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Cam Tech School Of Construction In Florida Provides Continuing Education Classes


Cam Tech School of Construction ( ) offers the instruction and experience to prepare students for passing the Florida contractor licenses exam on the first try. Additional courses for continuing education can be scheduled online or at one of the informational sessions.

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									Cam Tech School Of Construction In Florida Provides Continuing Education Classes

Lutz FL, 15-AUGUST-2013 - Cam Tech School of Construction is pleased to announce that the school
provides continuing education classes as well as Florida contractor licenses certification courses.
Continuing education classes offer information about topics that relate to the business, and how to
operate it more successfully, Topics can range from financial responsibility to new regulations that
have been proposed or implemented.

According to a spokesperson for the school, "The ability to take continuing education classes,
particularly those that are offered online, helps contractors and those who want to maintain State of
Florida Contractor Licenses certification to acquire the necessary knowledge to sit for exams. Because
Cam Tech School of Construction has a great track record for helping people pass the Florida exam on
the first try, it stands to reason that we would be the first choice of students looking for additional
industry knowledge."

He continues, "Our instructors are people who have experience in the field. We use a combination of
classroom instruction and field work so that students have the opportunity to learn by seeing and doing.
The classes are sized so that each student has the benefit of instructor's time and focus. It is important
to realize though, that those who do best are those who are willing to put the time and effort into the
learning process."

The Cam Tech School of Construction provides Florida's sole traditional exam prep program to get
ready for official certification. The school adds to their success record by offering additional sessions to
those who want to add knowledge to the core classes. The continuing education classes are not fluff
courses, but reflect the information that contractors need to stay current.

Learn more about Florida contractor licenses and continuing education classes available for contractors
by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who
have further questions regarding the contents of this press notice are encouraged to contact the school
at the location provided below.

Company Name: Cam Tech School of Construction
Address: 246 Crystal Grove Boulevard, Lutz, FL 33548
Contact Telephone Number: (800) 875-7277

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