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									10 Ways to Use A Personalized Stylus

    A promotional products guide to personalized stylus
It is becoming more important to find creative
ways to attract new customers and keep a
company’s name top-of-mind with current
clients. Promoting a business or product with
simple everyday items is often very successful
at accomplishing this task. Promotional pens fit
this category well, and can be printed with a
company’s name, logo and contact
information. Pens have traditionally been
handed out to clients as inexpensive thank you
gifts during meetings and office visits.
Successful promotion depends upon getting a
company’s name or product information to
new clients. Below are ten ways to use
promotional pens to advertise a company,
product or service.
1. Give to employees as small gifts. The pens
   will most likely be taken home and used
   outside the office, providing an
   opportunity for employees to discuss the
   business with personal contacts.

2. Leave at businesses or restaurants after
signing the credit card receipt. The pens will
often remain at the desk or be re-used by wait
staff. Everyone who uses the pen from that
point on will be exposed to the advertised
business or product.

3. Leave at doctor or dentist office front desks
after signing in. This is the same approach as
leaving the pen at a business or restaurant.
Any place that requires use of a pen is a great
place to leave one or several. Think about
places like banks, post offices, and government
offices — anywhere people fill out paperwork
there is a need for pens.
4. Hand out to suppliers. Suppliers
appreciate a small token of thanks as
much as anyone.

5. Donate for use at churches or
community centers. A few boxes of
pens are always welcome at facilities
that have large needs but small

6. Bring a handful to open house at
school. There’s plenty of back-to-
school paperwork to be filled out at
open house, and the teachers won’t
mind if these pens walk out the door.
7. Hand out while in line at the bank. The
person behind you may appreciate a pen to fill
out their deposit slip before getting to the

8. Hand out while in line at the supermarket.
Just like at the bank, the person in the grocery
line can start writing their check.

9. Enclose in everyday business mail, not just
promotional mailings. The person who
processes the electrical payment will enjoy the
small gift and talk about your company or

10. Add to client gift baskets. Clients can really
never have too many articles with a company’s
name emblazoned on it. Keep reminding them
how important and valuable they are to the

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