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Technology has fundamentally altered the way executives and managers operate business. This article will help you see the tremendous possibilities you have as a business manager.

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									Successfully Managing a Remote Team
The history of business shows us that business itself is much like other aspects of human interaction—it
has evolved. And, again similar to other subcategories of human interaction, the cogs that have been
driving this change or evolution in business is the creation and implementation of technology.

Technology – Changing the Way to Operate Business
Technology, namely in the communication and information sharing sectors, has
fundamentally changed the way that executives and managers operate business.
For example, much of business was orchestrated through the delivery of letters
of business until the telegraph was introduced making communication across
nations and even cities accessible to those businessmen with access to a
telegraph office.

Later the introduction of the phone again changed the way that businesses ran with executives being
able to orchestrate their affairs via telephone. This process evolved yet again with the introduction of
the internet and email, although those who believe that simple emails are where the development of
business thanks to the internet has stopped are all too mistaken.

These individuals who believe thus are mistaken because they have failed to take into consideration the
advances within the internet itself since the days of simply email. Modern technology has
fundamentally changed the way that businesses run due to the capabilities of online information

Managing Remotely
The changes that have grown from the abilities of online sharing
capabilities have led to the availability of off campus workers who
perform their task for a company remotely. This means that now,
more than ever, business managers, both executive and mid-level, will
have to learn how to properly manage a remote access team who is
working for the company through online means.

Managing a remote team of workers can be a challenge for some who have little to no experience in
doing so, but the basics of managing a remote team are simple to understand and relatively easy to
implement. One of the first tips for those who are trying to learn how to manage their remote team is
to understand that while they may not be able to sit down and have a meeting with the employee face
to face, the technology that allows the employee to work from an off-site location likewise allows a
manager to manage from a geographical distance.

In other words, all of the face to face meetings and management practices for managers can still largely
be enacted online through online meetings. One on one time for each team member will be critical to
managing a remote team just as it is for employees who work on location.
Online and Interactive Web Meetings
Setting up meetings to discuss work, status updates, employee concerns, and
other standard managerial questions can be done through online meeting sites
and interactive web meetings. When managers are not meeting with their
remote team online, they should be allowing the team to build themselves
through learning management software.

Learning management software can play a critical role in managing a remote
team due to its capability to teach and instruct the employees virtually through applications of the
software. By learning the basics of online managerial skills, a business manager will be able to evolve
with the technology that is changing their business and simultaneously be able to effectively manage a
team of employees working online remotely.

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