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									                        Will an assignment help the students?


As we know that the criminal justice may be given in the form of compensation, detention in jails or
various kinds of corporate punishments. The purpose of these punishments may vary. They could be
given for deterrence or rehabilitation. Similar, the assignment takes various forms and is allotted to the
students for varying purposes. The similarities between punishment and assignment do not end with
these. The assignment is a universal part of instruction in a virtual classroom and due to this the
assignment deserves the scrutiny of students.

Rationale behind an assignment:

The rationale for providing assignments to students will be varying according to the subject. For
instance, in a mathematics class, the assignment could be considered as a way for practicing and for
making operations and calculations as a matter of routines, whereas in a literature class, the assignment
is the way to make the students to learn and understand the provided materials which they could not
read during the class hours. In addition to these significant subjects, an assignment in an arts class could
be seen as to spend more time in a more amenable environment when comparing with the classroom
for the purposes of creativity.

Philosophies involved with an assignment:

The type of assignments given to the students is involved with the pedagogical philosophies. A teacher
with the behaviorist learning will always trust that the reinforcement is the main aspect in a learning
process and will give continuous assignments. Those teachers with practical learning would prefer the
students to take up open ended problem solving projects than the written assignments. There are also
teachers who are seen allotting assignments without any purpose in their minds just to keep students
busy with the studies or in few cases since the assignments are mandatory per the curriculum and

Language Assignments:

In case of language class, the rationale for assignment help may be due to the fact that reinforcement is
essential or that learning can be achieved by doing assignments. In case of language, it is pretty sure
that the involvement in language beyond the classes will improve the learning and can be found
promoting the creation of required neural synapses which constitute to the learning.

Assignments are Essential:
Though the students are continuing to consider the assignment as an unpleasant activity after the
classes and taking their own choices of doing or not, most people would agree that assignments
reputation of the assignments are negated by its usefulness to a greater extent. Because of doing
assignments, students would become best readers as they are reading while carrying out their
assignments, they would also become better writers as they have chances of writing more during an
assignment. Hence, students want to spend most as much time as possible beyond the class hours in
reading and writing as well as should engage in language related activities. But, if the students start to
consider that the assignment as a burden, then the assignments will de-motivate the students from
involving in language building which would hinder their growth rather than promoting progress. This
applies to other subjects as well.

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