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Trademark Search


									Trademark Search A trademark is a unique name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design,
image or a combination of these elements that uniquely identifies your product or service
to your customers and distinguishes you from your competitors. By registering your
trademark, you provide your company, your product and your services with government
protection that are part of the benefits of trademark rights. With a registered trademark,
your competitors will not be allowed to use a logo or name of the same likeness, or
produce a product or offer services that are similar to yours. For example, Apple
produces computer products with an Apple logo. Another company cannot use the apple,
or something similar to an apple, to identify themselves within the same industry.
Sometimes the benefits extend beyond industries as well. Trademarks are filed under the
United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The role of the USPTO is to make
sure that there are no other trademarks like yours. This office was not setup for your
benefit, but to protect the existing trademarks that are already registered. Their objective
is to search for possible infringements in the trademark that you filed and rejecting your
application if there is. Application fees are not refundable. With these possible
roadblocks in your application, it is best to do searches on existing trademarks to make
sure that the trademark you are applying for is unique and distinctly identify your
company, product or service. There are Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries
(PTD), where you can visit and manually search for existing trademarks. You can also
utilize the Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS) online to look for existing
trademarks that are registered in the United States of America. To search for existing
applications, you can use the Trademark Applications and Registrations Retrieval System
under the USPTO. By doing these searches, you save the trouble of your application
being rejected. Trademark Search provides detailed information on Trademark Search,
Free Trademark Searches, Online Trademark Searches, US Trademark Searches and
more. Trademark Search is affiliated with Free Patent Searches.

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