Quick Copywriting for the Web - 4 Steps to Copywriting for the Web by MarijanStefanovic


									Quick Copywriting for the Web - 4 Steps to Copywriting for the Web Copywriting
doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration, but often it is, especially for the web.
Even if you’re a writer, catering to the special considerations of the web can be a
trying experience. Try these four steps to make your job easier.
1. Use plain language. If you use a lot of vernacular and professional jargon, people will
    tune you out. Keep the language simple and assume you are talking to an audience
    unfamiliar with your work unless it is targeted solely for your profession. This
    involves knowing your audience.
2. Know your subject well, or at least research it. If you are asked to write 700 words of
    copy on violins and you played the trumpet, you will need to do research. Because of
    the internet, this can be easy, although you will have to be sure your sources are
    reliable and cite them if necessary.
3. Study SEO writing. SEO—Search Engine Optimization—is a great way to get your
    copy noticed. This generally involves using a keyword or keyword phrase about 2% of
    the time for optimal rankings on customer searches. Make sure you don’t overdo it
    though—some search engines are sensitive to padding articles with keywords and
    your website could be blacklisted.
4. Be clear. Don’t pack your paragraphs with fluff just because you need to write 500
    words or copy. If you don’t have enough information for 500 good words, find out
    more or consider writing a sidebar or a “Did you know…” section. Do you
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