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                              Cereals event review

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Events review

                                                            Conference in partnership with        days. This event is dominated by agriculture,
                                                            Oxford Farming Conference             farming and arable industries. We enjoyed
                                                            (OFC) taking place over the two       the chance to experience these other sides
                                                            days. Chaired by OFC directors,       of the industry and learning only helps our
                                                            speakers including Minister for       products become more attuned to our
                                                            Agriculture David Heath con-          audiences.
                                                            centrated on technological and             We were able to meet many compa-
                                                            political barriers to increasing      nies in the Post-Harvest Technology clus-

         ereals took place June 12-13,        British wheat yields.                               ter. Many meetings were well received
         2013, near Boothby Graffoe               nabim held fort within the HGCA site and        and the photos with staff and their
         in Lincolnshire, UK.    With a       held a press event showing off 2013’s Milling       stands were great fun to get involved
  near-record 25,850 visitors, the event      Wheat Challenge finalists for the first time. The   in. We met familiar faces and new
  was crowded with farmers and agricul-       shortlist of Britain’s brightest wheat growers      companies and distributed many copies
                                                                                                  of the March-April Grain & Feed Milling
                                                                                                  Technology magazine and International
Over the next eight pages, Perendale's Darren Parris, Tom                                         Milling Directory.
                                                                                                       The weather played havoc at the end of
Blacker, Richard Sillett and Lee Bastin (on photography                                           the first day and throughout the afternoon
                                                                                                  of the second. Large rain clouds and thunder
duty) bring you their reports from the show                                                       meant very wet ends to each day, which was
                                                                                                  unfortunate for all the exhibitors we spoke
  ture professionals. Given the hardship      contained Teeside’s Stephen Craggs, James           to. Thankfully the organisers were alert to
  experienced by the sector in the last 12    Loder-Symonds of Canterbury in Kent and Nick        the danger and kept visitors and exhibitors
  months this was a remarkable turnout        and David Philp from Berkshire.                     updated with weather warnings.
  and on the ground the show buzzed               Being in the backyard of Perendale                   Although both days’ late afternoon
  with interest and enthusiasm.               Publishers Ltd, we sent four members of             weather had guests making their exits a
                                              staff to this relatively local exhibition. Our      little earlier than planned, there was noth-
      Visitors and exhibitors alike were      stand was near the centre of Cereals and            ing to dampen the spirits of visitors or
  given plenty to think about by the Arable   attracted a good number of people on both           exhibitors.

   50 | July - august 2013                                                                                   Grain &feed millinG technoloGy
                                                  Bayer CropScience impressed us with the range
                                                  of interesting crop plots, interactive iPads and
                                                  a great range of hospitality at their stand. We
                                                  met last issue’s contributor Ken Black, product
Managing director Barry Scott (left)              manager, and posed for a photograph together
and export manager Jens Erik Iversen              with Alan Morris (Head of Sales, Professional       Melike Arikan from Alapala's market-
(right) represented DanCorn at Cereals.           Products, UK and Ireland). Commercial trainee       ing department met Darren Parris at
The new additions to the International            Joe Whittaker demonstrated the apps on an           Perendale's stand at Cereals. Melike said
Milling Directory are pictured here with          iPad which gave great detail about Bayer            that Cereals was a good event and it was
their demonstration grain sifter. (TB)            CropScience’s products. (TB)                        enjoyable to see all the exhibitors for the
Product info: http://bit.ly/19PUXsH               Product info: http://bit.ly/14dO5mx                 first time.

                        Flour Milling Training
  Seven steps to success                                   ● Internationally recognised distance learning programme

               Safety, Health and Hygiene                  ● Developed for millers by industry professionals

                                                           ● Studied every year by hundreds of millers worldwide
                    Wheat and the Screenroom
                                                           An indispensable tool for developing the knowledge and
                                                           competence of flour millers and their colleagues.
               Mill Processes and Performance
                                                           A clear presentation of the industry and process,
                    Product Handling,                      in 7 modules.
                    Storage and Distribution
                                                           Dedicated tutor support given to every student, providing
               Flour                                       professional guidance throughout the course year.

                    Power and Automation                   2013 Course Guide
                                                           is available for download on the www.nabimtraining.com
                                                           website. Enrolments in 2013-14 course session should be
               Flour Milling Management
                                                           submitted – online or by email, fax or post – by August.

                                                         To enrol or find out more, contact:
 nabim 21 Arlington Street London SW1A 1RN UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7493 2521 Fax: +44 (0)20 7493 6785 email: info@nabim.org.uk www.nabimtraining.com

     Grain   &feed millinG technoloGy                                                                                   July - august 2013 | 51
                                                       We met with Bentall Rowlands on Thursday
Wiltshire-based Alvan Blanch had an open-              afternoon following the most unexpected of         We met at the Satake stand for talks and
air plot showcasing their grain drying and             storms – despite the recent drenching sheets       photographs with the team. This familiar
milling machinery. Sales managers Peter                of rain which had nearly washed us all away,       partner, a full-page advertiser in the maga-
Andrews and Mike Miles are standing with               the team were good enough to venture               zine, was accommodating in telling us about
two members of the Perendale team and                  out and stand on the waterlogged grass to          their key product for Cereals 2013, the
the Alvan Blanch manufactured Continuous               pose for GFMT in front of one of their key         AlphaScan II Hi Flow. The AlphaScan IIHF is
Double Flow Grain Dryer. (RS)                          products. The product in question is a flat        the next generation of 'low cost - high capac-
Product info: http://bit.ly/1338r26                    bottom silo which can be seen behind them          ity' sorting from Satake. Pictured (l-r) Richard
                                                       and is the leader in a range designed for          Sillett; Kassem Nameh, regional sales man-
                                                       the storage of granular feed, with diameters       ager; Simon Hills, technical manager; Leon
                                                       from 3.0-32.0m. Pictured (l-r) Kevin Groom,        Doyle, service engineer; Tom Blacker. (TB)
                                                       technical director; Nick Carter, technical sales   Product info: http://bit.ly/18dsjxD
                                                       & project manager; Andrew Shaw, technical
                                                       sales engineer. (LB)
                                                       Product info: http://bit.ly/15R6XIL

                                                       25,850 farmers, agronomists
                                                       and other professionals
Griffith Elder were the very last company we saw
at the show – certainly not because they were          attended Cereals 2013
at the bottom of our list, but because they were
inundated with customers every time we hap-
pened by their stand. We were eager to spend                                                              At Mecmar, we spoke to John McArthur,
some time with managing director David Elder                                                              general manager, and Andrew Smith, sales
with whom we’d had some great talks the year                                                              and service, about the show on the final
before, but he was invariably at the very heart of                                                        day of the event and what it had held for
the action; smiling and gesticulating enthusiasti-                                                        them. Mecmar’s stand was dominated by
cally as he closed another deal. By the time we                                                           their unique practical batch grain dryer.
did catch up with him, most of the companies in                                                           Pictured (l-r) Andrew Smith, Tom Blacker,
the vicinity were now packing up and preparing                                                            John McArthur and Richard Sillett. (TB)
to leave what had been a great event. I’d wager                                                           Product info: http://bit.ly/1cNcSQk
though that none of them could claim to have
enjoyed the show more than the team at Griffith
Elder. As the staff gathered together and posed        Perry were exhibiting again at Cereals. We
for GFMT on one of the fob activated weigh             met industrial sales manager Richard Sago at
beams, David Elder himself seemed satisfied and        his stand. This was a very busy stand but we
ready to finally relax. Pictured (l-r) Paul Rodwell,   managed to catch a photo next to a bucket
service manager; David Elder, managing director;       elevator on show. Pictured (l-r) Tom Blacker,
Tom Blacker; Richard Sillett; Tim Spafford, UK         Richard Sago and Richard Sillett. (TB)
sales manager. (LB)                                    Product info: http://bit.ly/14Aoi9o
Product info: http://bit.ly/178Wvc4

   52 | July - august 2013                                                                                  Grain  &feed millinG technoloGy
Precia Molen almost didn’t make it into the       Industry-leading builders of NIR systems         Bag specialists S. G. Baker have a manufactur-
magazine this year – it seemed that every         FOSS were stationed this year in the show’s      ing plant just down the road from Cereals in
time we ventured optimistically in their direc-   renewables section. Being in one of the few      Grantham. Producing bags for specialist uses
tion, an important meeting was taking place,      sheltered exhibition spaces at Cereals proved    from flood defences to grain transport, they
or a member of staff was suddenly needed          to be a wise decision during Thursday’s          came to Cereals hoping to build their com-
elsewhere. Fortunately for us, just as the        downpour. Members of the FOSS UK sales           mercial links with the arable industry. Here
sun reappeared from behind a cloud for the        team Tim Shearston (left) and Andy Laight        Perendale team member Richard Sillett talks
first time all afternoon, the perfect window      (right) were very happy to demonstrate           Matthew Cox, sales director, through the
finally appeared in their busy day. After some    their Infratec 1241 Grain Analyser, which        International Milling Directory. (RS)
general discussion, several key members           combines the accuracy and versatility their      Product info: http://bit.ly/1cNe6v8
of the sales team were persuaded to be            products are known for. (RS)
photographed with us behind one of the            Product info: http://bit.ly/1bf0tD6
Precia Molen belt scales that were on display,
along with one of their trusted weighbridges.
Pictured (l-r) Tom Blacker; Andy Bevington,
regional sales manager; Bob Cooper, regional
manager; Les White, UK sales manager;
                                                  "A record 500
Richard Sillett. (LB)
Product info: http://bit.ly/1cfX0bi
                                                  exhibitors showcased
                                                  their products"

                                                                                                   While at Cereals, Cimbria Unigrain A/S were
                                                                                                   launching a new product range of SEA optical
                                                                                                   electronic sorting machines for a plethora
                                                                                                   of products such as grains, nuts, pulses and
                                                                                                   other dry food and non-food products.
                                                                                                   Cimbria is a world leader in grain processing
                                                                                                   technology. Cimbria delivers efficient and
Shropshire-based Danagri-3S supply and                                                             controlled technology processes, equipment
install grain machinery from the likes of GSI                                                      and plants for handling and storing crops
and Skiold for Britain’s food industry. Their                                                      while focussing on increasing quality and
stand was virtually besieged by clients and       Parkerfarm Weighing Systems demonstrated         energy efficiency and improving cost effec-
customers for the whole two days, but we          their weighbridges as one of their many          tiveness. Pictured (l-r) sales manager David
did manage to grab five minutes to speak to       precision instruments. Part of the Italy-based   Thompson and assistant Helen Thompson
financial manager Roger Bargery. Here he is       Bilanciai Group, Parkerfarm came to Cereals      (Cimbria UK), and sales manager Michael
answering our questions outside the Danagri       aiming to close deals with some of the           Bjorn (Cimbria A/S). (DP)
hospitality unit. (RS)                            thousands of potential customers. Pictured       Product info: http://bit.ly/14Aph9I
Product info: http://bit.ly/13mo7sh               alongside the Perendale team are Mark Spick
                                                  and Nikki Smith of Oliversoft, who provide
                                                  software solutions for grain storage and
                                                  distribution. (RS)
                                                  Product info: http://bit.ly/19PWgYP

   54 | July - august 2013                                                                           Grain  &feed millinG technoloGy
  HSBC sponsored the event
  for a 10th successive year
                                                                                                        Meeting Chris Giles and Jim Comber (pic-
                                                                                                        tured) from Turner Process Equipment
                                                                                                        was a real pleasure. Their historical pedi-
                                                                                                        gree ensures their clients benefit from
                                                                                                        a wealth of knowledge, experience and
                                                                                                        technical resources gained from over 100
                                                                                                        years of operation. Chris explained why
                                                                                                        he had chosen Cereals event to showcase
                                                                                                        their Grain Pre-Cleaner GP82-2: “Cereals
                                                                                                        is quickly becoming an internationally
                                                                                                        recognized show, allowing many of our
                                                                                                        customers to see their products up close.”
                                                                                                        Product info: http://bit.ly/148xSt8

BDC Systems brought over grain equipment from Svegma and Skandia, who they represent and
distribute for in the UK. Here BDC staff pose with a Svegma batch dryer which (as usual for BDC)
is in an immaculate state of finish. The Hampshire company also had on hand prototype handling          UK Agriculture minister David
equipment from Skandia, giving Cereals visitors a look at the next step for milling technology.
Pictured (l-r) Stuart Tobin, managing director Andrew Head, Walter Russell, director Andrew Lee,        Heath attended on Wednesday
Wayne Tobin and Luke Bullus. (RS)
Product info: http://bit.ly/13mnmzf

      Quality grain handling
                                                                                                   It’s your business.
                                                                                                   For a partner with the expertise,
                                                                                                   technology and manufacturing
                                                                                                   methods to ensure that your
                                                                                                   storage plant is second-to-none
                   Chief silos                                                                     in terms of quality and processes,
      Supplied to European DIN or ASAE/ASTM Standards                                              then look no further.
                                                           Now distributing
                                                          Marot rotary                             You can trust in Chief.
                                                          cleaners and

                                                                  UK                               Beckingham Business Park, Tolleshunt Major,
                                                              agents fo t.
                                                                                                   Maldon, Essex CM9 8LZ, UK

                                                             Denis & Maro                          Tel +44 (0)1621 868944
                                                                Sales &                            Fax +44 (0)1621 868955
                                                                Service                            E-mail sales@chief.co.uk
                        Chief dryers                                                               www.chief.co.uk

        Grain &feed millinG technoloGy                                                                                        July - august 2013 | 55
There were 64 hectares of stands and live demonstrations in themed areas including Crop Plots, Working
  Cultivations, Sprays and Sprayers, Post-Harvest Technology, Business Area, Potatoes and Renewables

                                                                                                       It was another busy show for the Tornum
                                                                                                       team who took time out to talk to Tom
                                                                                                       Blacker from the International Milling
                                                                                                       Directory. Sales manager Håkan Sedwall
                                                                                                       (centre) and vice president of marketing
                                                                                                       Anders Malm (right) explained how Tornum
                                                                                                       is one of the few international companies
                                                                                                       that can offer a complete turnkey solution
                                                                                                       along the whole line from conveyors to dri-
                                                                                                       ers. Anders commented further on their dri-
                                                                                                       ers, highlighting their 30 percent saving on gas
                                                                                                       consumption with reduced dust emissions.
                                                                                                       Product info: http://bit.ly/1ev1FCb

  nabim announces finalists in the search for the
  2013 UK champion milling wheat grower

        abim, supported by HGCA, announced the three farmer
        finalists for the 2013 Milling Wheat Challenge at the
        Cereals Event. Now in its fourth year, the aim of the
  challenge is to find the country's best milling wheat grower.

      The 2013 finalists are:
    • Stephen Craggs, East Close Farm, Sedgefield, Stockton-on-Tees
    • James Loder-Symonds, Denne Hill Farm, Womenswold,
       Canterbury, Kent
    • Nick & David Philp, Church Farm, Waltham St Lawrence,
       Reading, Berks.
      Martin Savage, trade policy manager, nabim said the standard of the
  entries remains very high and the judges had a tough job selecting the             nabim (National Association of British and Irish Millers) invited
  finalists. "Each of these growers farm significant areas with wheat as their       GFMT to attend the Milling Challenge launch event prior to
  main crop. All three are forward-thinking, very technically competent              Cereals taking place. There was a good atmosphere in the
  and consistently grow quality crops of bread-making wheats."                       nabim tent on arrival and many people were jostling for pho-
      The challenge has become established as a formal recognition                   tographs and interviews with the finalists. The friendly nabim
  by Britain's flour millers of how the country's best growers combine               team was keen to discuss their long-standing relationship with
  attention to detail with end-customer awareness and business acu-                  us. Pictured (l-r) Ray and Stephen Craggs from Stockton-on-
  men to create a win: win for the whole wheat chain.                                Tees and Nick and David Philp from Church Farm in Reading.
      Savage added, “UK flour millers are committed to UK wheat and                  The third finalist who unfortunately was not able to attend
  to the farmers who grow it because more than 80 percent of the                     on the day was James Loder-Symonds of Denne Hill Farm,
  wheat we mill comes from UK farmers. We work closely with plant                    Kent. (TB)
  breeders and others in the chain to ensure there is a good supply of
  top quality milling wheat. The Milling Wheat Challenge is very impor-
  tant to nabim because we want to support and encourage farmers to              standards of the milling trade; our finalists all demonstrate very strong
  grow the wheat our bread-making customers require.”                            management in these areas. Harvest 2012 proved very difficult for
      “High yields are often said to be the future of wheat growing, but         both farmers and millers since low specific weights produced a range
  our overriding message to growers of any wheat for milling is that             of significant issues. All parts of the grain supply chain worked hard
  yields must be matched by quality and manufacturing functionality.             to minimise these"
  Bakers and other food manufacturers set very high specifications so it             Judging of the three finalists took place at the end of June with farm
  is important that all milling wheat is grown to the highest standards of       visits, which included discussions with the growers, crop walking, and
  both quality and food safety. "                                                inspections of storage facilities.
      "Growing quality wheat consistently is a difficult task which requires         The winner will be announced at a celebration dinner hosted by
  best practice in agronomy, storage and delivery to meet the exacting           nabim at the Ritz Hotel in London.

   56 | July - august 2013                                                                                           Grain &feed millinG technoloGy
                                        But it’s not just the UK market         is always a hot topic at Cereals         on new content but can’t con-
                                        which benefits from this expertise;     and the HGCA showcased sev-              firm anything yet,” says Dawson.
                                        Cereals attracts visitors from as       eral varieties of milling wheat,” says   “However, the technical seminars
                                        far afield as New Zealand and           Dawson.                                  have been well received so I imag-
                                        Australia. The draw of the event is     Although the 2013 show has only          ine they will run again. We are
                                        the range of technology on show         just taken place, plans are well         always looking for new ways to
                                        and also, bizarrely for UK residents,   underway for the next event in
Past, present and future                the climate. “The weather the           2014. Most interestingly, after
Cereals has been a fixture on the       main arable farming areas of New        three years in Lincolnshire, Cereals
British arable calendar since the       Zealand, particularly during the        will return to Cambridgeshire and
mid-1980s when the show began           growing season, is similar to the       a new site near Duxford. The
as a crop demonstration event.          UK. The UK has a lot of new tech-       new site is the same size as the
Over the years, the show has dou-       nology so overseas visitors can get     Lincolnshire venue and is close
bled in size and now showcases          answers that they might be able         the 2010 site, which was near
a range of information about the        to take back home,” says Dawson.        Cambridge. Visitors and exhibitors
arable sector in one place. The         This year’s show has built upon         alike will be pleased to hear that
modern show has a multitude of          previous shows and saw signs for        the new site has on site parking so
different areas, but it was the addi-   recovery in the arable industry.        the park and ride scheme of 2010
tion of Velcourt’s arable event in      “I’m very pleased with visitor          has been consigned to history.           bring a technical focus but can’t say
1997 and the Spray and Sprayers         numbers because it’s been a dif-        The reasons behind the move is           what at the moment.
section in 2003 that really grew        ficult few years for farmers,” says     use different land, and to attract       Looking ahead to next year
Cereals into the event it is today,     Dawson.                                 visitors from more of the south.         Dawson says, “2014 is a year for
explains Rebecca Dawson market-         The Agriculture minister, David         “Changing location ensures that          farmers to repair themselves and
ing manager of Cereals organiser,       Heath was also at the show. “This       everyone can get to the event,”          Cereals offers a great opportunity
Haymarket.                              shows what an important event it        explains Dawson.                         to find out how to do that.”
Despite the changes, Cereals has        is for the arable industry.”            In addition to the new site, the         A thriving show, a new location
stayed true to its arable roots and     Grain and milling technologies          team at Haymarket are already            and an improved technical pro-
is a unique place to keep up-to-        were well represented through-          working on new elements for the          gramme: we can’t wait for Cereals
date on the latest innovations.         out the show. “Grain marketing          2014 show. “We are working               2014.

                                                                                                          The sun was beaming when we met Chief
                                                                                                          Industries on the first day of the show. Before
                                                                                                          my colleagues and I sat down with Rod
                                                                                                          Watson, managing director, to talk shop, the
                                                                                                          whole Chief team came together enthusiasti-
                                                                                                          cally for a series of photos in front of one
                                                                                                          of their silos. Their main product of interest
                                                                                                          however was a 9 meter high Continuous
                                                                                                          Mixed Flow Grain Dryer – one that Chief
                                                                                                          were kind enough to allow our intrepid pho-
                                                                                                          tographer to climb in his quest for compelling
                                                                                                          shots of the Lincolnshire landscape. Pictured
                                                                                                          (l-r) Rod Watson, managing director; sales/
                                                                                                          installation engineers Nick Welman and
                                                                                                          Brian Batty; Damian Brine, international sales;
                                                                                                          Arran Roberts, sales engineer. (LB)
                                                                                                          Product info: http://bit.ly/18dvx4i

     Grain &feed millinG technoloGy                                                                                                July - august 2013 | 57
Built by feed millers for feed millers. Equipped with the industry‘s most efficient
drive system, the new Bühler pellet mill Kubex™ T saves up to 30% of energy –
while boosting line capacity to up to 80 tons per hour. With the Kubex™ T
you save costs, reduce the release of CO 2 and make your operation even more
productive. Gaining competitive advantages has never been easier. For more
information please visit www.buhlergroup.com/kubex-t

Bühler AG, Feed & Biomass, CH-9240 Uzwil, Switzerland, T +41 71 955 11 11, F +41 71 955 28 96
fu.buz@buhlergroup.com, www.buhlergroup.com

                                                                                                Kubex™ T pellet mill.
                                                                                                Developed in close cooperation
                                                                                                with leading feed millers.

                                                                                                Direct drive concept. Saves up to
                                                                                                30% of energy compared to
                                                                                                conventional drive systems.

                                                                                                Variable die speed. Formulation-
                                                                                                specific optimization of production
                                                                                                process and pellet quality.

                                                                                                Up to 585 kW motor power. Boosts
                                                                                                line capacity to up to 80 t/h.

                                                                                                Belt- and gearless drive system.
                                                                                                For minimum maintenance and
                                                                                                ultimate machine availability.

                                                                                                ABS control for press rolls.
                                                                                                Prevents roll slippage and protects
                                                                                                machine against blockages.

                                                                                                360° accessibility. Wide-opening
                                                                                                sliding doors on both sides.

                                                                                                The world’s most compact design.
                                                                                                Fits anywhere and everywhere.
                                                                                                Almost double capacity with same
                                                                                                footprint as conventional pellet mills.

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