Fading Schemas by Levone


									Fading Schemas…
Alon Y. Halevy

CIDR 2003 Update
• Award for Most Outrageous Idea
– Concerning my database course format.

• Implemented:
– 4 times at the University of Washington – Around the globe… – See SIGMOD Record, September, 2003.

• Customer reviews:
– Very high! – “Halevy Rocks”.

DB & IR
• Important area and amazing opportunity
– Current focus: seamless querying – Integration after the fact.

• But what about the modeling phase?
– How can we design applications that manipulate both kinds of data? – For domains that are inherently complex or constantly evolving. e.g:
• Modeling web sources • Personal information management • Biomedical informatics

Fading Schemas
• Web: modeling the class RealEstate.
– Realize: subclasses are a messy proposition. – Instead: describe subclasses by keywords.

• PIM: modeling property Participant.
– Realize: there are many sheds of participation. – Instead: describe variants with keywords.

• Key point: keywords are related to the schema constructs in important ways.

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