective applications       for one VORR at a time and the process
                                                  and to develop an approach moving             takes in excess of a year. This is not a
                                                  forward that would be in the best interest    quick or easy fix and regardless of the
                                                  of the residents of the Township of           approach, your patience and input will be
                                                  Georgian Bay. Some of the items               required as we move forward and
                                                  considered are as follows:                    throughout the process.
                                                  • A request for a specific speed zone
                                                  to be approved is know as a VORR.             FIRE DEPARTMENT
                                                  A VORR (Vehicle Operation Restriction         Anyone who has lived through a fire will
    The Baxter Community                          Regulations) can only be requested by a       tell you what a terrifying experience it is.
    Volunteer Group Notice:                       municipality and must be approved by          Unfortunately, many people who experi-
                                                  Transport Canada;                             ence fire never get a change to tell their
      With regret, The Baxter                                                                   story – to warn other of the dangers of
                                                  • There are a number of default rules         fire.
    Community Volunteer Group                     and regulations that can and should be
    must cancel the luncheon for                  enforced by the Ontario Provincial Police     The Township of Georgian Bay Fire De-
     September 9th 2009 due to                    Marine Unit;                                  partment wants you to be prepared if a
 renovations of the kitchen at the                • Default rules and regulations can no        fire strikes your home. Every household
 Community Centre. Luncheons                      longer be enforced as soon as one illegal     must have a working smoke alarm on
will resume on October 14th 2009.                 sign is installed in an area;                 every level and outside each sleeping area
    Sorry for the inconvenience.                  Illegal buoys that may be used by some        and should have a fire escape plan.
 Please join us for the Thanksgiv-                boaters to create a safe boating channel
   ing Luncheon in October. To                    and although these negate the ability to      There are nine easy steps involved in de-
 reserve a spot, please call Muriel               enforce the default rules or other VORRs,     veloping your own custom fire escape
                                                  these cannot be removed without public        plan. For a list of these steps, please visit
  Bialecki by October 8th at 538-                 notice being provided.
                                                                                   T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009   5

our website at . If further information is
required, contact our Fire Prevention Officer at extension 249.


Just a reminder that the Development Charges study has been
completed, the By-Law has been passed and both are available                 NATURAL FLAG AND
on our website for your review. There is a 20 day window in                 INTERLOCKING STONE
which to file an appeal relative to this By-Law, with the Deputy
Treasurer, if you wish. The deadline for this appeal period is                    705 730      2621
September 7th, 2009. Please visit our website at                   to review these documents or contact the
Deputy Treasurer at extension 246.
                                                                                    Old Fashioned Bakery
SUMMER STUDENTS                                                                            705-756-2993
This year the Township has been pleased to welcome
four summer students that have worked diligently on                                   Famous Homemade Pizza
your behalf in the Parks and Recreation Department and                                   K Deli Sandwiches
the Public Works Department. They have been a welcome                  Open Saturdays till Thanksgiving.
addition helping to alleviate the heavy work load on our              Post Office for All Your Postal Needs
permanent staff during the summer months. We wish                              - Honey Harbour, ON
them well in their future endeavours.
Pictures courtesy of Shelley Fedoriw.
                                                                   GEORGIAN BAY
                                        Kaitlin Kuseta &
                                        Dayna Klein Gebbinck,
                                        Parks & Recreation         & HAULAGE
                                                                   NOW SUPPLYING AREA WITH
                                                                   ANIMAL PROOF ROADSIDE BINS
                                                                    REBATES AVAILABLE                705-756-3371

                                                                   MACEY WELDING                        705-835-5816

                                                                        ♦   Steel Docks
                                                                        ♦   Shore Hookups
                                            Ryan Leitch,
                                                                        ♦   Repairs
                                           Public Works
                                            Department                  ♦   Most of Your Welding Needs

                                                                                                          Lisa Holden,
                                                                                                          Public Works
6   T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009
                  T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009   7

                         Article and pictures courtesy
                         of the Honey Harbour
                         Historical Society.

This summer a plaque was mounted at the Park
Landing in Honey Harbour to the memory of Albert
Nickerson. The Gazette invited the Honey Harbour
Historical Society to provide our readers with
some background on Albert Nickerson and
the accompanying report is the result.
                       Descendants of Albert were in
                       attendance at the Canada Day
                       Festival at the Park Landing in
                       Honey Harbour.

                       PHOTOS BY SUE CURTIS
8   T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009
                                                                                 T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009       9

                                      S EVERN SUDS
                                      IN PORT SEVERN
                                                                                                            Summer Clean
                                                                                                           up is Easy Here!
A LAUNDROMAT                                               TWO SELF SERVICE
with 10 Double Load Washers,                               CAR WASH BAYS
4 Triple Load Washers and                                  including a SUPERBAY 40 ft x 18 ft
room to move around                                        and 12 ft high! FOR BOATS, ATV’s,
                       KING                                SNOWMOBILES, TRAILERS
                   DRIN R
                   WATE LS...                      PLUS: Handicapped Accessible
                   REFILLLONS                           with Easy Parking
                    5 GA OR $3
                   ⇒ From Hwy 400 north take Exit 156, go straight at the 4 way stop.
                   ⇒ We are on Lone Pine Rd, on the right.
                   ⇒ From Hwy 400 south take Exit 156, turn left onto the HH Rd, turn left at the Across from Muskoka
Beside H & S Gas     4 way stop. We are on Lone Pine Rd, on the right.                            Tourism Bressette House

                                                                     FOR SALE           Call 756-0236
                                                              4 All Season Tires - Size 185/16OR14
                                                              2 are Motomaster, 2 are Uniroyal
                                                              All 4 in very good shape, Asking $100 firm.

                                                                    SCOTT’S PEST CONTROL
                                                                           “SERVICE GUARANTEED”
                                                                         ♦ COTTAGE SPIDER CONTROLS
                                                                     ♦ EXTERMINATIONS (ALL INSECTS & RODENTS)
                                                                        ♦ FULLY INSURED & GOV’T LICENCED
                                                                    Scott Galbraith - 69 Coldwater Rd, Box 797 L0K 1E0
                                                                         7 Days a week including Island Work
                                                                Cell: 705-330-1470            Coldwater 705-686-7814
10    T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER   2009

                                                                 HINE D
                                                             MAC     N
                                                        A RM RDAY A
                                                      EF     U
                                               ANTIQU AY SAT AY!!
     2009 FAIR THEME IS                           DISP
                                                              FRIDAY 25

                                                              SATURDAY 26

                                                                        IN TOS
                                                             ULT  PUMPK ET”
                                                        CATAP T THE TARG
                            ES                             “HI     30pm
                          D D                             Fri - 2
                       R I EN                                      2:00-2:
                     Y                                    Sat - 1 00-6:00pm
                    A EK                                       SUNDAY0pm
                                                                   4:             27
                  W E                                                       -12:0
                                                                     0:00am m
                ID W                                       Sun -
               M LL

                          MIDWAY OPENS
                              4 pm to
                           RIDE TILL YOU
                          DROP FOR ONLY
                          (Thursday only)
                                                      T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER   2009   11

           September 25, 26, 27

                            Many Special Feature Events:
PARADE (DOWNTOWN)                                                 1:00 pm
REMOTE CONTROLLED VEHICLE DEMO                                   6:00 PM
DEMOLITION DERBY                                                7:30 pm

POULTRY, RABBITS, CATS, DOGS                                      9:30am-2:00pm
ANTIQUE APPRAISALS                                                11:00 am
4-H INTERCLUB CATTLE SHOW                                         10:00 am
HEAVY/LIGHT HORSES                                                11:30 am
PUMPKIN DECORATING                                                1:00 pm
GEORGIAN BAY REGIONAL HORSE PULL                                  1:00 pm
BEEF & DAIRY SHOWS                                                1:00 pm
CHILDREN’S TRACTOR PULL                                           1:30 pm
ATV PULL & TRACTOR PULL                                           6:00 pm

WESTERN & HUNTER JUMPER HORSE SHOWS                               9:00 am
DRAFT PONY & HAFLINGER HORSES                                     10:00 am
TURKEY, MOOSE CALLING COMPETITION                                 11:00 am
4-H SIMCOE NORTH SHEEP CLUB & SHEEP                               11:30 am
SPELLING BEE                                                      12:00 pm
HORSE HAVEN DRILL TEAM                                            12:00 pm
DOG BREED EXPO                                                    1:00 pm
TUG-OF-WAR (Adults & Children Welcome)                            3:00 pm

12    T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER    2009

 Some                                           The Honey Harbour Community Co-op
                                                                                       and Edmund Remazki... they all
                                                                                       deserve merit badges for their
                                                                                       service to the this community.

 Like It
                                                    is grateful to the following for
                                                                                         The Co-op is most grateful to the
                                                 their generous support of the 2009    members and friends of the Co-op
                                                     Honey Harbour Jazz Festival

                                                                                       who volunteered to assist with this
                                                         Don & Lois Batten of          event — Thanks go to... Chantal &
                                                          Bulletin Publishing          Julissa Demera, Penny Ball, Nancy
                                                         Elk’s Old Fashioned           & Steve Martin who helped out in
 Summer arrived on the fifteenth of
                                                            Bakery & Pizza             the food tent; Jim Curtis and Doug
 August and provided a perfect after-
                                                              Roger Ryan               Wilkinson who sold beer & wine
 noon for some “Hot Jazz” at the fourth
 annual Honey Harbour Jazz Festival                    Laurie & Lisa Belsey of         tickets; Jennifer Remazki,Cathy
 presented by the Honey Harbour                      Royal LePage Four Seasons         Mudnyk, Nicole Jameison who sold
                                                              Real Estate              50/50 tickets; Ken Bald and Craig
 Community Co-operative at the out-
                                                          Mike McDonald of             Watt who assisted with the set-up;
 door hockey rink in Honey Harbour.
                                                       McDonald Maintenance            Abby, Karen & Marley Tredger for
  With the heat, the humidity and the
 Fig Leaf Jazz Band playing such jazz                                                  taking care of business at the Co-op’s
                                                      South Bay Cove Marina &
                                                     Top of the Cove Restaurant        table; student volunteer Craig Para-
 classics as Tishomingo, Tin Roof, and
                                                                                       dis for his willing and good-natured
 Savoy Blues the audience could have                      Team Powersports             assistance with everything; Perry
 been right there on Bourbon Street in                  Pepi Sewage Disposal           Gendron for the use of the sound
 Old New Orleans. Having just played
                                                    The Township of Georgian Bay       equipment; Vince Cartier for creat-
 the Collingwood Jazz Festival the
                                                                                       ing those very effective umbrella
 band was in fine form with regulars
 John Potts on trumpet,                                                                stands; the Township of Georgian
                                            Orillia that has found a second home       Bay for the use of the park, the rink,
 Roger Kerslake on trombone,                in Honey Harbour playing at the
 Geoff Mulholland on piano,                                                            the tables and the stage risers and to
                                            Canada Day Festival as well as Jazz        Kevin Datema, Parks & Recreation
 Bruce Rumble on bass,                      Fest for the past four years, grew into
 Ted Fry on drums and guest artists                                                    Co-ordinator and your crew for your
                                            a quartet with Chris Lowery on             assistance and co-operation in the
 Jim Purdie of Toronto on clarinet          drums, forcefully driving his father
 and saxophone and                                                                     presentation of this event. And thanks
                                            Phil Lowery on tenor sax and               to everyone who came out to support
 Jack King of the Silverleaf Jazzband       Lou Brestovansky on piano with             this event and to enjoy some Hot Jazz
 from Toronto on banjo!                     Jim Harris on bass to complete the
  Men In Black, the jazz trio from                                                     on a very warm afternoon. – Jon Eby
                                            solid rhythm section.
                                             Credit must be given to the direc-
                                            tors of the Co-op who organize the
                                            Jazz Festival. These people, with the
                                            help of various stimulants, do the plan-
                                            ning, the promotion, the shopping,
                                            the setting-up and the tearing-down,
                                            try to raise the money to pay the bills,
                                            book the bands, and work the event.
                                            They are… Debbie Barkley, Vince
                                            Cartier, Darren Demera, Pam &
                                            Jon Eby, Pat Fleischmann, Ian
                                            MacCrimmon, Eleanor & Bill Pettit,
                                                                   T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER   2009     13

                                                               k Service to ALL Makes
                                                     k Sales of Star Choice at WHOLESALE PRICES
                                                          k Professional Installation & Repair
                                                                k Best Price Guaranteed
                                                     k Weekends & Water Access .. NO Problem!

                                                     High-Speed via
                                                     Satellite Everywhere
                                                     and Anywhere with..

                                                    Working from your cottage allows you to
Two lucky winners won some cold cash!                       spend more time there.

                                                                 k Satellite Dish Covers
                                                                Many decorative designs

                                                   Call: 705-528-1114

                                                   Rick LaChapelle
                                                   Authorized Satellite Technician

                                                   DLG Tree Service
                                                   Expert tree care from the ground up!
                                                   Fully Insured Tree Removal & Trimming
                                                   55’ Boom Truck - Power-Line Clearing
Jim Purdie of Toronto on Clarinet!                 Hazardous Trees & Storm Damage
                                                   Professional Arborists – Residential/Commercial
                        Doug Wilkinson digs it!!   Island Work - Serving Georgian Bay & Muskoka Area
                                                          705 728 9369

                                                           A HELPFUL HINT FROM THE GAZETTE
                                                    Candles will last a lot longer if placed in the freezer
                                                           for at least 3 hours prior to burning

                        Abby and Marley sold
                        souvenir Jazz Fest
14   T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009

                                                SEVERN FALLS CHAPEL
                                                  9:45 Adults Bible Study, 10:45 Hymn Sing,
                                                          11:00am Worship Service
                                          You Are Warmly Welcomed to Worship with Us
                                          5682 Upper Big Chute Road, Severn Township
Information call 705-756-2247
The Chapel is located on the top of the Hill in Severn Falls

                                                                                               MORE HELPFUL HINTS
                                                                                               For a sealed envelope - Put in the
                                                                                               freezer for a few hours, then slide a
                                                                                               Knife under the flap. The envelope can
                                                                                               then be resealed.

                                                                                               To remove old wax from a glass candle
                                                                                               holder, put it in the freezer for a few
                                                                                               hours. Then take the candle holder out
                                                                                               and turn it upside down. The Wax will
                                                                                               fall out.

                                                                                               For crayon marks on walls, dip a
                                                                                               damp rag, in baking soda. Comes off
                                                                                               with little effort (elbow grease that is!).

                                                                                               Permanent marker on appliances/
                                                                                               counter tops (like store receipt BLUE!)
                                                                                               rubbing alcohol on paper towel works.

                                                                                               Blood stains on Clothes? Just pour a
                                                                                               little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and
                                                                                               proceed to wipe off every drop of
                                                                                               blood. Works Every time!

                                                                                               Use vertical strokes when washing
                                                                                               windows outside and horizontal for
                                                                                               inside windows. This way you can tell
                                                                                               which side has the streaks. Straight
                                                                                               vinegar will get outside windows really
                                                                                               clean. Don't wash windows on a sunny
                                                                                               day. They will dry too quickly and will
Please contact Mike or Michelle Roughley                                                       probably streak.

                                                                                               Place fabric softener sheets in dresser
                                                                                               drawers and your clothes will smell
                                                                                               freshly washed for weeks to come.
                                                                                               You can also do this with towels and

                     Adivision of Eplett & Worobec Surveying Ltd.                              To clean artificial flowers, pour some
                           Ontario Land Surveyors                                              salt into a paper bag and add the flow-
            ● Surveys for closing Original Shore Road Allowance                                ers. Shake vigorously as the salt will
            ● Residential/Subdivisions/Condominiums ● Site Plan                                absorb all the dust and dirt and leave
        ● Construction Layout, Commercial & Residential Buildings                              your artificial flowers looking like
       ● Boundary Surveys for Severance & House Sales/Mortgages
                                                                                               new! Works like a charm!
                            Coldwater: F. Dale Eplett, O.L.S. (705) 686 7208                   Bulletin Publishing Inc is not responsible for
                             Barrie: Alan J. Worobec, O.L.S. (705) 722 6222                    results of these hints, use at own discretion.
          4 John St., Box 113, Coldwater L0K 1E0           
                                                                           T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009   15

Honey Harbour Public Library Book Club

                            IN THE BELLY
                            BY CAMILLA GIBB
                            (An International Bestseller)

                                                                          BAXTER ATV
                                                                          TRAIL RIDERS
                                                                  Memberships available at Am-co
This book is set in Emperor Haile Selassie’s Ethiopia and           H & S Gas Bar.( $140.00 ) Meeting
the racially charged world of London, England. Lilly,
born to British parents, eventually finds herself living as
                                                                    second Wednesday of each month @
a devout, young, white Muslim woman in the ancient                  The Inn at Christie Mill (Severn Room)
walled city of Harar in the years leading up to the deposi-         7:30 p.m. Website:
tion of the emperor. It is a passionate and humane story  
about people for whom displacement, poverty and war
are everyday trials. It is a beautifully
crafted novel that transcends the bounda-
ries defined by propaganda makers that pit
Islam and the West against one another.
Gibb writes from the heart, revealing what                                            • Homes
is both sublime and common in every cul-                                              • Cottages
ture in the world: the yearning for love                                              • Renovations
                                                                                      • Additions
and happiness that unites us all. This is a
                                                                                      • Home Improvements
richly textured novel…filled with lush de-                                            • Decks
tail. Just as Lilly, a white Muslim, is forced
to accept the consequences of divisions
caused by race and religion, so Gibb forces
readers to confront their own prejudices.
Sweetness in the Belly is vivid and rich          John Dixon                              Stephen Nicholson
with interesting detail, politically relevant     69 Bass Bay Rd., R.R. 1         879 Honey Harbour Rd., Box 62
and opens up to us a view of distant or           Port Severn, ON                            Honey Harbour, ON
                                                  L0K 1S0                                               P0E 1E0
closed worlds. For me it was a fascinating        T: 705-756-3753                               T: 705-756-2392
read albeit at times disturbing.                  C: 705-529-2824
Reviewed by Anita Walden

                                                                                  SUNDAY MASSES
                       Menno Van Harten                                             Our Lady of Mercy in
                                Ontario Land Surveyor
                                                                                       Honey Harbour
   l   Cottage Properties      l   Shore Road Allowance Surveys   l           St. John the Baptist in Port Severn
                                                                                11 am Sunday at Honey Harbour
                “Serving Simcoe County and Muskoka ”                                    (705)756 2311
        RR. #1, PO Box # A-415,                   Coldwater, ON L0K 1E0          5 pm Saturday & 9 am Sunday
        Phone: 705-756-1317                           Fax: 705-756-2089
                                                                                         at Port Severn
1 6 T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009

  FREE Plants Available for Fall Planting
 Are you interested in helping improve water quality and
 enhancing fish and wildlife habitat along lakes and rivers?                 Playaway Audiobooks
 Severn Sound Environmental Association has a variety of                           @
 native shrubs available to North Simcoe landowners
 interested in shoreline naturalization. Plants will be provided
                                                                   Honey Harbour/MacTier Public Libraries
 to shoreline residents free of charge, while supplies last. For
 more information, contact Michelle Hudolin, Severn Sound          Playaway is the first self-playing digital audiobook,
 Environmental Association (705-527-5166 ext. 202 or                  half the size of a deck of cards. Using clearly                                             marked buttons, Playaway gives listeners the ability
                                                                   to move back and forth within or between chapters
                                                                    and alter the speed of the narrator’s voice. It even
 Be introduced to the second-oldest art medium with                has an automatic bookmark feature that remembers
 Quest Art School & Gallery                                           where you left off. Playaway has a universal
                                                                   headphone jack that works with almost any type of
 On Sept. 1 and 2, Quest Art School & Gallery is offering
 a workshop on egg tempera painting.                                         headphone or mobility accessory.
 Egg tempera painting, the second-oldest medium after
 encaustic, is experiencing a revival. From Egyptian               Check out this new format in audiobooks today
 painting to Byzantine icons to photorealism, egg tem-                             @ your library!
 pera maintains its unique position among painting tech-
 niques. Egg tempera has an oil texture and watercolour
 movement, and is known for its rich depth of colour and
                                                                          Township of Georgian Bay Public Library
 translucence. Artist Polly Sharp will introduce partici-
 pants to the magic of making their own paint and to the
 tempera technique of laying colour.
 The workshop is to be held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the
 North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre. The cost
 is $150 for Quest Art School & Gallery members and
 $180 for non-members. There is a $15 material fee
 payable to the instructor. To pre-register or for more
 information call 549-5425 or visit

Great prizes, great fun at Jazzfest!!
Pictures courtesy of Don Batten.
                                                                               T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER   2009       17

OUT & ABOUT                                                           The summer reading program "MacTier Library

                                                                      Detective School" ended on Aug. 12th. We had a
                                                                      great turn out of children for the 6 week program.
Submitted by Penn Black
                                                                      Below: Examining our fingerprints
The Parry Sound & area Municipal Airport 6th annual Fly-in
takes place on Sat. Sept. 12th, from 10AM to 4PM. The rain date is
Sept. 13th.
The MacTier Railroad Heritage Society is having a Soup Kitchen
Lunch and Large Garage Sale from 11AM to 2PM on September
29th MacTier at the Lions Hall.
On September 5th, the MacTier Lions Club are holding a Pig
Roast for the public from 5PM to 7PM. Cost is $12.00 per person,
for Seniors its $10.00, and for kids 12 and under its $6.00
The Annual Terry Fox Run takes place at the MacTier
Legion on September 13th. It starts around 9.30AM. For more de-
tails contact the Legion at 375-2810.
MacTier Figure Skating Club registration is on September 9th
from 6PM to 7.30PM, at the arena lobby.
Tuesday night Euchre games take place at the MacTier Curling          Below: Sandy Inkster visited. The children are act-
Club starting at 8PM.                                                 ing out The Giant Potato.
Tuesday arts and crafts, Wednesday Horizons club,
and the usual morning exercises will begin their fall programs at
MacTier Arena Hall this month. Phone the Arena for times.
Jennifer Layes Lashbrook is looking for people interested in rid-
ing the Big Bike for Heart & Stroke on Sept. 9th, in Parry Sound.
This is in memory of Richelle Tryon and Karen Rivett. Call her at

    meets every second Thursday of the
                    month at 7:30 pm.                                   Below: Following clues to solve a mystery.
                  Everyone is welcome
                                     Come and voice
                                      your concerns

                                        Left: Highschool volunteers
                                        Nikki and Paige

                                        Right: Making cypher
18      T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009

                                                Honey Harbour Public Library

@your library
           HONEY HARBOUR
              & MACTIER
                                                Agent 009 Summer Programs

                                                SNAKES ALIVE!!
                                                On July 29th, Eric & Brittany from Reptiles at Risk presented a very interesting pro-
                                                gram to 58 adults & children on Snakes & Turtles that live in our area. The highlight
                                                of the day was having a hands-on look at the snakes after the program!
           PUBLIC LIBRARIES                     Pictures courtesy of Barbara Swyers.

                                               Eric & Brittany & the snake
   Fall/Winter Hours –(from Sept. 8)
     Honey Harbour Public Library
      Tues. & Fri.– 11a.m. - 4p.m.                                                                 Kate & her mom get a closer look!
          Wed. – 11 – 6 p.m.
         Sat. – 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
 Closed Sundays, Mondays & Thursdays

        MacTier Public Library
     Tues. & Fri. – 11 a.m. - 4p.m.
           Wed. – 1 – 8 p.m.
         Sat. – 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
 Closed Sundays, Mondays & Thursdays

          Honey Harbour Programs
      Book Club-Tues., Sept. 1 at 11 a.m.
       Pick up the book @ your library
       Scrapbooking Club-Tues., Sept. 1
                at 1:30 p.m.
                                               Abby, Claire, Anna & Luke
             MacTier Programs                  investigated the critters!
      Book Club-Fri., Sept. 11 at 11 a.m.

      The libraries will accept donations of
               popular gently used
     books, paperbacks, audiobooks, videos
                     & DVDs

 The library is a registered charity and
  will issue a receipt for donations of
               $10.00 & up


                                                                                                 Winners--How many footprints &
         Honey Harbour: phone/fax at                                                             how many teeth in the jar?
      756-8851                                                               Tanner-Footprints

      MacTier: phone/fax at 375-5430

                                                                                               The Friends from Baxter Ward en-
                                                                                               joyed the program too!
T H E G A Z E T T E / SEPTEMBER 2009   19
                                                                                     Independently Owned & Operated

GO HOME BAY                                      $274,000       NEAT-SWEET–COMPLETE                               $249,000
              Truly enjoy the pristine outdoor setting in                     Drive to this 3 bedroom cottage on
              this 3 bedroom, 4 season cottage in Go                          Georgian Bay. Gas fireplace, vaulted
              Home Bay, Georgian Bay. Pine kitchen,
                                                                              ceilings, and pine flooring. 180 Ft.
              open-concept, beach & deep water. Only a
              35 minute scenic boat ride from Honey                           Pristine shoreline suitable for the
              Harbour marinas.                                                Naturalist or Artist.

LITTLE BEAUSOLEIL ISLAND                          $349,000      BONE ISLAND LOT                                   $399,000
              Beautiful sand beach, great swimming, 3                         Pristine waterfront lot on Bone Island.
              bedrooms, eat-in porch, and an airtight wood-                   Outstanding western views, oversized lot,
              stove for those chilly evenings. The property                   rocky shoreline, deep water & white
              is only a 5 minute boat ride from Honey                         pines. Great sunsets & privacy! Lot #2 =
              Harbour marinas. East exposure & mature                         4.2 Acres w/830 ft. shoreline. 15 Minute
              trees.                                                          boat ride from Honey Harbour.

4 SEASONS ON GLOUCESTER POOL                     $449,000       ALL THE WORK IS DONE                             $459,000
              Neat and sweet 4 season 2 bedroom cottage                       Enjoy cottage family life in this great year
              w.lots of pine on walls and ceiling and parkay                  round 1,600 sq.ft. 3 bdrm cottage w/ 295 ft. of
              hardwood floors. Large sundeck to enjoy to                      shoreline in sheltered Little Bass Bay. Features
              water views. 1 Bedroom guest cabin. Close to                    include bright & modern finishes, prow win-
              golf and skiing. Easy access to Hwy 400 at                      dows, 3 bathrooms, hardwood flrs. Family
                                                                              room has pine floors & walkout to covered
              Exit 162. Only 1.5 hrs from Toronto.                            porch. 5 Min. boat ride fr. Honey Harbour.

S/W VIEWS OF GLOUCESTER POOL                      $529,000      PORTAGE IS - COGNASHENE                          $539,500
              Outstanding views of Little Go Home Bay                         Enjoy this hidden gem of a cottage on the
              from this 4 season 1,003 sq.ft. 2 bdrm cottage.                 North side of Portage Island. The cottage is
              100 Ft. of deep water shoreline w/small beach                   finished in pine w/custom hand built
              and 2 slip boathouse w/hoist. Hardwood floors,                  kitchen. 2 Lrg bdrms + a loft bdrm w/
              airtight woodstove, wall to wall windows w/                     ensuite bath & den. 16 Acres with 853 ft. of
              large sundeck on lake side, Detached garage/                    frontage and deep water docking. 20 Min.
              workshop. Only 1.5 hours from Toronto.
                                                                              boat ride from Midland.

LOCATION, LOCATION                                $549,000      TWO FOR THE PRICE OF ONE                        $699,000
              Privacy, easy access and deep water swim-                       Rare Deer Is. property w/over 33 acres of
              ming are a few of the attributes of this 3 sea-                 mature bush & 1,500 ft. of shoreline incl.
              son getaway. 210 Ft. waterfrontage on                           sandy beach & granite outcroppings. 2
              Gloucester Pool. 2 bdrm cottage and cozy 1                      SEPARATE 3-bdrm cottages; + lrg sun
              bdrm bunkie provide room for family &                           decks, a sleeping cabin, & storage shed.
              friends. Ideal for existing use or redevelop-                   Huge potential for severance. Short boat ride
              ment. Only 1 3/4 hr. From Toronto.                              from marinas.

WONDERFUL LAKE VIEWS                             $774,000       PALISADE BAY-GEORGIAN BAY                        $849,000
              Private road access 4 season Viceroy-style                      Stunning panoramic views from this amazing
              waterfront home/cottage on Georgian Bay. 3                      "one of a kind" cottage overlooking McRae
              Bdrm home w/vaulted ceilings & woodstove.                       Lake, Bone Island & Palisade Bay. 540 Ft. of
                                                                              prime deepwater shoreline w/mature white pine
              1.57 Acre lot w/ 200 ft waterfrontage, sand                     forest & bedrock outcroppings. 2 Bdrm par-
              beach, great swimming. Ideal sheltered dock-                    tially winterized Viceroy cottage & Bunkie. 15
              age. Separate garage for car/ boat storage.                     Min. by boat N. of Honey Harbour.

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