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									                                                MAKO Educational
                                          Foundation Newsletter

                M aximizing A cademics K nowledge O pportunity
President’s Message
                                                                                                   March 2009
The Vista del Mar MAKO Foundation is amazed and inspired by all the generosity of the families
in our community, especially in these uncertain times. It demonstrates the importance we all       Volume 1, Issue 2
place on our children’s educations.

We are extremely grateful to all who have donated this year. We are working harder and more
                                                                                                   Inside this issue:
creatively than ever to ensure we provide funding for maximizing academics and opportunities
for all. Our primary fundraising sources include an annual membership drive, donations from
local businesses and Fall and Spring fundraising events. This year we have also created the Wish
List program that enables parents and businesses to directly fund specific items identified by     “Makos, Martinis, and     2
teachers that would otherwise go unfunded.                                                         Mocktails”

So far this year we have doubled contributions over last year. These funds have gone directly      A Principal for the Day   2
into the classrooms and have impacted every student! Most of these innovative programs
would simply not exist without private funding. They include: TLC, TLC Standardized testing,
Kindergarten-third grade music, MyAccess English program, Washington DC Scholarship pro-           Principals’ Corner        2
grams and more. Please read more about our funded programs on page 3.

We ask for your help to support our Spring event to be held on May 15 at Talega Golf Club’s        How are MAKO Items        3
Signature Grille. It will directly impact existing programs and activities that we may lose next   Funded?/New Members
year. We are currently in need of title sponsors, auction items and volunteers. The event
                                                                                                   Benefactor Wall of        4
promises to be an amazing night out for parents and the community. I look forward to seeing        Giving
you all there!
                                                                                                   Benefactor in the         4
FRANCES VANGRIN, President - MAKO Educational Foundation                                           Spotlight

And From Our PTA
Don't miss Vista del Mar PTA's biggest family fun and fundraising event of the year! The 5th
Annual Carnival will be held Friday, May 1, from 3:30 to 7:30 pm. Proceeds will help fund im-
portant programs for our children such as Meet the Masters art program, teacher/classroom
grants, technology improvement grants, assemblies, Survivor Book Club, and much more!
Ticket order forms will go home on Friday, March 20.

The carnival steering committee is working hard to make the 2009 Carnival an event to remem-
ber! If you are interested in becoming a carnival sponsor or donating to the very popular silent
auction, please contact Kristen Torkelson at kbtorkelson@earthlink.net.



                                           ! COUPONS !
                           Maximizing Academics Knowledge Opportunity
“”Makos,, Martinis and Mocktails”
Save the date for the Vista del Mar MAKO Educational Founda-        The MAKO Foundation is looking for donations of items from the
tion's 2nd Annual Spring Fundraiser Event. "Makos, Marti-           following categories for the event's auction: fine dining, enter-
nis and Mocktails" will be held on Friday,                                                tainment, travel, children's summer camps
May 15, 2009 at the Talega Golf Course's                                                  and activities.
Signature Grille. This cocktail
party event will feature fine cuisine sta-              SAVE THE DATE                     For further information on the event, to
tions created by the Signature Grille's                                                   donate an item for the auction, or to volun-
new chef. Each station has                                 May 15, 2009                   teer to help with the event, please contact
been specially paired with delicious,                                                     Beth Stolrow at 949-388-
                                             Signature Grille—Talega Golf Course 6673 (Stolly@cox.net.)
springtime cocktails and mocktails. In
addition to dining and dancing, there will
be a putting contest and a silent auc-                                                    Please return your RSVP quickly as our last
tion. Invitations to the event will be sent home with all Vista     event was sold out.
del Mar students at the end of April.

A Principal for the Day
The 2008 MAKO Foundation Autumn event, “A Night in the Wine
Country”, was a tremendous success. The foundation raised over
$22,000 with 100 guests. The money raised that night went di-
rectly to the school.

The event hosted an incredible auction that included a very suc-
cessful teacher feature called “A Principal for the Day”. A win-
ning bid for “A Principal for the Day” auction item included a
shirt, flag ceremony with Mr. Young, as well as lunch with Mr.
Young and a friend. There were a total of 10 winning bids for
this item.

Our first “Principal for the Day” was Hayden Chronister, pictured
here with Mr. Young.

 Principals’ Corner
 A Message From Mr. Young
The MAKO Foundation continues to provide outstanding support for all of our efforts here at Vista del Mar. From the financial
support to the volunteering, the dedication and commitment to our Makos is something to behold. Joining hands with our
PTA, the MAKO Foundation provides our teachers with materials, programs and assistance that they would otherwise be un-
able to secure. In turn, our Makos are provided with the best of the best and given opportunities to succeed, thrive and grow
each and every day. Not a day goes by that our students do not benefit from the wonderful support that is given to us by the
MAKO Foundation. I count myself a very fortunate man to work alongside such a dedicated group.

A Message From Mr. Ochwat
We have completed more than half of the school year and the Makos are really hitting their stride. Many exciting things continue to
take place at our second home that we call Vista del Mar Middle School. At our 2nd quarter awards assembly, held on February 24th,
approximately 75% of our students received recognition for their efforts in academics, character, and citizenship. This is a tremen-
dous example of the fine students that we have here at Vista del Mar Middle School. Congratulations go out to Mr. Yanaura (Mr. Y)
for being selected as VdMMS’ Teacher of the Year. Way to go Mr. Y! Testing season is upon us. On March 3rd, middle school stu-
dents, depending on grade level, completed assessments in the areas of reading and/or writing. Our STAR tests will begin the first
week of May. Our staff is eagerly awaiting the opportunity for our students to shine. Thank you to our MAKO Foundation for pro-
viding the My Access program to all of our middle school students. This program promises to improve the writing abilities of all of
our students. Air Guitar took place during assemblies on Friday, February 27th. Thanks go out to our ASB and their advisor Mr.
Lewis. Students have already begun taking steps to earn Mako Pride Awards. Please see school loop for more information about this
great new opportunity for all students. As we push on toward the spring, students are reminded to continue to make the right
choices. Being kind to others, working hard in school, and contributing to our wonderful community is what our students are all
about. I look forward to a wonderful stretch as we continue our voyage through this school year. Go Makos!

Page 2                                              MAKO Educational Foundation Newsletter
  How are MAKO items funded?
  Working closely with principals and teachers, the Foundation identifies specific items (goods and services) that are needed by both
  the Elementary and Middle Schools. Typically, these items are identified through a formal grant process whereby teachers complete
  a grant form to specify the needed item, along with a short description of how the requested item will academically enrich the edu-
  cational curriculum. The Foundation’s Board of Directors then reviews and votes on each of the grants. Those grants which best
  align with the Foundation’s mission and goals are funded with money raised from Membership Drive and Dues; Benefactor donations;
  and Fundraising Events, such as last Fall’s “A Night in the Wine Country”, and the upcoming “Makos, Martinis, and Mocktails”.

  This year alone, the Foundation has funded over $50,000 for:

  Vista del Mar Elementary School

      •    TLC Aide

      •    TLC Standardized Testing

      •    Multipurpose Room Technology Upgrade (with PTA)
                                                                                          TALENT SEARCH
      •    Disaster Preparedness Materials                                           The Foundation is looking to fill
                                                                                     Board vacancies for the 2009-10
      •    Kindergarten-Third Grade Music (with Ralph’s Grant)                       academic year.

  Vista del Mar Middle School                                                             Secretary

                                                                                          Chair positions
      •    Myaccess.com English Program
                                                                                     This is a wonderful opportunity for
      •    Multipurpose Room Technology Upgrade (with PTA)                           highly committed volunteers to help
                                                                                     shape the future of our children’s
      •    Technology Equipment                                                      education, to network in the commu-
                                                                                     nity, and to HAVE FUN!

      •    Students Run LA Marathon                                                  If you are interested, please contact
                                                                                     Frances Vangrin at 388-4289 or
      •    Hotmath Math Program                                                      vangrin@cox.net.

      •    Spelling Bee

      •    Winter Music Program

      •    Eighth grade Washington DC Scholarship Program

      •    History Day Scholarship Program

  In addition to the grant process, items may be specifically purchased by the community through the Wish List program. The Wish
  List program allows families and businesses in the community to fund specific items identified by our teachers. Wish List items may
  be grant items that were not awarded, or may be independently identified on our Wish List form. To see our most current list of
  Wish List items, please visit our website at www.makofoundation.org.

New Members
THANK YOU to our newest MAKO Foundation members, Joe and Julia Warner, and Thom Olson and Kathryn B. Patterson-Olson. who
recently joined online! Remember, you may join the Foundation at anytime at www.makofoundation.org.

                                                                                   Thom Olson & Kathryn B.
             Joe & Julia Warner                                                         Patterson-Olson

Volume 1, Issue 2                                                                                                            Page 3
Benefactor Wall of Giving
We would also like to recognize, and thank our 2008-2009 Benefactor-level donors for their support of the Vista del Mar MAKO Educational
Lush Family                                                           Seaview Pediatrics
Ord Family                                                            Pediatric Dentistry of San Clemente—Dr. Jacob Lee
Owen Family                                                           Thomas H. Bienert Jr. — A Professional Law Corp. (The bi-
                                                                      enert Family)
Porrello Family
                                                                      Tiny Turnip Design (The Luzi Family)
Turbeville Family
                                                                      San Clemente Internal Medicine Group—Dr. Steven Cullen
Cal National Bank
                                                                      Customs Imaging Landscaping, Design and Development
The Hartanov Team—Elicia Hartanov                                     (The Shippy Family)
San Clemente Dental Group—Orthodontics—Dr. Brett                      Structural I Company, A Multi-Family Framing Specialist
Garrett                                                               (The McLeod Family)
Mathnasium Math Learning Center                                       The Ralphs Fund

                                             BENEFACTOR IN THE SPOTLIGHT

Cal National believes that the key to improving the communities in which we live starts with the sup-
port and development of our youth. Children in need are the core of our mission and we are proud
to support the MAKO Foundation and their goals.

As a community bank, Cal National Bank offers an array of financial products and services that will
meet your family’s banking needs. More importantly, we offer a higher level of personal service. Our
people will take the time to understand your needs and recommend solutions that make sense for

So when you have some time, please
stop by your local branch and ask how
we can be of service to you!

         1051 Avenida Pico
          San Clemente CA
           (949) 940-7700

          2008-09 Board of Directors                                                             Post Office Box 74982
                                                                                                San Clemente, CA 92673
          Frances Vangrin, President
                                                                                                  Phone: 949-234-5594
          Christina Reagan, Vice President
          Doug Echelberger, Treasurer
                                                         We’re on the Web!
          Linda Montgomery, Secretary                                                                    Email:
          Angelica Amico, Membership
          Beth Stolrow, Events Planner

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