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The Language School - Ning


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									New Arrivals Program
    The Federal Government funds the New Arrivals Program to
           provide intensive English language programs.

                    The criteria for eligibility is:

•   Students who have been in the country for less than 6 months
    (preps less than 18 months)

•   Students requiring intensive English Language assistance

•   Students holding permanent visas
    (in some cases, temporary students are eligible to access
    this support)
Intensive English language programs
cater for a range of students including
age-consistent students who have
received age-equivalent schooling in
their countries of origin and for
refugee students and/or Community
Detention students who are
preliterate or who have experienced
severe disruption to their schooling.
                 Student Background Information
                                                  Other students have not
  Some students have attended school              had any schooling at all.
  in other countries with very different
  learning / teaching approaches.                 Students who have been approved
                                                  to be placed in community detention
                                                  while their immigration status is
Some students may come to the                     being resolved.
Language School having experienced
trauma and may have witnessed torture              Some students come from a refugee
and other disturbing experiences.                  background and so it is essential to
                                                   provide a safe, consistent and
                                                   positive environment in which all
                                                   children feel a sense of security.
  There is a period of settlement that
  occurs with ESL students and a degree
  of sensitivity and compassion is needed         Some students may come to
  as students and their families are adjusting    Australia after years of living
  to a new life in Australia, and at times, may   unsettled lives in various
  be separated from a parent and/or siblings.     countries and refugee camps.
In NMR English language programs are
delivered by:

English language schools and their

• Off-site campuses

• Outpost schools

• Visiting teacher programs

In NMR there are also two English language centres at Brunswick
and Hume Central that cater for secondary students only.

There is also an Isolated teachers program that caters for students
living along the fringe areas of the metropolitan areas
Contact details for the 8 English language schools (ELS) and centres (ELC)
       in the metropolitan region. There are also regional centres
  Blackburn ELS         9803 4022   120 Eley Rd          Primary and
                                    Burwood East 3151

  Collingwood ELS       9419 7633   19 Cambridge St      Primary and
                                    Collingwood 3066

  Noble Park ELS        9546 9578   Thomas St            Primary and
                                    Noble Park 3174

  Western ELS           9311 9325   46 South Rd          Primary and
                                    Braybrook 3019

  Hume Central ELC      9309 1488   Belfast St           Secondary
                                    Broadmeadows 3047

  Brunswick ELC         9380 6889   47 Dawson St         Secondary
                                    Brunswick 3056

  Glen Eira ELC         9572 5877   76 Booran Rd         Secondary
                                    Caulfield 3162
  Westall ELC           9546 1732   Rosebank Ave         Secondary
                        9546 3233   Clayton South 3169
     Purpose of Language School
To provide intensive English language programs to
     students with limited or no English so that
   they can learn English language skills that will
       prepare them for mainstream classes
            VELS ESL STAGES

                              Years 9 & 10
  Seconda                     Years 7 & 8

  Purpose of Language School Programs
                                  To teach students about
                                  Australian culture and the
                                  expectations of the
                                  Australian education

To teach and develop the
literacy / language skills
necessary for them to
participate more effectively
in the mainstream.

To foster self-esteem and
confidence in order to
facilitate the learning of
Purpose of Language School Programs

 To provide a secure,
 supportive, inclusive
 environment which
 encourages risk-

  To promote self-
  esteem and build
  confidence with the
  language of English
The CELS Program
Collingwood English Language School (CELS)
caters for secondary and primary students
mainly in the Northern Metropolitan Region

Some students from the
Eastern, Western and
Southern Regions also
attend classes at CELS.

On base there are:

6 secondary classes
3 primary classes

Students attend
full-time classes

            At CELS, teachers initially assess each student to gauge
            their English language needs to inform their teaching.
     Outreach Services Coordinator

• assists schools to develop an individual/school-based program
  for new-arrival ESL students

• provides information to schools and parents about the New
  Arrivals Program

• ensures schools are aware of the full range of resources
  available to them to support newly arrived students, including
  materials and professional development
Outreach Services Coordinator

Newly arrived students are initially assessed by the
Outreach Coordinators to gauge their English language

Schools and families are advised about the optimal
program that will cater for particular student needs -
either a Base Program, an Outpost Program, a Visiting
Teacher Program or a mainstream school-based
Collingwood English Language
       School Outposts
Current Outpost classes are located at:

Preston North East Primary School (1 class)

Thomastown Primary School (2 classes)

Dallas Brooks Community School (2 classes)

Bethal Primary School (1 class)

Lalor Primary School (I class)
Students attend an outpost program
four days a week and attend their
mainstream class on Wednesday.
This helps in the eventual transition
process from outpost program to
mainstream schooling.

Teachers report to parents using a
translated report and at parent teacher
reporting afternoons.

                                          Outpost teachers provide ESL VELS
                                          progression points as required for the
                                          mainstream class.

                                          Teachers complete transition reports for the
                                          mainstream teachers when students exit.
                 Outpost ESL Classes

                                 Each class has a maximum of 13 students
                                 due to student needs and the intensive
                                 nature of the program.

                                 A class can have children from P-6.

At the end of each term some students
may exit and new students are placed into
the program throughout the term. Each
term teachers report to parents with

•   Are qualified ESL teachers

•   Are employed by Collingwood English Language School

•   Have whole school roles and responsibilities at Collingwood ELS

•   Teach on Wednesdays at Collingwood ELS

•   Collect specialised ESL resources from Collingwood ELS

•   Attend meetings at Collingwood ELS every Wednesdays until 5:00 p.m.

•   Attend PD at Collingwood ELS
                               How we teach
rubber                                               •Usually language is learnt first
               English is taught in topics to        through listening and speaking
               ensure connections between            and then reading and writing.
               prior knowledge and new
scissors       language.

with no                                               •Lessons are always primarily
English rely                                          English lessons with a clear
heavily on                                            language focus involving
visual aids,                                          structures and grammar.
clear and
instructions                                    •The program involves a great deal of
and                                             language experience activities such as
repetition.                                     cooking, excursions, construction, art
                                                camp etc. because it helps language
                                 How we teach
•The students work in groups
and have individual learning
plans to cater for the varying
levels of English.

•We teach pronunciation
through songs and chants.
Students are presented with
models of standard English in
both oral and written forms
using a variety of contexts
through rhyme, rhythm and

   •We provide many opportunities for
   students to practise English in pairs,
   groups and through games, role plays
   and language experiences.
The Transition Coordinator

 •supports the transition of students from
  Collingwood English Language School to
            mainstream schools

•Arranges an Orientation Day for students in
  their exit term to visit their new school
      (Please note: Not all schools offer Orientation Days)

•follows up the students in their mainstream
    schools once the students are settled
The Secondary Transition Coordinator

 •assists the students and their families
        with their choice of school
         •organises appointments
     •assists with enrolments forms
•assists students entering Years 9, 10 and
  11 with choosing their elective subjects
      •liaises with the school staff
Important things for parents to do when choosing
• Find out if English as a second language (ESL) program is offered
• Obtain a handbook about the school
• Enquire about open days or talk to someone at the school
for more information
•Ask about a tour of the school
•Make an interview to see the school registrar
•Ask for an interpreter to attend the interview if needed
•Observe and see if the school seems the right place for their
• Anne Joiner- Outreach Services Coordinator - NMR

• Kim Kenealy– Outreach Services Coordinator

• Raffaella Marcon – Secondary Transition Coordinator

• Juliette Greening – Primary Transition Coordinator

  Collingwood English Language School – 9419 7633

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