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									Making Your College Apartment Feel like Home
When you move into a college apartment for the first time, it can be hard to make those cinder
block walls feel like home. Many people struggle feeling like their dorm is actually a place that
they can relax and enjoy their spare time.

To make sure that your college dorm feels like home, it is important that you put some effort into
the process. It won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen unless you are willing to invest some
time and some money into the process.

Hang Pictures and Add Lighting
                                                     Start by hanging some pictures. Hanging
                                                     pictures can be difficult if you are not
                                                     permitted to put any nail holes in the way,
                                                     but talk with your building administrator
                                                     about acceptable equipment to hang
                                                     pictures throughout your new home.

                                                     Talk with your roommates about ways that
                                                     you can add some personal touches to your
                                                     dorm or your apartment. Decorate with
                                                     throw rugs or even with posters and you
                                                     will find that your personality can surely be
                                                     manifest in your dorm.

You may also want to buy more lighting. Purchasing some lamps or even string lights can be a
great way to make sure that you have enough lighting and it can even add a lot of personality to
your apartment.

After you have decorations up, you may then want to focus on getting your apartment to smell
like home. Many college students do not realize how much of a difference the smell of their
apartment can make.

Utilize a Candle Warmer
If you cannot burn candles in your home, you
may want to purchase some scentsy warmers for
your dorm. A scentsy warmer will warm a
candle like substance from the bottom rather than
burning it from the top.

As the wax is warmed, it will emit the smell that
you usually get from your candles. Many
companies have even developed scented light
bulbs and these can be a great option to ensure
that your home always smells good.
Communicate and Keep Your Space Clean
                                                     Finally, make sure that you establish a
                                                     habit of open communication with your
                                                     roommates. The people that you live with
                                                     are going to make the biggest difference in
                                                     the way that you feel at home and
                                                     establishing open communication is
                                                     essential to feeling at home.

                                                     You should be able to talk with your
                                                     roommates if you are every bothered by
                                                     something. You also want to make sure
                                                     that your roommates feel comfortable
                                                     talking to you if there is something that is
                                                     bothering them.

Establishing a cleaning schedule and sticking with the schedule can be a great way to minimize
much of the contention that is often felt in college dorms. When you establish your cleaning
schedule, you should make sure that you schedule your chores into your schedule.

No matter how you choose to make your dorm feel like home, make sure that you put some
effort into this process. As you are adjusting to being away from home and as you are adjusting
to college classes you will want to make sure that you have a dorm that feels like home.

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