WPD Chief Manny Solano's message to his department 8-11-2013

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					Watsonville Police Department
215 Union Street, P. O. Box 1930
Watsonville, California 95077
Telephone: 831.768.3300
Email: police@cityofwatsonville.org                                                        MANNY SOLANO
                                                                                           CHIEF OF POLICE

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dear Watsonville Police Department Family,

I have been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and need immediate testing and
treatment. It surfaced after a recent outpatient surgery. I feel perfectly fine now, but the tests
showed positive for a blood related type of disease.

So, the battle has begun and I am ready to take this challenge head-on in order to beat it, and I

While I’m away on extended medical leave, there will be a plan in place to make sure you are
cared for and that the department runs smoothly. Not to worry, I have consulted with the City
Manager and several of my closest colleagues to make sure this is the least noticeable
disruption to you. You will remain in good hands.

I ask that you continue to serve with dignity and respect and that you keep me in your thoughts
and prayers as I take this journey.

Thankfully, my family is receiving support from friends, family, our church, many of you, and the
community, all which gives me comfort. If you would like to keep in touch or check on my
status, please visit the Santa Cruz County Fallen Officers Foundation Website and Facebook
where they will post my updates and information: www.fallenofficerfoundation.com

My work email will show me out of the office, but I’ll check in with my Assistant Sylvia Amezcua
(831) 768-3328, sylvia.amezcua@cityofwatsonville.org from time to time to get messages.

I am so very proud of what the department has become and what new heights lay in store for
the years ahead. I am blessed beyond measure and stand amazed at your bravery and how you
always rise to the occasion by making incredible arrests, solving crime, enduring hardships and
caring for the community.

Thank you for all you do and until my return, stay strong, stay safe and just believe.


Manny Solano
Watsonville Police Department